Which Characters From The Boys Season 3 Did You Liked The Most?


Hi you all, welcome back to TOTT, I hope you are all doing just amazing. So today we are here with the significant characters from The Boys Season 3 to be ranked. Yes, the prominent characters from The Boys hold their distinctive positions, and leaving without ranking them will do no justice to the individuality they created on screen.

Many of them grew and offered a challenging disposition with the development and the advancement of the narrative. While many of them simply imposed an annoying presence on the show.

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So, TOTT is here with the characters from The Boys Season 3 to be ranked. Make sure that you read till the end to find out if we match your verdict on the characters or not.

Therefore let us begin with-

14 Significant & Prominent Characters From The Boys Season 3, Ranked

14th The Deep/ Kevin Moskowitz

The Boys Season 3
The Boys Season 3

The Deep is the hyena of the Seven and tends to follow the Apex predator without any consciousness just to maintain the recently gained position( i.e., back in the Seven). He even gulped down his friend because Homelander ordered him to.

The Deep appeared somewhat stable while the show took off but suddenly showed his hidden douchey face when he asked his wife to join him in a threesome with an octopus.

Besides being a nasty ideology(not for him of course), he basically asked for something very disgusting from his wife. Yes, definitely the wife was no good, she was very manipulative and a control freak, therefore trusting Kevin aka the Deep with all her life seemed a bit unreasonable (which however she proved to be not doing).

But Deep just couldn’t resist but show his true self. This leads to his culmination once again. Now what happens to him in the upcoming season is really a question. Will he be thrown out of the Seven once again or be killed (because he spoiled the name of Seven again)?

13th Starlight/ Annie January

The Boys Season 3
The Boys Season 3

She is America’s Sweetheart who because of her upbringing naturally tries to opt for the most righteous path one can think about. But she knows how corrupted Vought is along with the entire Supe industry. Therefore, taking up the gorgeous virtuous ways to deal with Homelander and his ploys is something utterly stupid.

But this Christian Supe insists on following what she believes to be right. Her constant whining in regards to Hughie for taking TEMP V was something irritating. Hughie just wanted to save and protect the girl he loves, which was however simply rejected every time Hughie brought it up.

Contradictorily, she supports Kimiko(she wanted to save and protect Frenchie) and in fact, helps her in getting her hands over Compound V(Annie risks her life in the process). But was not cool with Hughie, taking TEMP V for the same reason.

Of course, she grew much more mature and strong in The Boys Season 3, yes, but she also turned out to be the irritating good girl who loves lecturing you. Even though she is a warm and kind Supe, but still she was extremely bothersome in this third season.

I don’t how many of you will agree but don’t you think her virtuous way is the sole reason that cost Alex aka Supersonic his life?

12th Marvin T. “Mother’s” Milk/M.M

The Boys Season 3
The Boys Season 3

This man was another character who simply stopped putting any effort into his individuality whom he created in the last seasons. He was a great motivating persona, however, he stopped being one, in the 3rd season of this superhero show.

He left Boys and looked forward to having the best family time with his daughter(which was a very generous and selfless decision, to be honest). But he just could not withstand the idea of staying calm and having a cool demeanor while being around Soldier Boy.

Well, Soldier Boy is the new talk of the show who is much stronger than Homelander and is a racist bully. He sabotaged MM’s family when he was just a kid. Of course, MM is furious but the idea of staying patient and following Butcher’s lead appeared urgent.

Butcher was looking for a bigger picture, but this man was up against everything Butcher planned or intended for this season. He distrusted Butcher to the core.

Again Butcher and Hughie taking TEMP V were not appreciated by MM because according to him it’s not right, but fighting against Supes, and Supes like Homelander and Soldier Boy, you definitely need something strong and reliable to outdo the strength.

MM and Annie were too troublesome for Butcher and Hughie this season, which kind of seemed vexing.

11th Kimiko Miyashiro/ The Female

The Boys Season 3
The Boys Season 3

The only girl team member of the Boys who happens to be a Supe as well, showed the human side of her that grew inside her in this season. She enjoyed music, and dancing and even developed an affection for Frenchie as a man. She grew out of her zone and changed into a softer being, who showed patience and perseverance,

But her real self is what makes her individuality amazingly cool. Her cold demeanor while being a silent brutal killer is Kimiko’s real definition. But she changed and wants something else in life. That was totally a turn-off.

She enjoyed watching herself not heal and decided to stay like this unless she watched Frenchie in his life and death circumstances. So, she turns to Annie for bringing her Compound V to change back to a Supe for helping and protecting Frenchie all the time.

So, the point is, her change in the narrative was not needed and simply appeared in some filler situations that could have been simply avoided. What’s your take?

10th Serge / Frenchie

The Boys Season 3
The Boys Season 3

Another solid member of the Boys who too, lost his shine in Season 3. He is a very cool, chill dude who loves the members and does all the significant tasks for the missions to accomplish. But this season he along with MM, and Kimiko lost his individuality.

Like all the previous seasons he definitely finished those significant jobs ordered by Butcher, but he was under Kimiko’s influence through this entire season. Kimiko was tired to work under Butcher’s lead, so she wanted to leave, taking Frenchie along with her. This confusing situation made Frenchie struggle since he is loyal to Butcher, but his commitment to Kimiko is also strong.

He lost his shine in this season and remained almost invisible in the Boys S3.

9th Black Noir/Erving

The Boys Season 3
The Boys Season 3

The mysterious man under a mask was revealed the most in this season, where we empathized with him and forgot his misdoings from the previous seasons. He is the right hand of Homelander and follows his leads without question.

Yes, Homelander understands the man completely while valuing and respecting his position in his life along with the Seven a lot. Another interesting side of this Supe was thrown into light, which is, his escape from reality. His imaginary friends helped him cope with the struggles he went through in his whole life and remained with him till he breathed his last.

He was frustrated with his comradeship under Soldier Boy, thus he without dripping a sweat betrayed him along with the others from Payback. But remained loyal to Homelander and was there every time this cynical Superman plotted a trap for the others.

Though not so prominent, still holds a significant portion in the show who was much better than the above-mentioned characters. Don’t you think so?

8th Vicky/Victoria Neuman/The Head popper

The Boys Season 3
The Boys Season 3

When she appeared markedly in the last S2, and her revelation just at the end of the season manifested her prominent position in this S3, right? So, she is the adopted daughter of Stan Edgar(the man who succeeded Madelyn Stillwell) and was a notable congresswoman who brazenly dispises Vought. However, her secret is revealed only because of Hughie to the others in the Boys.

She is a very dangerous Supe who is still scared of Homelander. By the end of the third season, she is promoted to the position of the Vice President of the States which definitely offered a solid purpose for the boys to team up and stay aware.

Her teaming up with Homelander generously appeared cunning. She befriended the enemy to stay close and live under a secured shelter, no wonder she is a remarkable politician. Now, what her mission is, is yet to remain disclosed.

7th A-Train/Reggie Franklin

The Boys Season 3
The Boys Season 3

The speedster has finally grown out of his comfort zone, learning what it feels to lose someone you love the most. Because of his reckless decisions, he ends up hurting his brother both physically and mentally. But takes a robust chance to avenge his sibling in the most appropriate yet cruel way possible.

At this moment he sincerely understands what Hughie went through after losing Robin for which he earnestly apologizes. And this good in his heart delivers him the last chance to save his position both in the Seven and in society. Yes, Vought manages to give him another heart, so that he can continue his position as the speedster.

But in this process, he loses his bond with his brother (which might and should be restored). Let’s just wait and watch what awaits this Supe in the upcoming 4th season of this Dark Super Hero project.

6th Ashley Barret

The Boys Season 3
The Boys Season 3

The underling who graciously and of course by luck advanced to her current position, i.e, being the CEO of the company. She is just having a great time or we can also call it the most stressful time of her life right now. She needs to stay under the warm light of Homelander while managing all the corruption of the company.

No wonder she went bald since she is often pushed under messy and very critical circumstances, which obviously she needs to handle with sophistication and intelligence. She has changed a lot and has learned to speak up and stand right in front of Supes(except for Homelander).

But still, the corruption of Vought could not change her completely, there is a slight beam of positiveness and goodness, that is still burning in her heart, which definitely made her win us back again.

5th Queen Maeve/Maggi Shaw

The Boys Season 3
The Boys Season 3

Although was not there for the initial episodes of this season but whatever screentime she had was noteworthy. She is the actual individual who manipulated the entire season from the beginning. She handed over the TEMP V to Butcher(also, she is the informer who helped Butcher in his job) because she was planning for something big and solid against the Omni-man of this Superhero content.

She remained under the pretext of slacking off the entire time just to train and get strong for the upcoming required time, which she did, both in a very bad-ass and elegant way. She was just unstoppable.

Homelander was irritated(he could not focus on the fight because of his son ) and was simply exhausted from fighting the girl whom he loved once but she cheated him pretty well. But what impressed us the most was her selfless act of taking down Soldier Boy to save everyone in the building.

She just effortlessly won every one of us, right? She took responsibility for the weapon for which she rooted and paved the path in the first place. It was simply brilliant.

4th Soldier Boy/Ben

The Boys Season 3
The Boys Season 3

The man of the show, about whom everyone from the very beginning simply could not stop blabbering, thus building up the base which simply shone brightly as soon as this Man appeared actually in the present.

He is strong and brave and has recorded under his name that he is a soldier who ran and won wars. But in reality, he was a bully on his team who loved torturing his teammates and beating the fish out of them. Everyone hated him and thus was a victim of treason back in Nicaragua.

But the Boys brought him back to active life where he promised to help Butcher with eliminating Homelander. Nonetheless, it turns out that Homelander is his son. However, that did not stop him from dismissing his promise. In fact, he felt disappointed by the tears in Homelander’s eyes. He called him weak.

But Butcher’s laser beam proficiently manages to break Soldier Boy’s massive strong shield, which was cool right? No one can single-handedly suppress this Supe, they teamed up much like what happened in Avenger’s Infinity War. And lastly, it was Queen Maeve who took the opportunity.

3rd Homelander/John

The Boys Season 3
The Boys Season 3

The villain of the show disguises himself to be the best and the strongest American Superhero present. He loves people applauding his wins and supporting his actions wholeheartedly. He sought out validation at every chance he gets but unfortunately, his way of life is not typically good, which makes people validate him out of being scared.

But this season made us look at the vulnerable side of this man. He is simply a human, who because of wrong parenting, did not grow up well. He was showing love in a selfish way which is right according to him.

But his affection towards Maeve was true, otherwise, he would have killed her the moment he found out about her betrayal. Also, he loved Stormfront and Madelyn Stillwell. He valued Becca for her effort in the upbringing of his son, which he states in his encounter with Ryan in the last episode of the season. And he loves Ryan to the core which is obvious.

He even respects Butcher and always calls him by his first name. The ending of Season 3 deliberately weaved a sober base for Homelander to live a life without a curtain. Let’s see how he manages to make his life fruitful in the upcoming season, and how good of a father he turns out to be.

2nd William ‘Billy’ Butcher

The Boys Season 3
The Boys Season 3

He is the leader of the Boys and Homelander’s nemesis. He just hates the breed of Supe acutely(except for Kimiko, Annie, Ryan, and Maeve). He would do anything to eliminate Homelander even if that cost his life (because of this Supe he lost the love of his life, Becca. )

He is a very iconic human who stands to be another Apex predator of the show, who generously loved using TEMP V. The skeptical smile on his face was the answer to how much he loved using super power to kill the hindrances on his path.

Fortunately, he gained similar powers to that of Homelander thus landing him the greatest occasion for fighting the villain of the show. Which he does in the most quintessential way possible.

He is a brute who loves commanding and ordering his teammates and friends around, whom he loves and cares about very much as well (very much like Soldier Boy and Homelander, right?). But whatever, he is the character whom you would enjoy thoroughly while empathizing and loving him, throughout the show.

1st Hugh “Hughie” Campbell Jr.

The Boys Season 3
The Boys Season 3

The dearest member of the team The Boys, who also happens to be the human boyfriend of Annie January aka Starlight. He is a darling who grew very mature and extremely reliable in this season. We watched another corner of this human who expanded his boundary and became the best character of the show this time.

He learned to look from the other end, which he chose to ignore all these years. He understood Butcher and loved and cared for him when everyone scorned him. He wanted to protect Starlight/Annie like a family, so he chose the easiest way possible(which was not appreciated though).

He is the perfect brother, a good son, the best boyfriend, and the dependable teammate that one could wish for. Nonetheless, he showed his strength, brilliance, and importance in the show, in the most precise way possible this time, thus winning the first position on our list.

Well, we have finally come to the end of this publication. Now tell us do you agree with our verdict on this list? Or why not?

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