Spriggan 2022: Which Episode Might Have Entertained You The Most?


Spriggan 2022 is one of the recent launches on Netflix. It is an action-packed sci-fi thriller that is based on the manga series created by Hiroshi Takashige and Ryoji Minagawa. This Netflix adaptation comes with only 6 episodes each running for around 43-46 minutes appx.

Well, the episodes show different adventures undertaken by the prominent Spriggan of the plot that is Yu Ominae. This kid is 16 years old and is an expert in his line of work. His expertise lands him in a versatile exciting ventures which are styled proficiently thus you will thoroughly enjoy the content of the show.

Now tell us which of the episode of Spriggan 2022 enthralled you the most?

TOTT is here, ranking the episodes from least to best, which is completely based on the story of the venture undertaken.

Spriggan 2022 Source-David Production, Netflix
Spriggan 2022 Source-David Production, Netflix

So, without any further ado, let us dive directly into the-

All The 6 Episodes Of Spriggan 2022 Ranked-

6th-Flame Serpent

Well, it is the first of the series where the audience gets to know what the show is actually about. You get to know ARCAM, and Yu Ominae, and their mission and objectives in regard to securing humanity in the best and the most secretive way possible.

Additionally, this is the only episode that comes with two missions to resolve. But still, as we progress with the anime, seriousness of the theme deepens and therefore it stands at the last of the countdown.


A tremendously aggressive narrative that sheds too much blood, but the story of this chapter might not move you that much. You get to watch Yu’s Spriggan skill to the fullest and his articulateness in dealing with dead ends.

The Berserker in this episode is the primary villain who by the way is a killing machine designed by the ancient ruling civilization crafted as a war tool, and was great pain in the plot. But our unbeatable hero smartly with his great superhuman power surpasses the bot.

The narrative is very combative where the bot without any consciousness goes on a killing spree. Thus the episode stands in the 5th position of our countdown.

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Spriggan 2022 Source-David Production, Netflix
Spriggan 2022 Source-David Production, Netflix

4th- Noah’s Ark

Besides Yu Ominae, we get a smooth introduction to another superhuman, another Spriggan, Jean. This episode was an enticing one, where both the hero and villain were beyond any match. They were just splendid.

The plot revolves around Noah’s Ark however the writer bents the story to build a very different twisty angle. This solid imagination gives us a thoroughly entertaining time for sure while amazing us to the core making us wonder and ponder on the subject depicted.

Again there was blood, random murders, and selfish needs, that skillfully designed the storyline of the episode.

3rd-The Forest Of No Return

If you have read the Epic Ramayana, then please let us know if there was anything as the Curse, taled, in the poem. But if it’s just fiction carved out from a myth, then the writer sure has done a marvelous job in depicting what he imagined. It was simply epic.

The mystical ambiance that circulated all around this episode was something very enticing. It was creepy, spooky, and definitely something ineffable which magically weaves the narrative of the plot, right?

2nd-The Crystal Skull

If you are someone who is deep into action-adventure plot points then by now you have already watched all the outstanding installments of Indiana Jones, and there you go. Yes, Spriggan 2022 also gives us a Crystal Skull which is powerful enough to bring devastation to the world quite different from the one from the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

The action, the adventures, and finally the narrative is what make the story deep and very interesting. Additionally, we get introduced to another Spriggan, Oboro, Yu’s teacher who is just fantastic.

Spriggan 2022 Source-David Production, Netflix
Spriggan 2022 Source-David Production, Netflix

1st- The Forgotten Kingdom

The last episode of Spriggan 2022, here the story follows the reappearance of the lost and forgotten kingdom which is an island, suddenly in the wildest part of the ocean. Again the powerful notorious brands come charging in hopes to get to the core of the reappearing land to find something valuable.

However, as the chapter advances, the idea behind all the progression turns out to be something more cynical than it actually appears. The narrative had its own magic, it has its own darkness, which is orchestrated in the most dexterous manner which will simply astonish you.

So, these are our verdicts and our ranking of the valiant episodes from the series. What do you think? Do you agree with our listing? Make sure to let us know in the comment section below.

But this is all for today, hope to meet you all very soon in our next publication. Bye-Bye…