Spiderhead(2022)Review: Is This Chris Hemsworth & Miles Teller Starrer Worth A Try?


So, Spiderhead is a psychological sci-fi thriller that is primarily based on the short story ‘Escape From Spiderhead’ by George Saunders. You can stream this movie right now on Netflix. It is 107 minutes movie that is co-produced by Eric Newman and Chris Hemsworth himself.

But should you be watching this movie in the first place or not?

Spiderhead(2022)-The Cast

  • Chris Hemsworth playing Steve Abnesti
  • Miles Teller playing Jeff
  • Jurnee Smollett playing Lizzy
  • Tess Haubrich playing Heather
  • BeBe Bettencourt playing Emma
  • Mark Paguio playing Mark Verlaine
  • Sam Delich playing Adam
  • Joey Vieira playing Miguel
  • Daniel Reader playing Ryan
  • Ron Smyck playing Dave
  • Stephen Tongun playing Ray
  • Nathan Jones playingRogan

Things You Might Like About Spiderhead(2022)

Spiderhead(2022) Source-Grand Electric, The New Yorker, Netflix
Spiderhead(2022) Source-Grand Electric, The New Yorker, Netflix

The Direction

Joseph Kosinski is a talented artist who skillfully managed to produce a driving and compelling content which you will enjoy. The movie had the perfect pace, not too slow, not too fast, it was precise to the point hence you will get to the ideas conveniently and enjoy what’s being shown to you.

The Music

The music arranged in the background, are some notable groovy numbers that marvelously amplify the graveness of the shots. Joseph Trapanese gets all the credit for his selection of those catchy compositions that amusingly style the angles of the narrative, representing the depth of the content in the most interesting way possible.

The Actors

Although the cast of the project was a handful, still, they did a very pretty proficient job. Especially the leads, Chris Hemsworth and Miles Teller (although he had a very minimal chance)sparked bright with their dexterity as an artist. They were very apt and fine for the roles they played on screen. You would absolutely appreciate their effort as Steve and Jeff in the narrative. Also, you will like Mark, and Lizzy played by Mark Paguio and Jurnee Smollett. The additional cast was vividly nice as well.

The Characters

The two prominent characters Steve and Jeff are the steering wheel of the show. The entire light of the project is focused on them brightly, and they were the souls of the movie. One represented the good while the other deliberately presented the evil. They had their reasons which you would understand and kind of not judge them at all.

The additional characters such as Mark, Lizzy, Heather, Sarah, Ray, and Rogan were basically placed just for the sake of the advancement of the story, which surely was an important task to consider, don’t you think?

Things You Might Not Like About Spidehead(2022)

Spiderhead(2022) Source-Grand Electric, The New Yorker, Netflix
Spiderhead(2022) Source-Grand Electric, The New Yorker, Netflix

The Story

The story was about secret experimentation that is going on, on a remote island over prisoners. The facility inside which all these experiments are taken place is named Spiderhead. The storyline begins with a very compelling arrangement where the audience would find themselves hooked with the content shown.

The slow build-up yet following the right pace precisely drives the narrative in a very thrilling direction. However, as we near the end of the movie, things change to being very easy and simply predictive. The whole magic suddenly vanishes and you know how the ending is going to be.

Even though there was a plot twist, it lacked the impact which you can enjoy or better have seen many times before. So, therefore the movie seemed to hold a kind of potential to turn out to be something amazing but it failed to realize the angles and the points to get decorated with the requirement that was needed.

TOTT’s Take On Spiderhead(2022)

You can definitely watch if you have nothing to invest your precious time or simply ignore the flick because the content will be forgotten in no time. Even with Chris Hemsworth’s brilliant acting as Steve and Milles Teller’s Jeff, the plot lacked something called a good ending, this simply ruined the title.

TOTT gives the movie 2/5 Stars

So, have you watched Spiderhead(2022)? What’s your call on this psychological thriller? Also, do you agree with our verdict on this movie?

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