Uncle From Another World Ep 6 Review, Is Shibazaki That Good At Herat Or Naive Human n The First Place?


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Uncle From Another World Ep 6  Source- Netflix
Uncle From Another World Ep 6 Source- Netflix

So, have you watched Uncle From Another World Ep 6? Of course, you have, it has been so long now. So what did you like from the episode and what did you not like about the same? Let’s find out do we match or not.

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Uncle From Another World Ep 6 took off letting the audience watch a glimpse of what happened on the very day when Shibazaki woke up in the Isakied World. It was horrible and very sad, to be honest. So-

Things You Might Have Liked From Uncle From Another World Ep 6

The Story

Yes, I felt for Shibazaki the entire time when I watched Uncle From Another World Ep 6. He was brutally treated and was repeatedly called an ORC. Even his value was less than a scouring pad. That simply sank my heart. Then his captivation for a whole week was simply merciless. He was forgotten and therefore he was locked up there for an entire week. He tried his best to remain sane, talking with the ray of light that cut its way through the hard wall. The situation not only worried the audience but his nephew and Fujiyama too.

His freedom was welcomed with a baffling fight between the monstrous creatures from Another World. It was sudden and shocking as well. But his religious commitment to his ‘Gamer’ life made him fight those relentless creatures, which ultimately offered him a wholesome feast.

The entire sequence somehow projected a typical villain ARC from every Shonen show we watched; when the good guy turns evil with needless mistreatment and all. However, Shibazaki remained a saint and survived his magical life, fighting monsters and villains.

Now, in the second part of the show, we finally learn the actual and first meet and greet between the Tsundere Elf Girl and Uncle. Once again Shibazaki does what he should not do with girls. It shocked and surprised his audience. The interaction was genuine and let us know and understand how naive Shibazaki is and why Tsundere Lady ‘pasters’ him so much.

In the third part of the show, there is a fast forward and we move to the day where Mable freezes Uncle. The viewers genuinely were shocked to watch Shibazaki wrapped in the arms of the lady fans that was again an intriguing instance. And just like every time, Tsundere Elf Lady tried to take advantage of Uncle’s innocence which was however stopped by Mable and her nightmare.

Then the formal introduction was another sequence that made us appreciate the guilelessness of Shibazaki. He takes an alias, upon which he immediately reacts when called upon by Mable. It was realistically funny.

However the sudden, simple yet dramatic dismissal was nice, what do you think?

Lastly, Shibazaki’s decision to treat his personal audience to a warm noodle dinner was cordial. Yes, he was short on his cash, Fujiyama helped him so, but it was generous, right?

The Characters

The beings from another world sure appeared mean and judgy which I definitely did not like. However, it was Shibazaki, who embraced those hardships calling it ‘A great start’ sounded positive. Fujiyama has grown more fond of Shibazaki, she even rejects her fried chicken to enjoy the moment that happened between Tsundere Elf Girl and Uncle. The curiosity was kind of real and very relatable.

Tsudered Elf lady on the other hand can do whatever she wants because of her beauty. Her graceful appearance kind of makes her very appealing even though she behaves quite vexing and even irritating at times. But her constant growing fondness for Uncle submerses her typical self. Additionally, her ‘Ms. Know It All’ smirk from time to time appears annoying. Still, we all wait for her just like Takafumi.

Mable was a stress reliever, and her nightmare about working to live a good life was simply laughable.

What Else!!

The Uncle From Another World Ep 6 is a nice chapter that was much revealing and of course hilarious as usual. It was sarcastic, very sudden, shocking, and surprising at some angles which were pretty enjoyable. Without a doubt, the background story of Uncle and his initial days in Another Word was sad. But the depiction was dramatic, ridiculing, and insane (just for the humor quotient) which is by the way the essence of the anime.

Uncle From Another World Ep 6  Source- Netflix
Uncle From Another World Ep 6 Source- Netflix

TOTT’s Take On Uncle From Another World Ep 6

Overall, it was a typical Uncle From Another World episode which was fun, humorous, informative, sudden, surprising, and definitely ‘as shocking as a usual’ episode, I enjoyed it giggling and laughing the entire time.

So, what’s your call on this once again hilarious, funny, weird anime?

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