Tokyo Revengers S2 Ep 1 Review; Was the first episode worth the wait? *Spoilers*


Tokyo Revengers S2 Ep 1 aka ‘It is what it is’ was aired on 8th January 2023. The episode begins which a disturbing twist that was designed for the climax of the first season. As a recapitulation, Takemichi along with Chifuyu was held hostage by Tetta Kisaki. Chifuyu gets killed while we watch Takemichi being held at gunpoint.

Tokyo Revengers S2 Ep 1 begins just from this juncture, and I, as a weeb was happy. I waited for a long time to learn some answers, and unlike other animes, the narrative began where it ended in the last season.

So, have you watched the same yet? Since you are here I assume you have completed the season and hopping by TOTT to see do we match or not? Resolving your query, here I am with-

Tokyo Revengers S2 Ep 1 Source- Liden Films
Tokyo Revengers S2 Ep 1 Source- Liden Films

Things You Might Have Liked In Tokyo Revengers S2 Ep 1

The Narrative-

The narrative was intense, there was the tension that I felt in the air of the timeline. I hated the fact Chifuyu dies and it’s irrevocable. However, there are several twists, which I was not expecting. Such as Kazutora and Chifuyu working together, and Naoto seeking help from Kazutora and Chifuyu, and not Takemichi.

We also find out it was Takemichi who ordered Akkun for murdering Hinata. Our crybaby appeared heinous and a top-notch scum. I should mention that Takemichi did not know who was going to be murdered. But he indirectly helped Kisaki murder the love of his life, and yes, this was not called for.

Also, in Tokyo Revengers S2 Ep 1 Pah Chin along with Pey Ha gets killed. According to Kazutora, Mickey has his involvement in this purging event. Nevertheless, Naoto arrests Takemichi, for advancing with their plan i.e., going back in the past and changing the future.

Now, what I felt relatable the most, Takemichi learning his reality was shocking not only to him but also to me. Lastly, we finally got to meet Hakkai as a prominent character in Tokyo Revengers S2 Ep 1.

The Direction-

The direction was as usual. The pace was fine, it was effortless for the audience to understand what is happening and what they are about to witness, in Tokyo Revengers S2 Ep 2. It was alright.

The Music-

The moment I got to hear the iconic BGM from Tokyo Revengers S1, I felt happy. That’s why I felt the circulating tension in the air when Tetta Kisaki kept Takemichi at his gunpoint. Then, the revolting and aspiring BGM being played when Naoto and Takemichi shake their hands to return to the past, I felt the exhilarating emotion running in my heart. It was a new beginning I waited to watch.

The Characters

There is character development. We watched Kazutora as a new individual totally changed, and mentally stable. He gasps, for failing to save Chifuyu, after all, he was the only connection TOMAN had with Baji. He is disappointed at Mickey’s corruption and wants to go back to the time when TOMAN was pure. He is currently working with Naoto and is willing to help Takemichi as well. His present version appeared pretty reliable and dependable.

Naoto is still the same, he is smart, meticulous, and still seeking revenge for his sister’s untimely death. Even though Takemichi does not believe in himself, this young police officer assures him that he can only save TOMAN and Hinata.

Watching Takemichi being a scum was not a pleasure to the eyes. I felt sorry for him, while he watched his vile self plotting unknowingly against the love of his life. Thanks to Chifuyu he also got to watch how much he regrets the situation and how much he is sorry and sad. Gladly, he is still the crybaby we all love and cherish.

The Ending

Tokyo Revengers S2 Ep 1 ends on a good note, when Takemichi returns to the past, he is having a good time with Hinata. He feels emotional watching Hinata so happy, while he knows what awaits Hinata in the future. This kind of proves how pure is this human at heart. And finally, we meet Hakkai in Tokyo Revengers S2 Ep 1. Yes, he was there in Tokyo Revengers S1, however, he is significantly a side character in the last season and I can guarantee that many anime watchers do not even know what his name is.

TOTT’s Take On Tokyo Revengers S2 Ep 1

I liked every bit of the first episode, and I will review the next episode very soon as well. So now tell me how much did you like the Tokyo Revengers S2 Ep 1 ? Don’t forget to comment with your real thoughts on the debut episode of Season 2. I will be eagerly waiting for your reviews to hit my mailbox.

But this is all from today, hope to meet you all very soon in our next publication.

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