The Boys S3 Ep 7; Review: How Much Did This Episode Surprise You?


The Boys S3 Ep 7 was an answer to all of our unending queries that arose after the show’s most hyped-up episode ‘Herogasm’. The Boys S3 Ep 6 was an insane ride. Therefore the production team took a pause to settle things up and make it a calm ride this time with a startling twist at the end.

Of course, like all the other episodes, this chapter from season 3 also had its ups and downs. But did this episode have the typical surprise factor which was formulated to entertain us in the classic The Boys fashion?

Things You Might Have Liked About The Boys S3 Ep 7

The Boys S3 Ep 7 Source-Sony Pictures Television Distribution, Amazon Studios

Hughie is changing both in his demeanor and his style. He is not the average civilian who was scared and reluctantly hid behind the strong boys of his team. When he was not happy with the Soldier Boys’ way of handling things in the absence of Butcher, he stands strong heads up in from the walking grenade.

On the other Starlight is walking freely, and mindfully without the stress factor of getting killed by Homelander at any point in her life. She just firmly stood without a sweat on her face in front of Homelander while engaging in the most familiar weapon used by the commoners in this era, social media(obviously it was a dupe). It was gracefully brave.

Of course, A-Train is getting punished for every wreckless decision he made throughout his career. It was upsetting watching A-Train breathing and now he will be living his new life with the heart of Blue Hawk, the Supe who inured his brother pretty severely.

Deep, and his douchy style returns, and this time it is his wife who happens to witness this scum’s heinous adultery. It was nutty while being not acceptable at all.

Well, it appeared that Vicky has successfully established a cordial relationship with the Omniman of this series, but it’s not. The overconfident gesture and the over-friendly attitude simply ticked off Homelander, which Vicky had coming by the way. Now the question remains who’s address did Vicky hand over to this scared little Supe.

Surprisingly, Maeve is still alive and by now the reason has turned prominent too. Homelander is a very wicked man, and he has spent the majority of his career having Maeve alongside him. So, he genuinely knows what can upset her the most. Therefore he takes his chance. But Queen Maeve still remains the brave and courageous lady that she originally is.

Talking about Butcher, this man is a brute, very rough, and simply cares nothing after he lost Becca. The Boys S3 Ep 7 gave the audience the meal for which the mob waited so long. Yes, the toxic parenting montage sumptuously fed the audience through the flashback sequence of what made Butcher the way he is. Although the previous season glimpsed us with the conversation Butcher shares with his toxic father but that was not enough to construct a conclusion about this family.

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He generously grew up to be the father he hated the most which once again stands to be the significant reason why his brother died. The escape route which Butcher followed left his brother strangled in the unending suffocating webs his father built. That killed the kid whom Billy Butcher loved with all his heart.

Let us now focus on Homelander for a bit. The way he squirmed after the ambush faced at Herogasm, he has lost his confidence which he is giving away even to the onlookers. His creepy insane pretentious smile shows his lack of faith in his existence now. His immature side of being the Supe is getting visible with every minute. He is trying his level best to keep under control his intent on saving whatever image he is left amongst the mob.

The Boys S3 Ep 7 Source-Sony Pictures Television Distribution, Amazon Studios

Every character of The Boys S3 Ep 7 had their own issues to deal and they are growing on the other side of their individuality too.

As for the story of The Boys S3 Ep 7, it was packed with tumultuous angles but was taken care of with grace and effects. Ony the ending was built in a nerving twist. You might have replayed the portion to see if you were right about what you just heard?

The story had some minute angles too, that ended with certain brutal outcomes, for instance, Soldier Boy killing aggressively Mind-Droid. Additionally what actually happened in Nicaragua and why the entire Payback teamed up against the leader, were all answered in a very interestingly straightforward way.

Now, what else made The Boys S3 Ep 7 complete? The direction, by Sarah Boyd, was very intricate covering every spec from the last episode with another perspective that we never, (or might have) imagined can turn out like this. It was actually interesting. Cinematography as usual was precise, and on point while being generously convenient. It was skillfully choreographed which intensified the moments very neatly.

Now, make sure to tell us the points, if we missed out on anything right in the comment section below.

TOTT’s Take On The Boys S3 Ep 7

Precisely, there was nothing wrong with this episode. It was insane, at points went unimaginably crazy, for instance, Deep’s demand, but was crafted in an average The Boys way, which we can expect to be honest.

It was dark, very grim, brutal, unhinged, and definitely urgent to offer the audience a wholesome meandering experience for the entire 65 minutes.

Now tell us what’s your take on The Boys S3 Ep 7 is? How much do you appreciate the montages, the sequences, the story, the direction, and everything from The Boys S3 Ep 7?

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