65 Review; Should you give this Sci-Fi action thriller a try this week?


65 is an American action thriller that was released on 10th March 2023. I love such a genre, so I wanted to give this movie a try. Also, watching Adam Driver in the trailer, was another significant reason that made me watch the movie.

Have you watched the film, yet? If you have please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. But for now, let us go through what I feel about the movie. Let us begin with-

Things You Might Like About 65

65 Source- Columbia Picture and Sony Pictures
65 Source- Columbia Picture and Sony Pictures

The Story

The narrative takes place on planet Somaris, where we find out that the protagonist Mills is a pilot and is about to take an expedition because he needs money to treat his daughter. The course of the event will take around 2 years to finish which is pretty long. However since he requires the money for progressing with the treatment of his daughter, he gives the green signal.

On this trajectory, he meets with an unexpected asteroid shower, and he crash lands on an alien planet. The movie is all about his survival journey, protecting Koa, and how he manages the challenges on the alien planet.

I have a special fascination for the Jurassic era, hence I was intrigued by the announcement of the film launch. The movie represented the prehistoric creatures satisfactorily. Looking for accuracy won’t work, this is a movie recently produced to amuse you and not teach you.

I appreciate the narrative and the conceptualization of the story. I would like to thank Scott Beck and Bryan Woods for the same.

The Direction

Scott Beck and Bryan Woods also happen to be the directorial duo for 65. I liked the movie’s beginning. It was okay, adding only the required information, nothing more and nothing less. Also, I would like to appreciate the enthralling sequences of the movie in this segment. Those there were interestingly arranged and sufficiently captivating.

The Music

The movie’s BGMs were very serene. They matched the montages along with the emotions the characters were feeling. It was alright, actually.

Things You Might Not Like About 65

The Direction

Scott Beck and Bryan Woods could do better. Well, people like me might want to know where is the planet located in the vast space. I was disappointed since the movie only gives the name of the planet and not the galaxy or star system, or anything. Also, we don’t know where was Mills headed to.

Some areas, such as Koa instantly bonding with a stranger were also not called for. It looked forced to me. Then the over-exaggeration of some dinosaur moments might distract you as well. Honestly, I was distracted, so it’s subjective.

They could have made the movie a bigger one by adding some practical details. For instance, we don’t see them eating anything. In addition, Mills was injured, however, he kept doing stunts every now and then.

Yes, we don’t know for sure, if they are human beings or not, but some particular on their nature of lifestyle would have been a great addition to the narrative. Therefore, keeping an open mind is what you need to do while watching 65. Watch it simply because you want to be entertained.

The Characters

The characters of the movie were very light. You will not bond with any of them, or even empathize with them. Their approach toward surviving the alien environment seemed, very impractical and quite effortless. However, it’s subjective, since I have watched a lot of similar content I found their journey easy. Also, sometimes, Koa annoyed me.

TOTT’s Take On 65

If you don’t have anything planned, you can sincerely give this movie a try this week. You can stream the movie on Netflix right now. Well, according to me, it’s neither superb nor poor. But I would tell that the movie is below average to me.

I would rate the movie 65,

Rating: 2 out of 5.

So, this was my take on 65. Now, I would like to know your thought on the movie. Please write down your opinions in the comment section below.

But this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon in our next publication.

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