Morbius (2022) Review: Does This Marvel Movie Deserves A Shot *SPOILERS*?


Well, how are my beautiful and handsome TOTTers? What’s up you all? Today I am here with a short and very quick review on Morbius (2022). So, have you watched the film? What’s your call on the film? Write your reaction to the movie in the comment section below.

But for now, let us find out do we align or not.

Morbius (2022) Source- Sony Pictures Releasing
Morbius (2022) Source- Sony Pictures Releasing

Morbius (2022) The Cast-

  • Jared Leto playing Dr. Michael Morbius
  • Matt Smith playing Lucien / Milo
  • Adria Arjona playing Dr. Martine Bancroft
  • Jared Harris playing Dr. Emil Nicholas
  • Al Madrigal playing Alberto “Al” Rodriguez 
  • Tyrese Gibson playing Simon Stroud

Things You Might Have Liked Or Disliked About Morbius (2022)

The Beginning

Yes, the movie Morbius (2022) begins with a very solid speed, that was quite direct, very engaging, and understandable. The audience might not find it distracting at all. It was simply interesting which thoroughly made me enjoy the first 45 minutes or so.

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The Actors

All, the prominent actors were nice. They were pretty apt to the roles they played. Nothing over the top or nothing underwhelming was caught in the project. They were okay.

The Characters

The characters of the film are based on the Marvel comic series. Thus avid readers would find the faults no matter what. But keeping an open mind would help appreciate the characters in this movie. Michale Morbius was a genuinely good man who was honest with his intentions.

He was a loyal friend, a good lover, a good son, and of course a brilliant scientist. Still showed his flawed side when he cunningly, misused his newly gained power, embezzling the workshop to make himself another new lab. Yes, he is no ideal human being.

Milo, aka Lucien, was on the negative side and also might appear to be an embodiment of Lucifer who simply seemed timid because of a frail body, however, had vicious intentions always. His meaningless tantrums also might look just overtly extra. What’s your call?

Now, Dr. Martine was a good comrade and the relationship which brewed between the leads was actually nice and sweet.

Coming to Dr. Emil Nicholas who was a father figure to Morbius and Milo. He took care of the lads with his pure affection. However, the fate which he meets at the end of the movie was cruel and I definitely did not see that coming.

Let us wrap the character segment with Alberto “Al” Rodriguez and Simon Stroud. These two characters just seemed unneeded yet needed. Not sure whether the actors or the characters are at fault. They appeared very overconfident which somehow seemed annoying.

Morbius (2022) Source- Sony Pictures Releasing
Morbius (2022) Source- Sony Pictures Releasing

What Else!!

Daniel Espinosa directed the movie which was written by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. The narrative was cinematographed by Oliver Wood and the movie’s music department was under Jon Ekstrand. Nevertheless, they did a good job.

However, Daniel Espinosa might have messed up the narrative a little by the end of the movie. The first 45 minutes were nice and people would genuinely appreciate the plot points. But suddenly, it takes a terrible swift at its pace, motive, and direction.

The sudden evil aura which radiates out of Milo was not expected and it transformed to be a very annoying juncture. He just mercilessly without any solid purpose goes on a killing spree, and that sure looked meaningless and unreasonable.

And lastly, the ending felt disastrous. It was very off and simply turned hopeless all of a sudden. Besides, the ending kind of seemed rushed. If the movie took another 30 minutes, the plot could have been saved.

TOTT’s Take On Morbius (2022)

The Marvel project started off nicely. It was simply a story-driven dark-themed narrative that had genuine potential. But the speedy ending was a total turn-off. Additionally, you will be swarmed with many loose ends which might not at all look nice, even with a not-so-critical watch. For instance, Morbius learning about his issue and then understanding what’s needful, was again too raced.

So, TOTT gives Morbius (2022) 2/5 Stars.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Now tell me what’s your call on the movie? How much did you like or disliked this Marvel film? Make sure to tell us everything in the comment section below.

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