XO Kitty 2023 Review- Is this Rom-Com worth your time?


XO Kitty 2023 is an American Rom-Com drama that was released on 18th May 2023. This teenage show is a derivative of, the To All the Boys film series which is based on Jenny Han’s book To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy. The story revolves around Kitty Song Covey. She takes charge of her life and sets off on a mission to find out about her mother and get to her love of life Dae in South Korea in this narrative.

The series has 10 episode that runs for around 23 minutes on average. It took me around 5 hours to finish the show and you can watch the series right now on Netflix.

So, coming to the one-million-dollar question, how was the series?

Without any further ado, let’s get started with-

Things You Might Have Liked About XO Kitty 2023

XO Kitty 2023 Source-Netflix
XO Kitty 2023 Source-Netflix

The Cast

The entire show was new to me, hence I don’t know who was there in the film trilogy( about which I mentioned a few lines earlier). Each of the actors played their roles very appreciably. They were convincing, not annoying at all(according to me of course) and I enjoyed them on screen.

The Story

The story is very simple. It centers around the protagonist Kitty who happens to follow her heart and take her educational journey to KISS(Korean Independent School of Seoul) just to be with her boyfriend. Also, KISS is the school where her mother went. So, she considers moving to South Korea, also to learn more about her late mother.

The trailer gave us almost everything about the narrative. But there are lots of twists and turns happening which I loved. You can’t expect a lot as well, because it’s a teenage drama. Even though the narrative takes place in school, however a lot more than schooling and education is happening and that’s what makes teenage drama worth watching, right?

XO Kitty 2023 showed us, gen-z suffers a lot from existential crises, where they struggle to survive in the ever-changing emotional world. Nothing feels constant, and also the continuous competition to fit in is also popping up now and then. Parental issues, academics, self-worth, friendship, love, and more are there, to watch on XO Kitty 2023. I would say the story was nice, you can watch the series if you are into slice-of-life. But mind you, you can’t expect a lot as well.

The Characters

Each of the characters was nice. However, I failed to understand the significance of Madison Miller. She could have been a hidden character in the show. In some stances, she appeared quite annoying too. I loved Dae, Min Ho, and Yuri immensely. The actors managed to cast their magical presence in the series, and I am sure you will like the characters as well. These are not single-layered roles, they are deep.

Now talking about Kitty, she is a very positive young girl who simply never gives up. I personally don’t like such roles, but Kitty was profound. It was different for her. She is intelligent, she is very smart, and most importantly not a quitter.

Since this is a teenage drama, the adults remain very much silent in the plot. I liked Alex, he is a good young fella who is very dependable. I liked Q too, after all, he was the friend Kitty needed the most after she moves in.

The Direction

You might sometime forget, that you are watching an American rom-com. Yes, the direction was fashioned in a KDrama manner. I personally like K Drama, therefore the direction somehow made me stay hooked to the content. Hence I was able to finish the 10-episode series in 5 hours. Now the direction was simple, nothing out of the ordinary. It was delightful.

The Music

The show was packed with a whole lot of new and old Kpops. The people who are into Kpops will generously enjoy the BGM being played every now and then. I sincerely enjoyed the Kpops which I know.

The Ending

Since this is a coming-of-age, slice of life, series the ending was somewhat predictable. Additionally, the ending of the series gave the audience the hint to wait patiently for the next season. Just to clarify I liked the ending. However, can’t guarantee whether you will like it or not.

Things You Might Have Not Liked About XO Kitty 2023

There was nothing in particular that I did not like, however, Kitty falling out of love was not something I was looking forward to. I mean, I just loved the character Dae, he is a very nice guy who you will also like. So, what happens to him in the end was not the ending I was hoping for him. But I will wait for the sun to rise upon him again. Further, I did not like Madison Miller, yes, she annoyed me the most.

TOTT’s Take On XO Kitty 2023

So, this was my review of XO Kitty 2023. I liked the show. You can sincerely give this program a try. And I am more than happy to rate the series-

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

But this is all for today, hope to meet you all very soon in our next publication.

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