Spy X Family EP 11, Review, How Was The Yet To Be Last Episode*SPOILERS*?


Spy X Family EP 11 is a core wholesome episode that is loaded with the cutie, our sweet Anya Forger moments, which you will definitely admire. She is a princess who might not be good at all in studies, but she is gold at heart. She is determined to help her father in achieving his milestone of securing World Peace. So, she tries, and ultimately this episode of her life helps her stop at the very first goal, that she wanted both for herself and her father.

So, how was the episode?

Things You Might Like Like About Spy X Family EP 11

Spy X Family EP 11, Source- Wit Studio, CloverWorks
Spy X Family EP 11, Source- Wit Studio, CloverWorks

From the very beginning of this chapter, the episode delivers us some humorous stances where we watch Anya watching her favorite anime while Loid with a hopeless expression goes through the mark sheet of Anya’s exam performance which was evidently poor. After watching such marks our parents would have grounded us for sure though.

As soon as the light switches on, Anya’s futile attempt to escape her study time was again something worth the charm. Yes, these are some annoying situations that every parent goes through, but watching these on-screen, also, when it is Anya, therefore getting infuriated is out of the question, right?

The idea of volunteering was indeed a noble thought that Loid incorporated into the mission both for his and Anya’s sake. But the cute little volunteer frequently lost her mind on the various distracting purposes such as reading those engaging mangas and also sleeping.

But when she finds one drowning and one requires help, the little girl without thinking straight jumps in, to rescue the lad in need, which was inspiring, motivating, elegant, and certainly brave. This act of courage, also makes both of her adoptive parents proud.

In fact, this act of bravery gifts both Anya and Loid the moment they all waited for so long. Yes, Anya finally receives a Stella, and 7 to go. This also gave Anya the boost of confidence that she really admired and gave herself a name i.e ‘Starlight Anya’. Yes, we all felt what Becky was going through right?

Spy X Family EP 11, Source- Wit Studio, CloverWorks
Spy X Family EP 11, Source- Wit Studio, CloverWorks

The story, of Spy X Family EP 11 was awesome, full of interesting montages which made our anime time of course great. The narrative further amplified the significance of the prominent characters in the show, we watched another side of Anya, who is very strong and brave, and this led us to watch proud Loid and Yor.

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Also, Damien is not a brag, he accepts the fact about Anya rescuing a drowning boy with honesty that brings out the best in him in a very competitive way. Meanwhile, Becky is sure a great friend who makes Anya happy, isn’t it? Again, we finally get a short and very quick glimpse of Bond, which was kind of upsetting since the doggy is not doing fine in his shelter at this moment.

Things You Might Not Like Like About Spy X Family EP 11

Spy X Family EP 11, Source- Wit Studio, CloverWorks
Spy X Family EP 11, Source- Wit Studio, CloverWorks

So, there was nothing to whine, however when we watched the other students from Eden talking negatively against Anya’s back assuming stuff that was not real, was not good. But this is part of life, right? Let us hope and wait for the nice ray of light to actually shine bright on this cutie.

TOTT’s Take On Spy X Family EP 11

Everything about Spy X Family EP 11 was very nice, the entire plot line was engaging, funny, interesting, very neat, and happy. It was a thoroughly entertaining narrative which we all loved and enjoyed.

So, what’s your take on Spy X Family EP 11? Did you enjoy the chapter? Make sure to tell us everything about Spy X Family EP 11 right in the comment section below.

But this is all for today, hope to meet you all very soon in our next publication, Bye-Bye…