SPY X FAMILY Episode 13 Review, How Was Mission 13-Project Apple For You?


Hello, TOTTers welcome back to TOTT. Thank you all for coming back today as well to discuss SPY X FAMILY Episode 13. Yes, I am back with the Forgers and their daily regular yet interesting lifestyle. There is no doubt that the audience waited for the father mother and daughter TRIO to return on screen.

Additionally, in the last episode of Part 1 where we got a slight glimpse of the new addition to the family, yes talking about Bond here who made a debut in Project Apple; the fluffy beast sure made an impressive entrance in the show, right?

SPY X FAMILY Episode 13 Source- Wit Studio X CloverWorks
SPY X FAMILY Episode 13 Source- Wit Studio X CloverWorks

So what did you like about the SPY X FAMILY Episode 13? Read till the end to find out do we sync or not. But make sure to comment down below.

Things You Might Have Liked About SPY X FAMILY Episode 13

So SPY X FAMILY Episode 13 takes off with a crisp recapitulation of the last season till episode 12 which definitely made it easy for me recollect all the beautiful memories of the Forgers. Talking about the OP by Souvenir ‘Bump Of Chicken ‘ was a definite pleasure to the ears.

It was a very catchy and groovy melody which you might not wish to skip. Besides watching so many Anya and Yor moments in the opening was a delight indeed. Besides the opening sequence introduced some instances which educated me about the upcoming(but in bits and glimpses) plot and I am really looking forward to it.

So, part 2 starts off with Forgers getting ready and excited(Anya and Yor). Sure getting a dog needs information, but what Loid did was very typical of him. He simply got help and assistance from his office which somehow did not please Anya and Yor.

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None of the dogs seemed cuddly for their expression were intimidating to the audience. Yes, they were playful, they were showing off their muscles to the mother and daughter and Anya called off the deal. And Yor too agreed with her.

What’s your call over Loid’s disguise as Keith? It was very predictable move, but he impressed me with his dexterity. He impersonated a character from a very short video footage captured by the association.

Now young kids involved in terrorist activity are nowhere a good idea, but using dogs for their mission in such a brutal way is certainly disastrous. The idea of using well-trained military dogs for bombing activity was sad and disheartening.

The brilliant debutant of the show astonishingly saves the kid by making an impressive entrance to the anime. He was quick and very cute. Besides, when he watched Anya for the first time it was so homely. They just connected at that instance. And when he shared his vision from the last Part with the cuty was simply wise. That led the brave little girl to take the responsibility of rescuing the dog.

Well, thank God, Yor did not end up crying over Anya’s quick departure from the Pet adoption event. She was terrified at the occasion. But her imagination made me laugh.

Coming back to Anya and her fluffy beast, intimidated Anya facing the bunch of terrorists was scary. But Bond comes to protect the little girl. Yes, his sudden loss of confidence made the situation funny but we all knew nothing wrong will happen to the cuty right?

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What made the whole scary situation enigmatic was when Bond takes charge of the situation and runs fast carrying Anya straight. It appeared adventurous, and Anya loved the excitement. This in fact grew her ambition of receiving another Stella.

The revelation of the Project Apple was another awesome corner of SPY X FAMILY Episode 13. The conversation taking place between Loid and his handler informed us in detail about the extreme experimentation carried out by Ostanian government on animal species.

That somehow came into the hold of this kid terrorist group solving the mystery of financing the team to a great deal. Also, it made it quite clear why Bond can perceive the upcoming future.

The ending of SPY X FAMILY Episode 13 was again predictable; Yor saving her baby, but her finishing line was amusing. She is an innocent assassin.

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Now, the end credit OST Shikisai by Yama is another great inclusion to this part which I enjoyed. It showed the hidden and typical day of the Forgers. It was warm but very secretive.

However, the previews shared on the SPY X FAMILY Episode 14 is not clear. Definitely, the Manga readers know what’s the deal. Let us just wait for it to drop next week.

TOTT’s Take On SPY X FAMILY Episode 13

Now Loid was missing from the episode however whatever we had of him in this chapter was nice, imposing, and satisfying. I am expecting a lot from Bond now and from Anya. As for Yor, as shown in the credits, gives me enough reasons to wait for her turn(since we did not get to see her essence that prominently in the debut part of the series) in this part of the anime as well…

I genuinely loved the episode, and I am ready to rewatch the same.

SPY X FAMILY Episode 13 Source- Wit Studio X CloverWorks
SPY X FAMILY Episode 13 Source- Wit Studio X CloverWorks

Now tell me what’s your call on SPY X FAMILY Episode 13? Don’t forget to share your genuine thoughts and opinions on the episode in the comment section.

But this is it, this is all for today, hope to meet you all very soon in the next publication, Bye Bye my TOTTers.