Uncle From Another World Episode 4 Review: How Much Fun Did You Have Watching This One*SPOILERS*?


Hello, there my TOTTers welcome back to TOTT once again. I know I am not being consistent but trust me I am trying my level best to be. So, here I am back with Uncle From Another World Episode 4 review.

So what’s your thought on this gorgeously hilarious episode from the ongoing anime? Well, TOTT just enjoyed the content wholeheartedly. But let me be specific and begin with the sections one by one.

Uncle From Another World Episode 4 Source- Netflix

Things You Might Have Liked From Uncle From Another World Episode 4

The Characters

Apart from the leads, i.e., Takafumi and Shibazaki, Fujiyama have landed deep into this team of two, where she is genuine with the uncle. She bears no hard feelings now. She is a very relaxed person who enjoys watching Uncle’s incident from the other world sitting comfortably with Takafumi.

This girl appeared more masculine than a typical boy in her elementary school days. In fact, she was frightening, to the boys in her class(except for Takafumi, who just adored her)which in fact was an unaware event on her part.

She showed her desperation to perch and land maturely in a girly way in front of Takafumi, just making the situation awkwardly funny. But Takafumi reconnects with his childhood dear friend Fujiyama in this episode which was absolutely warm.

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Now coming back to Shibazaki and his adventurous life back in his issekaied timeline, he remained cold towards Ms. Tsundere(as referred to by Takafumi ) and added some more hilarious narrative for the audience to absorb and enjoy. His naive pattern just brings smiles to us, but gives some unending speechless moments, for Shibazaki’s personal audiences now.

The Story

The story of this episode was thoroughly entertaining and one would just love the scenes crafted to make the viewers laugh and enjoy. It was a lighthearted episode, even though weighed some extra, much cooler than the previous episode for sure. You will laugh wanting more absolutely. Both the scenarios from the gaming world as well as the present time just complimented each other gifting us a package full of enjoyment which was refreshing and relaxing of course.

What Else!!

The direction, the surprising juxtapositions, the cinematography, and the visualizations of the episode were just precise and neat. It was great.

Uncle From Another World Episode 4 Source- Netflix
Uncle From Another World Episode 4 Source- Netflix

TOTT’s Take On Uncle From Another World Episode 4

It was a very clean, hilarious, funny, practical, and warm episode where we can understand that Takafumi respects, adores, and cares for his uncle, Fujiyama just wants Takafumi to consider her as a woman while on the other hand, Shibazaki is a naive human who is just ignorant about the stalker and remains as such while understanding Fujiyama’s affection for Takafumi.

It was a superb episode like usual, actually.

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