SPY X FAMILY EP12; Review: How Was The Last Episode Of This Comedy Action Thriller?


SPY X FAMILY EP12 was yet another entertaining chapter of the entire season. The Forgers left no space to make the last episode of the season a great one, isn’t it? They and their typical chores ensure to offer us the best of entertainment every time we sit for the anime.

So, how amusing was the SPY X FAMILY EP12?

Things You Might Have Liked About SPY X FAMILY EP12

SPY X FAMILY EP12 Source- Wit Studio, CloverWorks
SPY X FAMILY EP12 Source- Wit Studio, CloverWorks

The Story

The multifaceted storyline of SPY X FAMILY EP12 was thoroughly delightful. The Forgers, plan a nice cool weekend at Penguin Park. This was however hindered at the beginning when Loid gets assigned with another work amidst Operation Strix.

As he is the best, he would do his best. However special credit definitely goes to Anya, since she was the one who secretly helps the man out, otherwise completing the mission while surrounded by enemies would have been a bit difficult job while being around family.

Then his adventure with the penguins was just hilarious. This man is a genius, no wonder he earned the title of being the best at such an early age. His dexterity in his field gives him the opportunity to secure the assigned task in the most skill full way possible.

However, he loses his tense nerves when Anya tries to sneak into his room. Well, it was not right for Anya to sneak in even after a warning. But he and Yor should just win the Parent Of The Year award, right?

The Characters

All the three prominent characters in the narrative were just lovely. The gossip gang of the episode inadvertently put the Forgers into a very delightful weekend. Yes, hard-working Twilight sure was experiencing a busy time without consuming proper rest, keeping himself exhausted.

But his determination and commitment to the missions wittily inspire us. Also, his unconscious care for Anya, made him quit smoking which was a charm to the ears, right?

The cutie on the other hand was extremely amusing. Her cute voice and her game time were certainly endearing. Additionally, her hidden assistance to Loid was also quite a smart move. She with her four-year-old intelligence skillfully involves Yor, while helping Loid, which was simply striking.

As for Yor, this Forger Lady, even though had very few lines in the episode still posed a very likable stature in SPY X FAMILY EP12. Her sweet presence on the screen was enough, don’t you think?

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What Else!!

SPY X FAMILY EP12 Source- Wit Studio, CloverWorks

SPY X FAMILY EP12 was a very captivating chapter of the season which had loads of fun, an engrossing venture, and a wholesome family time that was deliberately styled in the most compelling way possible. The episode was packed with entrancing corners, from the beginning till the end, therefore pinpointing the top moments from SPY X FAMILY EP12 is very hard, don’t you think? Let us just wait for October to come soon, for the second part of this show.


Even though our Cutie gets a good earful(she should have listened to her father and mother, right?), still, the way Loid and Yor tackle the waterwork situation was something quick-witted. It was smart and definitely worth a try, don’t you think? Besides, it was a very adorable step too.

So, what’s your take on SPY X FAMILY EP12? Do you agree with us? Make sure to comment down your thoughts and opinion in the writing section below.

But this is all for today. Hope to meet you all very soon in our next publication. Bye-Bye…