The Boys S3 Ep2 Review: How Was The Second Episode Of This Brutal Superhero Project*SPOILERS*?


The Boys S3 Ep2 began at a very interesting note? Additionally, another solid cameo appearance is gifted to the audience which kind of seems again unexpected and surprising. The episode was around 1 hour long that was filled with confounding and some mindboggling segments which you would genuinely enjoy.

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So, what about it-

Things You Might Like About The Boys S3 Ep2

The Boys S3 Ep2 Source-Sony Pictures Television Distribution, Amazon Studios
The Boys S3 Ep2 Source-Sony Pictures Television Distribution, Amazon Studios

The Actors

The dedication they paid to the roles was astonishingly amazing. Each of the actors was deep down into their roles, they were flawlessly awesome.

The Characters

Other than Alex or Supersonic, we get to watch Crimson Countess along with GunPowder. Now the latter two belonged to the previous team aka Payback, which was led by Soldier Boy under Vought. Although Crimson Countess and GunPowder did not give any menacing vibe, they sure were no angels too.

Also, the curious interest in music in Kimiko not only concerned us but shocked Frenchie too. Yes, she might have toned down a lot, additionally, she has matured too. MM returns to the team finally, along with Hughie.

Now, what interests us the best is the present condition of Butcher. He is both warm as a dependable father and an uncle while being completely murderous. The side effects of injecting TEMP V sure seem harsh on the man. Poor Ryan, he faced the mood swings before anyone. Also, it seemed kind of brutal when he beats the soul out of Gunpowder before lasering him out. It appeared as a matter of entertainment for him.

The stern side of Stan Edgar is not applicable while he is just a father and also a grandfather. Shocking everyone he comes out as an adoptive father to Victoria Neuman, whom he is using to clear the hindrances for some time now. This strong man is generous to these important ladies in his life while being completely different and very strict towards Homelander.

Yes, we all know by now how much of a Narsisctic Homelander is, but this episode throws some significant light on this particular attribute of this human where he just sought out birthday wishes from everyone in the Vought and even outside. It seems kind of cryptic as well, for we don’t know, why Homelander was sad, was it because Stormfront died suddenly, or her death on his birthday? But he of course mourns, which genuinely proves his love for the Nazi lady.

The other prominent characters such as Hughie, and Starlight also did surprise us with their bravery. Starlight talking face to face with the mental Homelander was something courageous. While we watch Hughie taking the chance of his life to visit Red River and collect Vicky’s info secretly from the executives, it was definitely smart and brave don’t you think?

The Music

Without a question, the Supersonic song was amazing. It’s groovy fun, and pretty catchy makes the whole situation quite interesting too. While on the other side, the melodious tune sung by Crimson Countess was again something worth the mention. Also, have you noticed the lady is obsessed with Chimps since her whole green room was filled with chimps stuffed toys?

Additionally, the massacre which accidentally takes place in Voughtland was styled with Crimson Countess’s music in the background that kind of fashion the entire presentation poetically while being disastrous, what do you say?

The Cinematography

The team brilliantly angles every shot making them urgent and very current to the need. Hence you would love the convenience of the shots that made their way into the final cut of the program. Besides, the team developed some solid shots which actually add gravity to the scenes, that you will simply enjoy.

The Boys S3 Ep2 Source-Sony Pictures Television Distribution, Amazon Studios
The Boys S3 Ep2 Source-Sony Pictures Television Distribution, Amazon Studios

The Story

The Boys S3 Ep2 centers around the birthday event of Homelander where Vought plans to wish the Supe, along with announcing Starlight’s foundation. But things certainly do not go as planned. Hughie discovers the truth about Victoria Neuman and her parentage. While Butcher experiences the subtle for now side effects of TEMP V.

Deep’s movie gets a trailer release which simply mocks the movies adapted from every bestseller. Additionally, the overacting, sarcastic and over-dramatic effects added in preparing the trailer were simply remarkable. You would gladly enjoy the minutes.

We learn a bit about GunPowder and Crimson Countess and we hope to watch more of the lady in the upcoming episodes. MM returns to the team also, and Hughie joins Butcher revealing all the secrets that he was holding back about Vic. The smirk we watch on Butcher sure gives us a moment of satisfaction.

Homelander loses his brain while he watches Stormfront’s death announcement on his birthday. In fact, he just loses his patience and cracks open, at the audience who were present at his birthday event hosted by Vought however in a much sane way.

Overall it was engrossing and definitely served as a window to all those strange yet interesting scenes that waits for us in the upcoming episodes.

TOTT’s Take On The Boys S3 Ep2

There is nothing negative to whine about The Boys S3 Ep2. You would graciously enjoy the episode while staying terrified all the time. Let us see what happens in The Boys S3 Ep3.

So, what’s your take on The Boys S3 Ep2? Do you agree with our argument? Make sure to comment down below.

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