Uncle From Another World(2022) Review: How Was The Debut Episode Of This Comedy Anime*SPOILERS*?


Uncle From Another World is the latest launch of Netflix which stands under the genre of comedy and isekai. Its manga is created by Hotondoshindeiru and was published under Kadokawa Shoten’s ComicWalker around 2018.

Now Netflix released this show worldwide, but its number of episodes still remains a mystery though.

So, should you watch Uncle From Another World(2022) in the first place?

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Things You Might Like About Uncle From Another World

Uncle From Another World(2022) Source-Netflix
Uncle From Another World(2022) Source-Netflix

The Story

The distinctive storyline prominently proves the point of watching the anime series. The debut episode of this comedy show delivered us a glimpse of what we are about to witness in the upcoming episodes for sure.

The story begins with Takafumi Takaoka, the nephew of Yōsuke Shibazaki the uncle of the show visiting him in the hospital after he wakes up from a deep coma. Now during his time in the coma, Yōsuke Shibazaki lived a life similar to the world of gaming.

There he developed the art of magic and showcased his dexterity in producing many technological advances in his parallel world. What makes the narrative pretty fascinating is that, Yōsuke can use his art of magic in the present world itself.

After his return to present Japan, he takes everything pretty strangely. He is advised and guided by his nephew from time to time. In fact, both of them start a Youtube channel for their living as well, which streams Yōsuke’s power.

It was funny to the core.

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The Characters

Yōsuke Shibazaki and Takafumi Takaoka are a great uncle and nephew duo who are sure going to amaze us in the next upcoming episodes. Their interactions through the first episodes were honestly humorous and entertained us definitely. What amused us precisely was the expressions that Takafumi unintentionally gave off when he heard his naive uncle’s thoughts and opinions.

Yōsuke is so innocent that the girl who liked him in the other world, he simply took her affection as being a form of harassment which was funny. Yōsuke also likes phones with no cellular connection in this era which totally made him interesting too. Both leads were very simple, easy-going, and definitely entertaining to be sure.

What Else!!

The music, the direction, the picturization along with screenplay were very appealing, that deliberately fashions the anime in a very absorbing way.

Uncle From Another World(2022) Source-Netflix
Uncle From Another World(2022) Source-Netflix

TOTT’ Take On Uncle From Another World(2022)

Well, definitely it is something worth investing time. The story is fresh, the characters are nice even the funny hilarious instances are great for entertainment. The very first episode generously proved to be a great watch.

Now, tell us have you watched Uncle From Another World(2022) yet? If so, what is your take on the anime? Do you agree with what we came up with?

Tell us everything about Uncle From Another World(2022) in the comment section below.

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