Spriggan(2022)Review: Is This Sci-fi Action Thriller Worth Your Time?


Spriggan is one of the newest Netflix launches which is basically a core sci-fi action thriller that is based on the manga series created by Hiroshi Takashige that is illustrated by Ryoji Minagawa. This Netflix anime comes with only 6 episodes where each of the episodes runs for around 40-45 mins give or take.

Well, there has been a previous movie adaptation of this manga series also titled Spriggan that came out in 1998, running for around 91 minutes. Additionally, there is a PlayStation version which was released in 1999.

Now, is this anime worth a try?

Things You Might Like About Spriggan(2022)

Spriggan(2022) Source- David Production, Netflix
Spriggan(2022) Source- David Production, Netflix

The Story

Spriggan narrates the story of a secret soldier given the title, Spriggan, who happens to work for ARCAM, a company that is responsible for sealing away ancient powerful artifacts produced by the advanced civilization that once ruled the Earth, that can damage the current civilization in case of misuse or wrong intend.

Therefore an authoritative figure from the past left a sincere message in an indestructible plate to the present generation that if the human from this era fails to recognize the utility of those ancient technologies in a positive way, the outcome would be calamitous.

So the affair makes every powerful organization in the entire world jump straight to the search mission of recovering those ancient artifacts, in order to make ‘Good Use’ of those tools. Now, Spriggans are the people under ARCAM who usually take care of these ancient artifacts with great care and responsibility thus it’s their work to make sure that these ancient things don’t fall into the wrong hands.

The story of this anime is very cavernous, in fact, the writer Hiroshi Seko just went on exploring the deep mythological backdrop of human civilization ranging from Noah’s Ark to the legends of Prince Ram. The stories are bent in some different unique angles to make it pretty engrossing for the audience to watch with interest. You would genuinely enjoy the content if you are an ardent sci-fi freak.

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The Characters

The lead, Yu Omnie is without a doubt a brilliant teen superb character whom you will just cherish. He is meticulous, very straightforward, does what he feels is right, and respects and admires his school life while being perfectly responsible for the tasks assigned to him by ARCAM.

The other Spriggans too will win your hearts even though they have very less screen time. Besides heroes, the villains are all superb as well. Further, the additional characters are cherries at the top.

Each of the characters (be it a normal human without any sort of power) projected strength, courage, positivism, and perfection that you would love, adore and admire. In some cases, they would inspire you too…

The Direction

Hiroshi Kobayashi directed the narrative of Spriggan(2022) in some skillful way possible. The pace-driven story is absolutely stunning to gulp down. Every 40 minutes episodes are accurately precise to cover the entire plot of that particular ocassion.

You will enjoy the next moves and where the story is taking you. It is a very intense, sometimes graphic l, very bloody, and very brutal narrative which is directed in a very artistic way, which you will appreciate for sure. Also, the action sequences are something exclusive which you are getting as a bonus besides the story and the characters from the show, so, take it with a wide-open heart.

What Else!!

Spriggan(2022) Source- David Production, Netflix
Spriggan(2022) Source- David Production, Netflix

The visuals are something that needs a special mention. It will take you back to the animes formulated back in the 80s. It’s just that the team David Production tried to make this anime version, based on the time of its real era. It is kind of a genius act that you would relish actually.

Talking about the music, Taisei Iwasaki, this man did a very impressive job in styling those precise compositions that deliberately added depth to the shots and corners of the content.

TOTT’s Take On Spriggan(2022)

This sci-fi action thriller is a great way to plan your weekend. If you have nothing scheduled then this is what you can watch this weekend. These action-packed, 6 episodes of anime, hold the power to make your free time enthralling, so definitely give it a try.

TOTT gives Spriggan(2022) 5/5 Stars.

So, have you watched Spriggan(2022)? What’s your take on the show? Do you agree with our verdict on the anime? Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

But this is all for today, hope to meet you all very soon in our next publication. Bye-Bye…