Persuasion(2022) Review: Was It A Good Movie To Enjoy*SPOILERS* & *NOT FOR BOOK READERS*?


Hey you all, welcome back to TOTT, I hope all my TOTTers are doing amazing. Sorry, I was not doing great so, there was no post in the last 5 days. But here I am with Persuasion(2022).

Persuasion(2022) is a recent launch on Netflix that is a sweet adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel Persuasion. The movie runs for 109 minutes and is a very pleasant melodrama that is perfect for the ones who did not read the book at all, otherwise coming down with criticism and judging every angle of this narrative would not let you enjoy this period drama at all.

Now, if you watched the movie, sit back and read to find out do we align with your verdict on the subject or not.

So, here we begin with-

Persuasion(2022): The Cast-

  • Dakota Johnson playing Anne Elliot
  • Cosmo Jarvis playing Captain Frederick Wentworth
  • Henry Golding playing Mr. William Elliot
  • Nikki Amuka-Bird playing Lady Russell
  • Mia McKenna-Bruce playing Mary Elliot
  • Richard E. Grant playing Sir Walter Elliot
  • Ben Bailey playing Charles Musgrove
  • Nia Towle playing Louisa Musgrove
  • Izuka Hoyle playing Henrietta Musgrove
  • Yolanda Kettle playing Elizabeth Elliot
  • Edward Bluemel playing Captain Harville
  • Afolabi Alli playing Captain Benwick
  • Jenny Rainsford playing Mrs. Harville
  • Lydia Rose Bewley playing Mrs. Penelope Clay

Things You Might Have Liked About Persuasion(2022)

Persuasion(2022) Source- Netflix
Persuasion(2022) Source- Netflix

The Actors

The cast members of the movie were just exact. They were neither extra nor less and were very apt to the situation where they exhibited what the role demands from them. Not to forget, Dakota Johnson as Anne Elliot was too good, she was simply the show stealer.

The Directions

Carrie Cracknell produced a very beautiful, calm, and gentle movie that generously offers the audience a very pleasant time in a very modern way. For instance, the movie begins and ends with the exact place and situation with the hero and the heroine wrapped around each other but with a different mindset. In the beginning, both the leads are sad while the ending was soothing and happy and both of them wore the same outfit just like the beginnig.

Anne breaking the fourth wall was something very interesting. It beautifully added a contemporary touch to the project making it quite riveting. She even resembled Jim Halpert from The Cult Classic ‘The Office(US)‘ several times with her sarcastic expressions.

Besides being a jocular essence to the advancement, Anne repeatedly breaking the fourth wall helped the audience understand and get a clear picture of what the scene screened. It helped us to build an instant connection with the characters and run along with Anne to observe the circumstances from her perspective.

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The Music

Stuart Earl is the man who styled those mesmerizing compositions that might have touched your heart. The scores were very apt to the happening, to the theme, to the needs and thus appeared generous and very warm.

The Cinematography

Joe Anderson took those wonderful spellbinding picturesque shots that judiciously did justice to the periodic theme. It was entrancing, very cordial, and certainly deep. The camera angles liberally helped us connect to the state of affairs in a very neat way.

The Characters

Without a sweat, Anne was the most engrossing female whom you would just enjoy on screen. She is a very patient, strong, determined, proud, motivated, positive, reasonable, confident, sarcastic yet very simple young lady, whom you would want in your life. Fredrick Wentworth is just the exact match, born for this lady. They compliment each other a lot.

The additional characters such as Anne’s sisters and her father were the comic relief to the content. They amused us with their selfish, self-absorbed, narcissistic, shallow, irresponsible, mean, and absolutely dumb frame of mind. They were just ego-centric proud characters made to look foolish in the drama deliberately.

Now talking about the additional characters, they were very congruous in their space and definitely bore importance at their own significant level. They were nice actually.

The Script

Since this adaptation of Persuasion(2022) is nothing like the usual period theme that we watch now and then on Netflix, therefore it is distinct and thoroughly independent. Anne was a sarcasm queen and her rating for Mr. William Elliot is something very not ‘Jane Austin’y which might have affected many indeed. But watching the movie from a nontypical perspective is what is suggested here. So, the script which we observe in the plot is challenging and quite an interesting one.

Persuasion(2022) Source- Netflix
Persuasion(2022) Source- Netflix

Things You Might Have Not Liked About Persuasion(2022)

The Ending

Yes, since this is a romcom, it was natural to have a sweet lovey-dovey ending, but it appeared kind of rushed and meticulously convenient. Anne was seating at a reasonable distance and from there reading her name on the intended letter seemed impractical. Now everything happening in the sequential order came across very easily. The build-up that the director processed till some moments ago, loses its luster within seconds. However, it can be totally ignored as well.

TOTT’s Take On Persuasion(2022)

On a precise note, Persuasion(2022) is a modern quirky adaptation of the literary work by the outstanding Jane Austen. Yes, the depiction, choreography, style, and script of the movie lack the typical period vibe, but it created something uniquely beautiful. One must not compare the same with all the other works produced on the novels by Jane Austen since it is different. But it is nice, alluring, warm, interesting, significant, dramatic, and lovely for sure.

TOTT gives Persuasion(2022) 4/5

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Now, tell us what’s your take on Persuasion(2022)? Did you enjoy this rom-com or do you have some other views in regards to the narrative design? Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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