Uncle From Another World Ep 7, Was This A Smooth Change To The Regular Story Line?


Hi, all my fellow TOTTers what’s up you all? I hope you all are doing fantastic. So, have you watched Uncle From Another World Ep 7? If you have – well, don’t you think it was a bit new compared to the typical Uncle’s adventure in the Another World? But if you have any contradictory or similar visions in regards to the show, please do let me know, alright?

Uncle From Another World Ep 7 Source- Netflix
Uncle From Another World Ep 7 Source- Netflix


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Things You Might Have Liked About Uncle From Another World Ep 7

The Story

As per the conversation in the last episode, The Elf Lady said something faintly about a Hero, yes we do get a glimpse of the Hero, however, let us start from the beginning. The Uncle From Another World Ep 7 takes off from an uncomfortable (mostly for Tsunedere Elf Girl ) and unfriendly conversation shared between the Tsundere Elf Girl and of Course our uncle, who is again on the verge of offending his lady friend with his strange actions.

I mean he is a wizard, right? So what is the need to take back the jacket? Well, he could create one for himself, right? Correct me if I am wrong. Even Takafumi wonders about him wanting to take back his jacket. Well, he received what he called for.

Fast forwarding to the meet and greet of Uncle and the team of three, Alicia, Raiga, and Edgar who was on their mission to fight an advancing troop of Goblins, where they misunderstand Uncle to be an ORC once again(Yes nothing new). But he is a practiced man by now, so he handles the situation with merit rather than strength.

His game-playing experience from Golden Axe was put into action which obviously takes a great amount of time and brawn to defeat the creatures. However, he managed to settle with a great win, although his technique was not practical.

Uncle makes friends in the Another World which definitely makes Takafumi happy. However, Shibazaki’s odd way of tackling his chores in the Isekaied world is different and is beyond the understanding of the common people. Likewise, he casts a forgetting spell on the team and flees. This sufficiently supports their once again meet and greet following the same dialogues(however this does not surprise Takafumi).

And what’s your call on Uncle’s idea about hedgehogs,?According to him, Sonic is a real depiction of Hedgehog, well, it was simply amusing to me. The funny thing was Takafumi verifies the idea too.

Now, the last part of the anime focuses on Takafumi and his affection for Fujiyama. The entire sequence makes it clear how much love, respect, and care Takafumi holds for the only girl in his life.

But what entertained me was the sudden revelation about sharing power. Yes, Uncle has the capacity to share his magical power with anyone, hence he shares it with Takafumi, which he smartly adopts too in such a small span of time. Another shocking and surprising stance was about Chiaki, Fujiyama’s kid brother.

He appears somewhat like an ugly-looking boy in his later pubescent. But it was not, he is a fourth grader, and yes, there was nothing mentioned such as skipping a grade or as such. Puberty hit him so badly, that his entire cuteness(shown in the flashback) simply vanished. I guess it runs in the gene; so it will return.

Now coming to the last part of the episode, finally we learn who is the Hero, and it’s once again an endless wait to find out what happens next; definitely a hard time for only anime watchers.

The Characters

Chiaki and the Team of three were an important new addition to the regular faces on the Uncle From Another World Ep 7. Yes, we have seen Alicia a few times in the background and of course in the credits. But she posed significance in the show. Well, nothing more to talk about this girl, but I felt, that she is a friendly, warm, and very trustworthy character who is a cordial inclusion to the plot.

As for Chiaki, his initial appearance seemed scary, but it turns out that he is a kid with a big body who is simply adorable. He is innocent and likes his sister a lot, which made him come directly to her institution to shoot a Youtube video. Again, Chiaki just admires Takafumi and it was nice. However, Shaibazaki’s constant attempt to let Chaiki know about his Youtube channel was realistic and relatable.

Uncle From Another World Ep 7 Source- Netflix
Uncle From Another World Ep 7 Source- Netflix

TOTT’s Take On Uncle From Another World Ep 7

Uncle From Another World Ep 7, the essence of this episode somewhat felt different than the rest of the 6 episodes, well, at least I felt a strange, mature, tough vibe from it. If you too felt the same, make sure to comment to let me know. However, it was a funny, derisive, yet sincere episode that I enjoyed.

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The only thing that bothers me a lot about the show is that the following episodes take a lot to pop up which might make many anime watchers lose complete interest. What do you think?

Don’t forget to share your opinions on Uncle From Another World Ep 7, also, if I am wrong anywhere please do correct me.

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