The Boys S3 Ep 3 Review; How Was This Third Drop Of Bomb Of The Much Awaited Season*SPOILERS*?


The Boys S3 Ep 3 simply depicts one of those situations where the weather is cool just before the storm. We watched Homelander losing his patience and breaking his silence in regards to all the past humiliation about his love life in the last episode however that has impacted his image in a different interesting manner. Additionally, American Hero launched their newest member along with someone quite familiar in the other spot, while the prodigal son returns to the team.

Well, there are a whole lot of things that took place in this absorbing, The Boys S3 Ep 3.

So, what about it-

Things You Might Like About The Boys S3 Ep 3

The Boys S3 Ep 3 Source- Sony Pictures Television Distribution, Amazon Studios
The Boys S3 Ep 3 Source- Sony Pictures Television Distribution, Amazon Studios

The Story

The story revolves around the subject of defeating Homelander before he flies berserk around the world. So, Hughie returns to his comradeship with Butcher and the Boys. Meanwhile, Starlight gets trapped under the dominating thumb of Homelander’s patriarchial status in the Seven and in Vought.

We also get the idea about Butcher being suffering a lot from the side effects of the serum and not doing fine. He in fact goes nuts and ruins whatever he shares with Ryan during his meet and greet with Grace Mallory.

However, this meet and greet, finely introduces us to the previous Vought team, i.e, Payback and its members and what they did, back in the days.

Overall the episode was very informative while being very engaging. We get the hint about Homelander’s restoring mental health, he is confident and much more scary than usual. Basically, he is not afraid of losing anything in fact his narrative of destroying everything simply suggests that he is coming back to being himself again.

The Characters

They were typically being usual, nothing extraordinary. However Starlight’s courageous move, like threatening to share the clip of Homelander, then staying cool with what Hughie suggests her to do additionally when she kisses Homelander out of the blue just for the sake of publicity was something very out of her character. She is definitely growing.

Hughie is also changing a lot and he understands Butcher unlike others this time. We watch the entire Payback situation in The Boys S3 Ep 3 and we genuinely didn’t like the team. They are wreckless Supes who behaved carelessly and massacred the whole base. It was their fault that led to the sudden and shocking devastation.

The unplanned meal date with Homelander, and the other did not bring anything good for Deep though. He is simply a coward who again showed his cheap character. Homelander’s diabolic nature pushed him to gulp down his aquatic friend without uttering a thing.

Well, of course, he is a nasty character in the series, however, he does not deserve such a menacing penalty, don’t you think so? Also, what are your thoughts on Deep’s wife? Do you like her a bit? She is nothing but a bootlicker, well, as it seems so.

Both Homelander and Butcher from The Boys S3 Ep 3 were amazing as usual. They were superb in their own space, thus they delivered us some awesome watch time.

The Music

Starlight’s performance on Britney’s ‘One More Time’ was stunning, right? In fact, the kid who enacted the number was just brilliant.

The Direction

Again nothing to complain about, every spec of the plot was neatly directed leaving no space to nag or whine. Especially, the scene when Butcher asks Mallory to hold her narration of what happened at her base with the Payback involvement. The hype was just getting started, and just then the director wanted us to put a hold on our thought which was definitely artistic.

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The Cinematography

Once again the skilled professionals behind those creative instruments did their task of designing the narrative by capturing some brilliant angles that were too good. We all loved and enjoyed the shot without a doubt.

The Dialogues

The professional who wrote the lines of the characters in the show was too witty. Not only in some areas, those intellectual lines act poetic, but also, those lines amplified the montages by adding gravity. They just enhanced the sequences too minutely, what’s your call?

Things You Might Not Like About The Boys S3 Ep 3

The Boys S3 Ep 3 Source- Sony Pictures Television Distribution, Amazon Studios
The Boys S3 Ep 3 Source- Sony Pictures Television Distribution, Amazon Studios

Butcher being a complete bad guy to Ryan was something not well depicted. The choreography of the scene lost the luster it was carrying till that very sequence. The interaction kind of seemed overdramatic in regards to both the parties.

TOTT’s Take On The Boys S3 Ep 3

Again a very enthralling, spicey, and very engaging episode that would entertain you thoroughly. You will love every bit of The Boys S3 Ep 3.

Now tell us what’s your take on The Boys S3 Ep 3? Also, do you agree with our choices of arguments in regards to the episode? Make sure to share your thoughts and opinions on the show in the comment section below.

But this is all for today, hope to meet you all very soon in our next publication. Bye-Bye…