SPY X FAMILY EP 10 Review: How Much Did You Like The Episode**SPOILERS**?


SPY X FAMILY EP 10, titled ‘The Great Dodgeball Massacre’ is one of the hilarious episodes that generously entertain us for sure. Glad this episode was all about Anya and her school time since let us be honest, Anya is precisely the center highlight of the show, isn’t it? And the last two episodes were typically Loid and Yor-centric.

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Finally, we again got to watch some cool, Damien, Becky, and others from the school as well. But let us now skip to the review part of SPY X FAMILY EP 10– ‘The Great Dodgeball Massacre’.

Things You Might Like About SPY X FAMILY EP 10

SPY X FAMILY EP 10 Source-Wit Studio & CloverWorks
SPY X FAMILY EP 10 Source-Wit Studio & CloverWorks

The Story

As it is fairly evident by the title, the entire episode centers around an inter-section mini-game of Dodgeball, in their P.E class. The primary reason for them to consider the objective on a serious note was purely because of a rumor that was circulated as, whichever class performs the best, will receive a Stella(a star which one needs to acquire for the MVP position as a student). Damien Desmond along with Anya both needs the prize because of their separate significant reasons. So, the kids involve in rigorous training practices just to win the match.

On the day of the match, the kids come prepared however the turn of events takes place when they come across their opponent Bill Watkins who happens to be strangely oversized and thus stands to be physically dangerous to the team. He brutally plays, where each of his strikes was planned beforehand. He within a few minutes eliminates maximum from Anya’s class, leaving only Damien and Anya.

Bill then aims his harsh attacks on our cutie pie, however, the clever kid, reads his mind, therefore dodges all his proficient attacks, amusing and shocking the onlookers. In the process, distracted Anya falls, on her stomach, only to be saved by Damien, which leaves only Anya on the team. Now that only Anya is left on the team, she gets the chance to use her killer move which she learned through her training with her mother.

So, she does, however, the throw does not land as she expects or we anticipate it to be. Hence Anya’s class lose the game and we also learned about the rumor was false and that there was no Stella involved in the game.

SPY X FAMILY EP 10 Source-Wit Studio & CloverWorks
SPY X FAMILY EP 10 Source-Wit Studio & CloverWorks

The entire episode is very entertaining, primarily because of both of the training sessions, along with the match time. The events take place in a very amusing manner thus you will stay focused, the entire time. In fact, you will feel that you are constantly smiling through all the montages taking place one by one. The sincerity added in designing those training sessions specifically made us laugh.

Now what part of the training session amused you the most?

So, we can conclude that SPY X FAMILY EP 10 was definitely an amazing episode that was funny, humorous, and of course very interesting.

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The Characters

Well, we watch Damien, to be the son, who is constantly looking for attention, and he has his struggle altogether which he hardly shares with his friends. The match was important to him since this was a path he wanted to complete to come to the notice of his parents, especially his father.

Anya on the other hand showed her perseverance while engaging in the hardcore training session with Yor. She was hard on herself and wanted to perform her best in the Dodgeball match because she wanted to win the Stella for Loid.

The parents were part of her journey, however, Yor was extremely involved in training her daughter. She was sincere in her attempts to help Anya perform proficiently on her big day. It kind of seemed, as if Yor wants to be involved with Anya in any possible way she can, which is kind of very sweet also.

Again just like the storyline of SPY X FAMILY EP 10, the characters of the show too were engaging, very intense, interesting, and sincere(although their sincerity made us laugh). Now, what do you think about them?

Things To Expect From SPY X FAMILY EP 10

SPY X FAMILY EP 10 Source-Wit Studio & CloverWorks
SPY X FAMILY EP 10 Source-Wit Studio & CloverWorks

Honestly speaking the anime watchers, are left with a preview that somehow does not look quite familiar. We watch Anya training and Loid lifting her up. Then Anya runs away from someone, probably, Loid and then we watch our cutie pie drowning. Well, these are the high points of the preview shared, let’s see what happens. But what do you think?


It was an amazing episode, which at various obvious angles, amused us completely. It was a very captivating one, where we watched Anya wholeheartedly. Additionally, the humorous sections of the episode were highly entertaining that particularly absorbed us.

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So, what’s your take on SPY X FAMILY EP 10? Do you agree with our thoughts on ‘The Great Dodgeball Massacre’? Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the episode in the comment section below?

But this is all for today, hope to meet you all very soon in our next publication. Bye-Bye…