Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area(2022) Review: How Was This Korean Adaptation? *SPOILERS*


Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area is based typically on the OG Spanish series that took the OTT platform by a massive storm with its compelling narrative and engaging plot angles. This version of the OG show, is a diversified version, flaunting the rich Asian Culture from time to time.

However, No Comparisons Are Made In This Publication With The OG Spanish Series.

If you haven’t watched the original, well, and good, but if you have do tell us what you liked and what you disliked from Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area in the comment section below.

The show consists of only 6 episodes that run for around 63-78 minutes, but is this duration worth giving a try?

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Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area: The Cast

The Gang(The Robbers)

  • Yoo Ji-Tae playing Professor / Park Sun-ho

The mastermind of a 4 trillion won heist. He is the boyfriend of police inspector Seon Woo-jin.

  • Park Hae-Soo playing Berlin / Song Jung-ho

A 41-year-old North Korean and former prisoner of the Kaechon concentration camp, where he served 25 years’ detention since age nine as a result of attempted defection. He tends to resort to violence and tries to use fear to threaten the hostages, unlike the Professor’s intention to not harm anyone.

  • Jeon Jong-Seo playing Tokyo / Lee Hong-dan

A North Korean woman with military training was wanted for committing armed robberies and murders of loan sharks (who extorted penniless North Korean defectors) before the Professor recruited her for the heist. She serves as the narrator of the series.

  • Lee Won-Jong playing Moscow / Oh Man-sik

An ex-convict, who raised his son Denver alone, after his wife left him. He was constantly in and out of prison prior to the heist.

  • Kim Ji-hoon playing Denver / Oh Taek-su

Moscow’s son, who later falls for Mi-Seon, one of the hostages at the Mint.

  • Jang Yoon-Ju playing Nairobi / Sim Young-mun

A con artist who was recruited by the Professor.

  • Lee Hyun-woo playing Rio / Han Joseph

The “maknae” of the heist group and skilled hacker. He is a medical school dropout and the son of an affluent family.

  • Kim Ji-hun playing Helsinki / Ko Myung-tae

Oslo’s brother and former member of a gang in Yanbian.

  • Lee Kyu-ho playing Oslo / Lee Sang-Yeon

Helsinki’s brother and former member of a gang in Yanbian.

The Task Force

  • Kim Yun-jin plays Seon Woo-jin, a crisis negotiation team leader belonging to the National Police Agency in South Korea.
  • Kim Sung-oh playing Captain Cha Moo-hyuk, a former special agent from North Korea who was dispatched to handle the hostage crisis

The Hostages

  • Park Myung-hoon playing Cho Young-min

Director of the Mint Bureau. He only cares about his own safety and disregards the others’ welfare. He has an affair with Mi-Seon despite being married with two children.

  • Lee Joo-bin playing Yoon Mi-seon

An employee in charge of accounting at the Mint. She is the former lover of Young-Min, and later falls for Denver.

  • Lee Si-woo playing Anne Kim

A high school student and the daughter of the US Ambassador, who came with her class for a field trip at the Mint. She is one of the hostages.

Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area(2022) Source- Netflix
Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area(2022) Source- Netflix

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Things You Might Like About Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area(2022)

The Story

Yes, the story is based on the Spanish Money Heist TV show, so those who have watched the OG, know what this series deals with. But those who did not, for them, the background of Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area is set on Korean heritage therefore the cultural flavors that the director added here and there, were beautiful and are very much appreciable.

The narrative is very intense, there is a thrill all over the place but on an interesting note, making the show quite cavernous and charming for sure.

The Characters

Keeping aside the comparison at bay once again, the characters of Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area were truly good. Especially the robbers of the show, they just came out as kith and kins in the content. They were proper, very warm, and considerate. Additionally, none of the gang members(except for Berlin) intended to hurt or act inappropriately with the hostages. They concentrated entirely on what Professor has assigned them.

Now, the villain, or scum, of the show Berlin is a very well-written character. His brutal way of tackling the hostage situation was quite understandable since he had a very disturbing childhood spent in captivity. His harsh way to deal with hostages might appear appalling at times, but his authoritative presence genuinely helped him in maintaining a stern atmosphere around the mint.

What aggravates you most is the mint Director Cho Young Min. He is a cheater, a man who is manipulative, very crude, and just loves being the center of attention(by hook or crook). Almost all the problems that occurred during the period of being hostage, were because of him. His actions cost many(in some way or the other) in the series which certainly proves him to be the actual villain of the series.

Another one is Anne, the brat who seems to not understand what was going on at all. The robber was generous, they fed them well, made them take rest when required and they behaved with the hostages very properly, but still this brat loved acting up and taking up decisions that could risk the others. Her teaming up with the Director and Park ChulWoo was precarious.

The thing is, you would in any way side with the robbers in this show. Thus whoever acts up, against the gang would come under your bad radar. The robbers, each of them had reasons to join the mission. Also, they were not stealing anyone’s money in the first place. They were printing their own 4 trillion won.

Professor was the guide who was very polite, extremely articulate, and definitely the man everyone would like to have in their life, be it like a brother, a teacher, or a father. The robbers completely depended on the man and he proved to be worthy of being dependent on.

The others, are Rio, Tokyo, Denver, Moscow, and Nairobi, everyone was painted with their specialty and had their distinct individuality. They just shone separately in their own space which was just interesting, reliable, very homely, and of course nice to watch. They were just adorable.

Now as for Helsinki and Oslo, they had very little screen time, and sometime they might just disappear with the hostages. But when they appear individually they sure gave an intimidating vibe because of the support they gave Berlin with his menacing ideas.

Now Mi Seon was the side character who suddenly becomes one of the important people in the show. The whole mess starts because of this lady. But whatever she does, she actually becomes the victim of the circumstance. Her affair with the director sure puts her in the wrong light, but as we advance with the narrative, she gains her own space which appeared solid. And her care and support for the gang members towards the end of the season genuinely help her win favor.

As for the TF, they were professionals, who were skilled people who happens to analyze the crisis in just the apt way possible. Seon Woo Jin gains more screen time because of her unknown involvement with the Professor. She is a very strong lady, who is brave and very dependable.

Her way of handling the entire hostage situation was notable. She just doesn’t know where to take a pause. However, you might not like her that much because of her personal life. Her policy of dating was not typical, so that might put her in your not-good books. But in her professional life, she definitely gave off a Boss Lady vibe which was cool.

Now, Cho Moo-Hyuk was nice. His proficiency awarded him an appreciable vibe which was kind of agreeable.

The Direction

Kim Hong-Sun is the person behind those intricate engaging situations, which mesmerizingly captivate the audience. The show had innumerable circumstances designed to stay totally focused which kind of adds a solid reason to actually invest in the show. The direction was flawless, very entertaining, thoroughly enthralling, and superbly neat.

The Camerawork

Excellent camera angles were maintained throughout. Well, there are again several situations that were enhanced just because of skillful camera work which was compelling, connecting, very neat, intense, and of course thorough. The focussed shots along with the close angle shots were just too detailed making sure to offer the audience the convenience and the proper element for a great show time.

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What Else!!

The compositions, the dialogues, and the dark ambiance were just perfectly blended, to make an eminent show. Well, the South Korean entertainment industry has a knack for creating such wonderful suspense content. They once again proved their dexterity.

Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area(2022) Source- Netflix
Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area(2022) Source- Netflix

Things You Might Not Like About Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area(2022)

The sudden ending genuinely broke many hearts. The last cliffhanger situation was shocking. It has strong potential to drive the story to another extraordinary level. Now waiting for the next part is what all can do.

TOTT’ Take On Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area(2022)

This mini-series is a total winner. This crime thriller has a captivating narrative that was enhanced with skillful direction and artistic camera work. The cast who are engaged with the plot, also did their part brilliantly thus shining bright in their own space and individualism. It is an absolute suggestion which one should take time and watch.

TOTT gives Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area(2022), 5/5 stars.

Now, tell us do you agree with our verdict? What’s your take on Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area(2022)?

But this is all for today, hope to meet you all very soon in our next publication. Bye-Bye…