The Gray Man(2022) Review: Was This Netflix Release A Good Watch To Consider?


Hello, my lovely TOTTers, what’s up you all? How are you all doing? Today TOTT is here with The Gray Man(2022). Sit and read till the end to find out if we match your verdict on the movie or not?

The Gray Man is the latest launch on the popular and the most loved OTT platform Netflix which is a directorial project of the Russo Brothers. This movie attracted many heads with its release announcement, and finally, it is here to stream.

So should you be watching this 129 minutes film in the first place or not?

The Gray Man(2022) Source- Netflix
The Gray Man(2022) Source- Netflix

The Gray Man(2022): The Cast

  • Ryan Gosling playing Courtland “Court” Gentry a.k.a ” Sierra Six”
  • Chris Evans playing Lloyd Hansen, a psychopathic former CIA agent who is contracted by Carmichael to capture Six
  • Ana de Armas playing Dani Miranda, a CIA agent who allies with Six
  • Jessica Henwick playing Suzanne Brewer
  • Regé-Jean Page playing Denny Carmichael
  • Wagner Moura playing Laszlo Sosa
  • Julia Butters playing Claire Fitzroy
  • Dhanush playing “Lone Wolf”
  • Alfre Woodard playing Margaret Cahill
  • Billy Bob Thornton playing Donald Fitzroy
  • Callan Mulvey playing “Sierra Four”
  • DeObia Oparei playing Dulin
  • Robert Kazinsky playing Perini
  • Shea Whigham playing Six’s Father
  • Eme Ikwuakor playing Barnes

Things You Might Have Liked About The Gray Man(2022)

The Story

The story of The Gray Man was quite intense. Precisely it was nothing new, however, it was yet entertaining which you will enjoy. The character placements were nice along with the advancement of the narrative. Hence it was something good and worth a watch.

The Characters

The leads, i.e Six and Llyod fundamentally projected the good vs evil theme that was once again nothing new or old. Still, you won’t feel annoyed or irritated watching the leads fighting for their cause and their ego, for sure. Additionally, Dani Miranda, Claire Fitzroy, and Suzzane Brewer were some strong lady characters who would charm you efficiently. The characters were generous while being crazy in their own space, which was quite deep and pretty interesting of course.

The Actors

The actors of The Gray Man were content, efficient, and pretty thorough with their roles, hence they styled their tasks in their own fashion which simply turned brilliant. They were just convincing. However, Chris Evans with his stunning insane gestures as Llyod sure has won many hearts. Yes, he was wonderfully annoying, but still, he was quite interesting. What’s your call?

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What Else!!

The cinematography of The Gray Man was stunning, it was picturesque at some angles while at some point the foggy, unclear, perplexing visualization matched the circumstantial demands pretty neatly. The music added gravity and irony to the dark narrative excellently. It was beautiful. Now the Russo brothers once again delivered the audience good action content that was intricately designed for a robust engagement time. It was nice actually.

The Gray Man(2022) Source- Netflix
The Gray Man(2022) Source- Netflix

Things You Might Not Have Liked About The Gray Man

The story is nothing new hence you might get distracted every now and then. Also, the content was not that weighty at all. The whole chase thing in the movie kind of seemed meaningless when you arrive at the end of the flick. It was something that could have been totally ignored and stopped without causing so many killings and destruction. If you sit all focused you might end up catching several loose ends which can be a major turn off too.

TOTT’ Take On The Gray Man

If you are an ardent James Bond fan or John Wick enthusiast then avoiding the movies is suggested for you might end up unsatisfied significantly.

TOTT gives the movie 3.5/5 stars

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

So, tell us, have you watched The Gray Man, then what’s your take on this latest Netflix release? Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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