Uncle From Another World Episode 2 Review: Was The Second Episode Of This Newly Released Anime Great *SPOILERS*?


Hi, what’s up my TOTTers? I hope you all are doing great. So TOTT is back with Uncle From Another World Episode 2 Review today. So, tell us, have you watched the second episode yet from this comedy isekai genre? Well, if you haven’t make sure to start watching the series right now, then come back to see if TOTT matches your verdict on this episode or not.

But if you are TOTTer who has watched this superb episode already, sit back and read to find out do we have the same conclusion or not.

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Things You Might Have Liked About Uncle From Another World Episode 2

The Music

The debut episode of this season offered us the fun, vibrant, entertaining, and catchy opening OST “story” by Mayu Maeshima. When the audience finally listens, the ending song in the 2nd episode the soothing, very touchy, and extremely pleasant to the soul, the ending OST which is the “Ichibanboshi Sonority” by Yuka Iguchi.

Now, the basic music department that runs under Kenta Ihara is great as well. He just styled the anime in the most interesting pattern possible making the sequences run insanely engaging while making up some tremendously cool sequences.

The Characters

So in Uncle From Another World Episode 2, you get to watch two new female entries Mable the descendant of the ice clan, and Fujimiya the childhood friend of Takafumi. They are two different humans belonging to two completely different worlds.

One is very simple and loves to live a reclusive life all by herself. However, the brave act executed by Shibazaki inspires her and motivates her to change her way of life. But after Shibazaki convinces her of living the life she loves, she returns back to her home to live her regular unchanged life.

Now Fujimiya is a modern girl who unwittingly proved her liking for Takafumi. The invitation to Takafumi’s place was interpreted in just the wrong way possible. She even takes a shower and changes her hairstyle before coming for the invitation. However, her encounter with Shibazaki was not at all pleasant. She perceives the human as an insane being who babbles all by himself.

Uncle From Another World Episode 2 Review Source-AtelierPontdarc, Netflix
Uncle From Another World Episode 2 Review Source-AtelierPontdarc, Netflix

Now talking about the uncle-nephew duo, they just portray the most amazing bond one might wish to have in real life. The nephew simply enjoys whatever his uncle had as an incident in his other world. He totally enjoys the situation. However, his naive uncle and his simple-mindedness sometimes make him go speechless and his expressions are remarkable though.

Takafumi just adores his uncle a lot therefore without thinking for a second he gifts his uncle the most precious gift his uncle would love in the year 2017-2018. The SEGA Saturn Console and 20 games even including Guardian Heroes.

It just feels very warm and cozy watching the duo chill at their own time and pace without the burden of reality. They live a very well-maintained life where they eat, drink, play video games, discuss the incidents from the other world, and talk about SEGA, games, and manga from the past and the current era.

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The Story

The story of this episode landed us on a new event from the other world where we watched how strong this uncle is and how courageously he tackled the situations while making others happy and motivated. But still, the comedy was intact and ran full-fledged throughout the show in its own distinctive way. It was subtle while being very prominent at the same time. So, once again, Uncle From Another World Episode 2 was a humor-packed episode that was very engaging and interestingly amusing.

Things You Might Not Have Liked About Uncle From Another World Episode 2

Fujimiya appeared somewhat annoying. Her constant whining and calling Shibazaki insane was a very wrong way to address her friend’s uncle. Even her suggestion to cut all the ties with Shibazaki to Takafumi was very nosy. She just interfered without learning the truth and clearing the facts in the first place, that in a way did not appear appealing at all.

TOTT’s Take On Uncle From Another World Episode 2

It was certainly amazing and gives more motives to wait for the upcoming Wednesday to gulp down what is waiting in Uncle From Another World Episode 3. It was a funfilled indulging episode that was sincerely chucklesome, to be honest.

Now, do you agree with us? What’s your call on Uncle From Another World Episode 2? Make sure to tell us everything about the show and this particular episode in the comment section below.

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