The Boys S3 Ep1 Review- Was This Worth The Hype*SPOILERS*?


The Boys S3 Ep1 is launched on the 3rd of June’2022 offering an update to the audience, in regards to the current situation of the Supes, the Boys, and of course the Vought officials. We begin this new season after a pause of 1 year, where Hughie is working under the Federal Bureau Of Superhuman Affairs along with Victoria Neuman, the congresswoman.

Billy Butcher is maintaining a low demeanor as he is instructed, while MM has quit his association with Butcher and his missions. Frenchie and Kimiko are the only ones who are working with Butcher right at the moment.

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The Dawn Of The Seven has recasted Stormfront with another beautiful face(the cameo was something very wonderful, right?) because of the whole Stormfront racist massacre therefore, Homelander is absolutely not doing fine.

Well, without a doubt, there is a whole lot of interesting stuff going around during the season. So, here we go with-

Things You Might Like About The Boys S3 Ep1

The Boys S3 Ep1 Source-Sony Pictures Television Distribution, Amazon Studios
The Boys S3 Ep1 Source-Sony Pictures Television Distribution, Amazon Studios

The Characters

The recurring characters have obtained a solid position in this season as it seems. Also, you can predict the characters to grow darker this time, including Hughie. You might feel a tiny bit bad for Homelander since he is cornered by Vought’s CEO Stan Edgar in every possible situation. Things even force him to turn toward Butcher to get things settled.

The constant grin on Homelander’s face genuinely gives us creep since the unstable condition of his brain appears visually quite prominent. Additionally, the continuous reminder of him dating the racist Nazi woman i.e, Stormfront is something pretty annoying even for us, don’t you think so? Hats off since he seriously knows how to keep his calm, when nagged about the love of your life.

We get a short glimpse of the Payback team which Vought managed much before Seven came to light. And there we have Soldier Boy, the much-hyped new character in the narrative. According to Queen Meave, they are strong and simply dangerous, thus she offers TEMP V to Butcher which is the drug to turn into a Supe for the next 24 hours.

Further, Hughie finally learns the truth about Nadia, i.e Victoria Neuman, her being Supe, popularly known as the Headpopper.

So, The Boys S3 Ep1 gives the opportunity to carry forward the series from where it ended. Yes, it’s been one year since the painful end of Season 2. But each of the characters has grown in their own space which is quite evident from the very first episode.

We watch Starlight turn more brave and confident than she was. Maeve working as an informer, totally acting recklessly with Butcher, while Kimiko has quieted down a lot, she even has turned towards music.

Butcher’s unconditional affection towards Ryan was also, very warm and cordial to watch, it seemed as if both of them completes each other. Also, Ryan is the only reason for Butcher to stay low and work under protocols(Not Killing Supes ).

You would also definitely enjoy watching MM, Frenchie, and Kimiko being typically themselves.

The Actors

Each of them was just perfect, they left no space to question their roles. However, Antony Starr as Homelander was mindblowing. The ceaseless inquiry about Stormfront and him being not aware of the fact was sure something eating him up.

His conflicting emotion(to put a smile even though he feels wronged) somehow felt justified because he heard the question for one whole year, which is definitely infuriating, don’t you think so?

The actors were brilliant and certainly quite above the mark, hence you would enjoy their montages intricately without getting distracted for a bit.

The Story

The narrative was precisely formulated where the story picks up from where it ended but after one year. You would enjoy the premiere event of Dawn Of The Seven. Definitely, the surprising cameo made by Charlize Theron was unexpected.

We learn quite a lot more about the season such as TEMP V, Payback, Soldier Boy, MM’s unpleasant association with Soldier Boy, Stormfront being alive all this time, and more.

Definitely, the very debut episode was engaging very focused, and certainly made us believe that we have a lot to enjoy. However, it kind of feels to be growing more dark, gruesome, and unquestionably bloody this time.

The Music

Yes, the music that was played in the background are some catchy groovy numbers that you would totally grasp with the content being followed. They were amazing.

The Cinematography

The team definitely made sure that the audience get engaging angles every time the scene changed. Additionally, they kept in mind the artistic prospect of the content as well. You would love the creative shots of the team and would enjoy those for sure.

Things You Might Not Like About The Boys S3 Ep1

The Boys S3 Ep1 Source-Sony Pictures Television Distribution, Amazon Studios
The Boys S3 Ep1 Source-Sony Pictures Television Distribution, Amazon Studios

There is nothing to nag about, however, you might have to stay aware of all the brutal sequences projected throughout the episode. Additionally, Homelander is a ticking bomb right now, that can blast at any point, so whatever his method would be, it will be definitely something spine-chilling, hence you will feel slight pressure and keep wondering about what happens next whenever he appears on the screen with that creepy smile.

TOTT’s Take On The Boys S3 Ep1

It was awesome, the very first episode generously made us stay engaged with the content, and without a doubt, there is a lot to enjoy which is evident from season 3’s debut episode for sure.

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So, do you agree with us? What’s your thought on The Boys S3 Ep1? Make sure to tell us everything in the comment section below.

But this is all for today, hope to meet you all very soon in our next publication. Bye-Bye…