Hello, my TOTTers welcome back to TOTT, I hope and pray for all of your health and mind. Finally, we are here, to talk about House Of The Dragon Ep 7. Yes, the last 6 episodes are on the queue, which we will get back to later.

So, tell me which part of the episode “Driftmark” was notable for you. Without a doubt the 7th episode of the series astonishingly made me rewatch the same over and over again. The actors, the color palette, the direction, the background tunes, the script, and last but not least the story, were one of the best of the season for me. I am waiting for your response to drop by soon.

House Of The Dragon Ep 7 Source- HBO Entertainment, Bastard Sword, 1:26 Pictures Inc.
House Of The Dragon Ep 7 Source- HBO Entertainment, Bastard Sword, 1:26 Pictures Inc.

But for now, let us get started with the significant moments from House Of The Dragon Ep 7 that I liked. See if we are on the same page or not.

5 Significant Moments From House Of The Dragon Ep 7; Ranked

5th The Funeral

It was a heart-wrenching sequence when Lady Laena Velaryon pleads to her dragon Vhagar to burn her and release her from the burden of life. The family gets together to finish the last rites, the Valyrian speech narrated a deeper and inner meaning to the scene which was a pretty witty and intense inclusion.

In fact, the speech even makes Daemon fail to resist his emotion. Nonetheless, the funeral in House Of The Dragon Ep 7 was completed with the grieving family members who appeared empathetic to a point.

4th The Gettogether

After the funeral, the family meets and greets their friend and close ones. The sequence depicted several angles that made us enjoy a typical family time where people either look for gossip or are there to genuinely pay their respect.

It was simply annoying seeing Alicent keeping a close eye over Rheanyra which she was quite aware of. However, it was very sweet of Rhaenyra Targaryen to ask his son Jace to go and talk to his grieving cousins, which he does.

On the other hand, Lord Corlys Velaryon discussing the future of Driftmark with Luce was another warm portion of the episode that made many of us recollect our fond memory with our grandparents. It was very supportive of him since he very well knows, that none of his grandsons carry the Velaryon blood. The grandmother also does her duty, she consoles her grieving granddaughter and giver her shoulders to them to cry and open up.

Again we see the Targaryen Princess trying her level best to get a chance to go and talk to her uncle and console him while he mourns. It was more of an attraction that she was failing to resist. The king finally takes off his seat to talk to his younger brother about his loss. He consoles him and wants him back in King’s Landing to which Daemon disagrees(he has a solid justification though).

However, it was genuinely hurtful and disrespectful when King Viserys I Targaryen confidently calls, Queen Alicent, Aemma. And lastly, how can we ignore Prince Aemond Targaryen having an eye for Vhagar? He was allured by the majestic beast flying around. This stance of the young Prince, simply made our(the non-readers) prediction come true.

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3rd Aemond’s Quest

The wait to ride a dragon finally comes to an end when Prince Aemond Targaryen finally manages to tame the legendary Vhagar. He was mocked, bullied, and tortured a lot by his own brother. The dark circle under his eyes notified the audience about his miserable non-dragon rider lifestyle.

Finally, he gets the chance to prove his worth as a Targaryen. His unflinching expression and confident command delivery to tame the gigantic beast was dexterous. He claims the dragon and launches for his very first ride which was very life-threatening, where he simply tried to cling on to stay alive.

2nd The Wedding

Yes, Rhaenyra had a soft corner for his uncle which was prominent from the very first scene the duo shared. She had a huge crush, however, her hands were tied back then. But now, she is a mother of three and, is married to a Gay person. Additionally, her lover recently lost his life in a schemed fire accident. Further, the dangerous looks of the Hightowers were intimidating as well.

She wanted to take a break and get wrapped around the hands of the man whom she adores. And like always she gets what she wants.

But it was very disrespectful to Lady Laena Velaryon. Well, this is what I felt. Just after the funeral ceremony, Daemon involves in an intimate moment with Rhaenyra. Sure Daemon shows his mild resistance in the act but still…

Unquestionably I felt the situation kind of dark and sad.

And here we are, we watch another wedding of the season which was simply one of the darkest than the last one. Yes, the uncle marrying his niece is not making the situation calamitous(it was normal for the fire blood). But the lives they tend to compromise in their venture to secure the Iron Throne was sad. They celebrate their mutual union in front of their kids who just lost their mother and father. It was tragic.

Further to give a smooth finish to their plan, killing an insignificant man(collateral to their scheme), and then playing with the bereaved hearts of the Velaryon parents was pathetic. But it is the game of the powerful, right?

House Of The Dragon Ep 7 Source- HBO Entertainment, Bastard Sword, 1:26 Pictures Inc.
House Of The Dragon Ep 7 Source- HBO Entertainment, Bastard Sword, 1:26 Pictures Inc.

1st The Verdict

Aemond claiming the majestic Vhagar was not at all appreciated by Baela and Rhaena since it was Rhaena’s to claim by birthright. However, Aemond stood confident and boasts about his achievement. He was tormented for years for not having a dragon to ride. Now when he finally has one still gets dejected and beaten by his cousins.

Nonetheless, the juvenile combat eventually takes an ugly turn when Aemond gets struck unprecedently by Jace’s pocket knife. Jace was right in his struggle to prove his legitimacy, but using a weapon was not justified.

The entire sequence from House Of The Dragon Ep 7 was so engaging and enraging that one can rewatch the montage multiple times and never get bored. This family is corrupted and everyone puts on a show to secure their ground. However, the king struggled the most. He had to choose between his favorite kid and his second son. And like every time, he takes Rhaenyra’s side infuriating his queen.

In a moment of rage, Alicent does what puts her in the most unlikable stature of the kingdom. The entire montage was crafted in the most political way possible. Rhaenyra was scared when she was again questioned about the legitimacy of her kids. But since her father, the king stands strong backing her up, she regains her confidence and that was very relatable.

However, what gives a stupendous finish to the sequence was Aemond’s quote ‘Do not mourn me, mother. It was a fair exchange. I may have lost an eye. But I gained a Dragon’.

TOTT’s Take On House Of The Dragon Ep 7

House Of The Dragon Ep 7 had some minor yet major instances such as Lord Corlys deciding to give Driftmark to Luce which was disagreed with by his wife.

Next Alicent sharing her opinion on her disgraceful behavior in front of the family with her father Otto Hightower gave us a thought of how parenting matters; and how toxic of a father Otto is.

Then we watch Larys Strong smoothly creeping beside Alicent to aid her desire. However, it was a relief to watch Alicent denying plainly yet assuredly his requested aid.

On a sincere note, there were several angles that made our House Of The Dragon Ep 7 watch time amazing. Waiting patiently for the next episode to drop this weekend.

Now tell us what is your thought on this very House Of The Dragon Ep 7. Do you agree with me? Do we sync on our list and ranking? Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinion in the comment section below.

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