Uncle From Another World Ep 5 Review- How Much Funny Was This One *SPOILERS*?


What’s up my TOTTers, this is Shreyasi and I am back with Uncle From Another World Ep 5. So have you watched this fifth bomb of the series? Yes, they took a serious amount of time to finally come up with the continuation. But here it is and here I am with my review. Make sure to read and comment down to connect with me.

So, Uncle From Another World Ep 5 was another drop of a bomb from the anime team along with our adorable Uncle. We witness another sarcastic, sober, funny, interesting, and definitely amusing part of Uncle’s journey. Sure AtelierPontdarc took time to launch the fifth chapter of this anime but it’s fine, right?

So what made the fifth installment of the series superb?

Uncle From Another World Ep 5 Source-Netflix
Uncle From Another World Ep 5 Source-Netflix

Things You Might Have Liked About Uncle From Another World Ep 5

The Story

Yes, nothing unusual from the narrative point. It was another ball of laughter, humor joints, hopeless expectations, and simplicity at its best, portrayed in the most sophisticated subtle pattern to blend in all the above-mentioned stuff beautifully. The story was indeed exhilarating. With a smooth beginning, a conversation on baseball, and then slowly grabbing the speed where one by one Shibazaki reveals his naive way of handling ladies, was outstanding.

Not once but twice, till now, he wooed two ladies without any effort, simply gifting them rings(his intentions are very simple though). He might be pretty smart to tackle demons, dragons, and numerous other creatures in the Another world. However, he is a silly young man when it comes to talking to the ladies. He does everything with a straightforward mind.

But whatever he does, simply makes Takafumi and now Fujiyama speechless. But they never take the chance to correct their Uncle as well.

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The Character

So, this episode finally brings together Elf Girl and Mable. Yes, sure both of them hold Shibazaki in a definitely special place, but the ladies, connected very quickly without giving any sort of competitive vibe. In fact, we watch Mable in a distinguishable persona which was nice. Her lack of self-confidence is what pulls her down.

Once again the over-dramatic Elf Girl shows up and befriends the Ice Girl. It was actually nice. And their sincere conversation finally offers us the reality behind Shibazaki’s reincarnation to the Another World. It was certainly a significant portion of the narrative that simply untangles many knots.

The Trio in the real world is just having a blast watching the scenes from Another world. They simply grab a cup of coffee, gulping down both the hot and cold events from the reel and the real world.

What Else!!

Precisely speaking, there is nothing negative to be disliked. It was a nice, very interesting, quiet assuring, and definitely humorous episode that might entertain you thoroughly.

Uncle From Another World Ep 5 Source-Netflix
Uncle From Another World Ep 5 Source-Netflix

TOTT’s Take On Uncle From Another World Ep 5

As already, spoken, it was another great episode which was a certain packaged deal. Shibazaki remains ignorant, about what happens around him, winning the hearts of ladies. He is a dumb yet intelligent fellow, who never misses a chance to amuse the audience for sure. Again, Takafumi and Fujiyama were just enjoying the scoop of entertainment without spending a penny. This Trio is simply great. Every spec of this 5th one was superb, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Now, if you have already watched the same, you know, what I mean. But if you have something to say in regards to Uncle From Another World Ep 5, make sure to talk to me in the comment section below.

But this is it for today hope to meet you all very soon in our next publication. Bye-Bye…