The Boys S3 Ep 5 Review: How Much Was This Episode Exhilarating*SPOILERS*?


The Boys S3 Ep 5 was another rock that must have hit you hard with all the interesting narrative directed with so much perseverance and patience which was evident in its delivery and presentation. 

There was fun, an out-of-the-character musical, a devastating blast, and some shenanigans which were placed accurately to make the whole chapter of this series amazing.

So, what’s your take on The Boys S3 Ep 5? Make sure to talk about this Friday night episode in the comment section below. 

But for now, just sit back and read what we think about The Boys S3 Ep 5-

Things You Might Have Liked About The Boys S3 Ep 5

The Boys S3 Ep 5 Source-Sony Pictures Television Distribution, Amazon Studios
The Boys S3 Ep 5 Source-Sony Pictures Television Distribution, Amazon Studios

Well, the characters like always will amuse you thoroughly. Special mention should be made about Hugie here who gained a special touch in his character after he acquired the teleportation power through TEMP V. The subtle fascinating expression which we watched after his very first kill and along his ride while he return was something very satisfying. He was happy and he generously shares his sentiments with Starlight. But she does not approve of the power at all. 

Confident Homelander tries to stand strong after discrediting Stan Edgar from his CEO position, however, the sudden strong corporate terms introduced to him surprise him, and genuinely make him concerned for he is no management member.

Also, rising to a position other than being an honorable member of the Seven led Deep to fire the almost entire team of Crime Analytics, which was very typical of him being a perfect nuisance. But it also seems that he is just a puppet played all around by his wife. 

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Now talking about the story of The Boys S3 Ep 5, we learn about Kimiko losing her power after receiving the sudden blow from Soldier Boy, however, she is very happy. Butcher, Hughie along with MM tries to read what might be the next move of Soldier Boy after blasting off the restaurant. They visit Legend and learn that he got his super suit and is currently on his way to visit Crimson Countess. 

The Boys S3 Ep 5 also, gave the audience the not so anticipated intimate scene of Queen Maeve and Butcher that practically landed the Supe to a very unknown fate designed by Homelander and assisted by Noir.

The meet and greet with Soldier Boy also went great, Butcher might have made the arrangements to which Soldier Boy’s response is yet to be known. However, when Soldier Boy blasts off the cheater and not-so-elegant Crimson Countess, it felt very satisfying, don’t you think? 

Moreover, The Boys S3 Ep 5 was a very interesting angle of the show that offered the audience, an intense, engaging, exciting watch hour, where we once again fell for the show.

Things You Might Not Like About The Boys S3 Ep 5 

The Boys S3 Ep 5 Source-Sony Pictures Television Distribution, Amazon Studios
The Boys S3 Ep 5 Source-Sony Pictures Television Distribution, Amazon Studios

The intimate scene choreographed for Butcher and Maeve was built for the advancement of Maeve’s fate. It could have been formulated with some other things in mind. But the writer wanted to damage the lover boy image of Butcher here, even though he mourned for Becca for one whole year. What’s your call on this scene?

Additionally, the musical was very out of the series genre, hence, it gave a cringe vibe, although we genuinely understand the actual motive behind the montage.

Also, how much do you support Starlight’s argument? This virtuous lady should know by now, that one needs to play mean and dirty to stand up against the omnipotent Supe Homelander. Her not supporting Hughie seemed very irritating because for once she needs to try to see what Hughie feels like, to be weak and certainly a burden in a critical situation for the Boys.

TOTT’s Take On The Boys S3 Ep 5 

This episode turned out to be another absorbing chapter of the show which you will definitely enjoy. It was packed with expectations, surprises, and shocks to gulp down.

Now tell us do you agree with our assertions, what are your thoughts and opinions on The Boys S3 Ep 5? Make sure to tell us everything on The Boys S3 Ep 5 in the comment section below.

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