The Boys S3 Ep 4, Review: Which Segment Of The Story Gave You The Best Time*SPOILERS*?


The Boys S3 Ep 4 was another gruesome shot to the entertainment weekly, isn’t it? It had some robust angles that vividly made your The Boys S3 time wonderful. So, how was this blow?

Things You Might Like About The Boys S3 Ep 4

The Boys S3 Ep 4 Source-Sony Pictures Television Distribution, Amazon Studios
The Boys S3 Ep 4 Source-Sony Pictures Television Distribution, Amazon Studios

The Story

After building up the story for the whole three-episode, now, the pace of the series has finally taken off. It was neat, bloody, very intricate, and perfectly scary at some shots. We finally have Soldier boy in the present which gives us ample space to wonder and ponder about the upcoming narrative.

Also, Stand Edgar is not now in power, all credit goes to the accurately crude brain of Homelander. His scheme went up above the wall, finally climbing up and then landing smoothly on his perfectly paved plan. Let’s see who will be targeted next after Alex.

Hughie also took the shot and now is enthralled with the idea of protecting Starlight for once at least. He in fact loved the menacing did. Kimiko on the other hand is growing uncomfortable with her mission and goals for The Boys.

Well, without a doubt there were a whole bunch of intense build-ups in the narrative which are ardently magnificent and something you would love to look forward to.

The Characters

Unquestionably the characters are showing some positive prospects in the storyline, prominently Hughie, and Starlight. They have grown a lot. Meanwhile, Homelander extends his dominance in his territory silencing the other members of the Seven and killing the newest member. Well, honestly, Alex took the stupidest decision of going against Homelander in the most possible naive way. He had it coming don’t you think?

Additionally, Vicky betraying his adoptive father was not on the table. In fact, the conversation shared between the two, i.e, Homelander and Vicky seemed kind of a typical conversation between siblings, what’s your take on the scene?

Talking about The Boys, every one of the team, except for Hugie and Butcher, of course, was stereotypically average, they are just being themselves and letting the other shine bright. Let us just wait for them to do some magic and impress us in their own distinctive way.

Don’t you have anything to talk about the smirk on Butcher’s face? He just went overboard with the idea of showcasing his hidden power in front of the Boys and the Russian arm men, in the facility. His expression dedicated his passion to killing the soldiers in the scene.

And talking bout Homelander, The Boys S3 Ep 4 was totally in favor of this Supe. He just got back his dynasty back in his clasp, after one whole year which sure is amazing for him but not so good for the others around. The scary creepy smile has turned out to be a confident one, and now everyone needs to stay aware for no one knows what he might do next.

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The Music

What’s your take on the music, Jane Air? Well, we found it very engrossing and just perfect for the montage. Precisely speaking The Boys S3 Ep 4 has some worth remembering tunes that amplify the sequences deliberately.

For instance, The Girl Is Poison accurately matches with Kimiko being secretly an assassin in the plot. Then I will survive which is played during the very next, killing spree in the sequence, which was superb. These tunes actually generously design the moments while uplifting the situation very proficiently.

What Else

You would love the camera work, direction, dialogues, and everything about The Boys S3 Ep 4. They were the results of hard work, dedication, and perseverance which was prominent throughout the session of The Boys S3 Ep 4. What’s your call on the subject?

Things You Might Not Like About The Boys S3 Ep 4

The Boys S3 Ep 4 Source-Sony Pictures Television Distribution, Amazon Studios
The Boys S3 Ep 4 Source-Sony Pictures Television Distribution, Amazon Studios

Kimiko rooting against Butcher is something off-putting. The aggression which Butcher is showing every now and then is something we should count as a side effect of TEMP V(which of course, they are not aware of, but at least they should be considerate). Hence, he is just under the weather and not doing fine both health and mind-wise. Also, we should not forget Butcher is the rough tongue of the team.

Additionally, he is the one who lost and who initiated the fight, in the first place. His single-handed plan against the diabolical Supe and the agency is what helped in the formation of the team. Now, the others except for Hugie are not trying to understand the motive behind his sudden corrupted acts which we felt to be unfair.

TOTT’s Take On The Boys S3 Ep 4

Well, it was another mind-boggling blow to the watch time which was packed with wholesome actions, some num thumbing plot twist, and of course the much-awaited revelation of the weapon which is the Soldier boy himself. Well, there are several new angles that you need to enjoy.

So, this is it, this is all we have got from The Boys S3 Ep 4. Do you agree with us? What’s your take on this episode don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions on The Boys S3 Ep 4 in the comment box below.

But this is all for today, hope to meet you all very soon in our next publication, Bye-Bye…