Flavors Of Youth 2018; Which Narrative, Touched Your Heart The Most From This Anime Anthology Drama Film?


Hello, there my TOTTers what’s up you all, welcome to TOTT. So this time I can assure you that we are back in business and we are going to rock this time. So, keeping the comeback aside, how have you all been doing? Please write to me, in the comment section below. But since you are here, I am sure you want to find out, which narrative I liked the most from the 2018 anime film Flavors Of Youth, isn’t?

Since the wait has been long enough to talk about this heart-touching story, let us get going with-

Flavors Of Youth 2018- The Three Plots Ranked From Good To Best-

The ranking is subjective, it’s according to me. But whatever your opinion about the narratives is, feel free to talk about the same in the comment section below. On an honest note, I loved all the three plots. The story of the movie is soul-touching, and it’s because somehow we experienced a similar situation in our life. On that relatable note, let us begin the countdown with-

3rd – A Little Fashion Show

The story was very simple one out of the three. Although I have a sister, still the narrative was light for me. I could not connect, maybe it was because I have limited knowledge of the domain discussed in the story. Or we all experience ups and down which we get over with the help of our loved ones, right? We have seen such situations on multiple occasions and in numerous movies, so that is my case. What’s your thought? Do let me know alright?

The story is about two siblings, Yi Lin is the older one, and LuLu is the younger one. Yi Lin is a model and her struggles appeared sincere in this constantly evolving competitive industry. She believes she is talentless and strives hard to be at the top of her industry by pushing herself beyond her limit.

Flavors Of Youth 2018 Source-StudioCanal Netflix
Flavors Of Youth 2018 Source-StudioCanal Netflix

According to her, her body is her everything, hence she needs to maintain the same in order to be in her line of profession. On the other hand, Lulu is a very mature girl, she is focused and very grateful towards her sister hence she is always looking after her and looking up to her. She was brought up nice so she always looked at the brighter side of the story.

She was completely opposite to her sister Yi Lin. Coming back to Yi Lin, her challenges toughened up when she perceived that new fresh talents are more likely to receive opportunities. This kinda stressed her out which was evident as well in the movie. Her frustration harmed her career a bit while disappointing her younger sister as well.

The narrative hinted to us from the beginning that LuLu was an optimistic individual who would come forward as a blessing for both the sisters and things will turn out great in the ending.

I would rate A Little Fashion Show

Rating: 3 out of 5.

How much will you rate the plot? Do share your ratings in the comment section, ok!!

2nd – Rice Noodles

The relationship Xiao Ming has with Rice noodles all throughout his timeline in the movie is very empathetic. I could feel his emotions about the bowl of noodles, his mornings with his grandmother, and him, enjoying the hot slurpy food wholesomely. But the sudden dismissal of the store brought Ming to pause his good time with rice noodles. Actually, I felt the profoundness of the situation.

After that during his middle school years, he found another noodle shop which was not the best according to him, but still, it was enough for him to make his time happy while he waited for his crush to cross. Once again I felt him.

Flavors Of Youth 2018 Source-StudioCanal Netflix
Flavors Of Youth 2018 Source-StudioCanal Netflix

As an adult, he still holds his fondness for rice noodles, however, could not find the same mouthwatering comfort from the variants of Beijing. He feels the bowl of noodles to be mechanical and pricey.

I really enjoyed listening to his poetic description of the noodles, he tried to do complete justice to the emotions he felt for his comfort meal, San Xian noodles.

Now, when he went to meet his grandmother on her deathbed, the gentle conversation gave a glimpse of how adulting makes us away from the people we love. Their small conversation was enough for the grandmother to take her leave for the afterlife. The next morning was filled with heavy emotions, however, Ming found his comfort food to help him move forward in his life.

I would rate Rice Noodles

Rating: 4 out of 5.

1st – Love In Shanghai

Well, this was the last one in the queue which however made me feel my childhood the most. So, yes, that is the only reason why I ranked Love In Shanghai 1st here. The story revolves around three friends, and they shared a beautiful friendship that we crave even now. It was blissful watching the three having their youthful time after school hours listening to music.

Initially, it was Pan, LiMo, and Xiao Yu, which eventually became a two-thing affair for LiMo and Xiao Yu. They shared their real self in the audio recordings, they shared their emotions, and their sentiments freely through the tapes. However, nothing good last long; the high school entrance exams drop by to break their warm breezy beautiful days.

Since then the three failed to hang out like before and their dynamics also experienced a little setback. The narrative excellently projected how adulting is hard, and how it steals the amazing flavors of youth.

Flavors Of Youth 2018 Source-StudioCanal Netflix
Flavors Of Youth 2018 Source-StudioCanal Netflix

LiMo in order to stay with Xiao Yu worked so hard that he missed his presence, and lost the chance to be with her for a very long time. On the other hand, Xiao Yu was so much inspired by LiMo’s POV towards life that she chose to live a life without regrets. She picked herself up even though she was extremely abused physically and mentally.

She was even delighted at LiMo’s success and his, leaving her for his future. Since their love was true and they craved for one another so much, they were brought together once again to live the life they dreamed once, well, all the three of them to be precise. It was the happy ending I wanted to see.

So I rated Love In Shanghai

Rating: 5 out of 5.

TOTT’s Take On Flavors Of Youth 2018

So, Flavors Of Youth 2018 is an amazing movie that you can watch a number of times and don’t get bored at all. It’s suitable for every age group as well. The movie showed different kinds of love and I truly appreciated the way it was depicted. I felt every narrative by heart. There is so much to learn from the story as well. What we perceive in our past defines our present and leads us to build ourselves a superb future, and it was subtly shown in all of the stories we watched in the anthology.

TOTT gives the movie, Flavors Of Youth 2018

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

So, tell me what’s your call on Flavors Of Youth 2018? Don’t forget to share your opinion on this amazing slice-of-life movie in the comment section below.

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