The Boys S3 EP6: Review; How Was This Hyped Up Chapter Of The Season*SPOILERS*?


The Boys S3 EP6 is the new talk of the town, don’t you think? The production team surprised, the loyal audience with the most hyped-up topic, from the comics, i.e, the Herogasm. However, what we watched was iconically opposite to what was there in the narrative from the comics.

So, how was the episode according to you? Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions on The Boys S3 EP6 right in the comment section below.

But for now, sit back and read what we, TOTT perceived about this much-awaited, publicized episode from the season.

Things You Might Have Liked From The Boys S3 EP6

The Boys S3 EP6 Source-Sony Pictures Television Distribution, Amazon Studios
The Boys S3 EP6 Source-Sony Pictures Television Distribution, Amazon Studios

The Direction

The slow build-up of this episode was remarkable. Although the production advertised the content in the most explicit way possible, awarding us with the slightest idea of what is all about Herogasm, what will take place still remained the actual question.

Nelson Crag proved his dexterity in choreographing the narrative in such a brilliant manner which was simply awesome. Definitely, the episode was graphic and was not something to be taken lightly, but yes, this episode was superb.

The pace was comprehensive and did not leave any space to whine. It was just complete. Blinking for a second was simply out of the question. The numb thumbing, intense, dark, and unsettling ambiance was crafted in the most magnificent way thus delivering the most engrossing episode till now which was both terrifying and positively thrilling.

The Story

Undoubtedly the story was very dark and it was coming. Every spec of the chapter was minutely placed hence the narrative turned out to be thoroughly entertaining. It was a very sorted episode that had answers to all the arising questions from the last one.

Without a question, The Boys S3 EP6 was filled with mines, which intensified every second of the total 61 minutes run time. Moments such as Starlight’s conversation with Vicky, then Homelander freaking out of the entire Soldier Boy footage, then Deep’s visit to the Herogasm event, the next A-Train avenging the current condition of his brother, and finally, the numb thumbing sequence which just blew our mind.

Well, the slow build-up finely styled the predictive, yet not-so-yet brawl between Soldier Boy and Homelander. But what turned out to be shocking is the fight montage orchestrated between Butcher, and Homelander, where Soldier Boy and Hughie later assist. It was just so absorbing, right? Blinking for a second felt like losing something very crucial, don’t you think?

And the ending sure gifted us the most unwanted situation where Starlight reveals every secret thing that Vought holds dear to its heart including Homelander’s dominance over the organization and the other Supes. Waiting for what is about to fall over the Boys and Starlight is something worth waiting for, isn’t it?

The Characters

The amazing transformation of Hughie and Starlight was very nice. They have come out very valiantly from their comfort zone talking and stepping up for themselves. The entire conversation between Vicky and Annie was a pretty intense situation that constantly gave an appalling sensation, wondering what would be the outcome of this not-so-friendly exchange of words between the girls.

Homelander is just a typical human who wants to be loved. However, we cannot forget what a terrible Supe he is, based on his narrative design from S1 and S2. He is frightened since he is not sure how he would struggle, face to face with the man he cherished so much, and it also gave us an idea that according to Homelander, Soldier Boy is more powerful than him. Which was however proven false later in the episode. But there is also a possibility, that Soldier Boy could not perform extensively because of his latest blast situation.

Finally, A-train understands what Hughie went through with Robin’s demise. The tragedy that occurred in A-Train’s case makes him apologetic towards this guy in the most unexpected way, which however disappoints Hughie.

Kimiko although lost her Supe power still has the potential to surpass any normal human which proved advantageous in her situation. She managed to protect Frenchie and Cherrie in the most menacing condition that assured us indefinitely.

Soldier Boy takes his sweet time preparing for his next move. It appears that he is not bad, but what happened to MM’s family is something worth a discussion.

Each of the characters who appeared on the screen in The Boys S3 EP6 was certainly great. They had their own space projected in the most assuring and most reliable way possible.

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What Else!!

The cinematography, the dialogues, the editing, and the music of The Boys S3 EP6 were nonetheless worth the praise. The entire 61 minutes of The Boys S3 EP6 was very finely crafted keeping in mind what would appeal best to the target audience of the show, thus it worked. Additionally, the disclaimer at the beginning of The Boys S3 EP6 was a special touch that amplified the content precisely raising hopes, right?

Things You Might Not Like About The Boys S3 EP6

The Boys S3 EP6 Source-Sony Pictures Television Distribution, Amazon Studios
The Boys S3 EP6 Source-Sony Pictures Television Distribution, Amazon Studios

Starlight being too much virtuous gave us a setback to watch her perspective of the situation. She and MM had their reasons, but taking the good road is beyond any question now. Her constant nagging for Hughie to not take TEMP V kind of seemed annoying for it genuinely feels satisfying to watch Hughie helping Butcher in his missions. Also, the smooth smile of content over Hughie’s face also suits awesome, don’t you think?

TOTT’ Take The Boys S3 EP6

The episode was mindboggling, it had those terrible yet amazing angles which were captivating, very dark, and superbly engrossing, thus it entertained us thoroughly. No doubt The Boys S3 EP6 was very graphic indeed, so watch at your own pace and style. But the content which we got in this chapter of the season was the best till now.

What’s your take on The Boys S3 EP6? Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions on the episode right in the comment section below.

But this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon in our next publication. Bye-Bye…