Prey (2022) Review: How Was This Prequel To The Predator Franchisee *SPOILERS*?


How are my readers, what’s up with you all? I know I was MIA, and I am busy with some extra engagement, but from this publication onwards, I will try to be constant. For now, I am back with Prey (2022). So have you watched the fifth installment of the famous Predator Franchisee? Also, does one have to watch all the last movies to get a deep insight into the latest launch of the family?

Prey 2022  Source- 20th Century Studios, Inc.
Prey 2022 Source- 20th Century Studios, Inc.

TOTT is here with a short and quick review of the movie.

Prey(2022) The Cast

  • Amber Midthunder playing Naru
  • Dakota Beavers playing Taabe
  • Dane DiLiegro playing the Predator
  • Michelle Thrush playing Aruka
  • Stormee Kipp playing Wasape
  • Julian Black Antelope playing Chief Kehetu
  • Bennett Taylor playing Raphael Adolini

Things You Might Have Liked About Prey (2022)

The Actors

Since the film is based entirely on the Natives of America, casting people from the same origin was very thoughtful. It added sincerity to the narrative. Also, it pretty much added conventional sophistication to the plot.

Now, the actors were nice, they were simply appropriate to the roles in which they were placed. They were good.

The Characters

Now, the Native American characters were some fighters. They projected valiance and terrific determination in reaching their goals which were pretty motivating and inspiring as well. Yes, there was the dominance of patriarchy throughout which kind of made the lead prove her potentiality. But her supportive family was again a blessing for her.

Taabe was a very good big brother who nurtured his sibling, the lead of the film, Naru with the purest brotherly affection. He trusted her instincts and believed in her capability, unlike the others in the tribe. Similarly, Naru reciprocated the affection with respect and love which was very warm of course. Taabe represented the ‘Brawl’ while Naru was the ‘Brain’ of their team. It was a great sibling situation with was genuinely cordial.

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The Story

The story was very interesting and there is no need to watch the first 4 of the franchisee to understand its narrative. You can simply sit and relax, enjoying this sorted directorial scheme by Dan Trachtenberg who took a slow yet engaging pace to make the storyline direct, clear, and easygoing.

The story is nothing tough to understand in the first place. The central theme revolves around a tribe who survives their daily chore with the indigenous idea of hunting. Now, a teen named Naru in order to prove her worth to be a good hunter, achieves the idea that there is someone bigger than a lion around, who is on its killing spree. Being a girl she was shut down many times, but she takes her own journey to find out what’s the fact.

She is proven right when she finally comes face to face with the Predator. And when the movie ends, she lands victorious on her breakthrough as a hunter. Definitely, there is more to the story which is deep, very gory, cruel, and brutal but very engrossing as well. However, the thrilling charm might be missing.

Prey 2022  Source- 20th Century Studios, Inc.
Prey 2022 Source- 20th Century Studios, Inc.

What Else!!

The cinematography by Jeff Cutter, Music by Sarah Schachner, Screenplay by Patrick Aison, and Direction by Dan Trachtenberg was nice. The team weaved very nice entertaining content which you can definitely give a shot at.

Things You Might Have Not Have Liked About Prey (2022)

Specifically speaking there is none. However, if you are an avid fan of the last four movies, especially the first installment, then you might nitpick at several junctures. Apart from that, it is a pretty entertaining, plot for sure.

TOTT’s Take On Prey (2022)

Well, if you are looking for a good after-work movie, then it is a good consideration since it is a sci-fi, action, horror plot which you might enjoy.

TOTT gives the movie 4/5 Stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.

So have you watched Prey(2022)? Tell me what’s your take on this fifth installment of the notable Franchisee. Make sure to comment down below.

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