Which 33 Alterations Make Little Women1994 & Little Women2019 Distinguishably Unique?


Little Women1994 by Gillain Armstrong is a very sincere adaptation that represents the exactness of the period, upon which the novel is detailed. Of course, Little Women2019 is nice, however to some extent, it lacks some magic of the literature.

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Without a doubt the recent one is tuned in a more modern pattern where the direction is stunning, the actors were breathtakingly skilled, and the musicals were appreciable, but still, there is something although not that clear, you will miss in this content.

So, after scrutinizing both versions, TOTT has come up with around 33 alterations that were made in the latest narrative. Now which are the alterations that you can enjoy in Little Women1994 but not in Little Women2019?

Therefore, without any delay, let us jump straight with-

33 Prominent Alterations From Little Women2019 That Make Little Women1994 Evergreen

Amy is a kid

Yes, this certainly helped the audience to relate to the literature that they read as a kid, right?

The Beginning

In the 2019 version, we watch the March little women, they begin their day with Christmas at the door. While in the 1994 version, it is Christmas EVE. Also, in the 1994 version, the young ladies, willingly share their food with the Hummels, without any consultation with their Marmee out of goodwill.

Laurie And His Grandfather

Unlike the 2019 version, the relationship between Laurie and his grandfather was not that prominent. However, whatever you watch or hear between the two, certainly does not give a negative tone to their association.

Meg Wears Green

Well, in the 2019 version, Meg March wears a purple dress to the ball, accompanied by Jo. While, in the 1994 movie, Meg wears green.

Laurie’s Introduction With The March’s

In the 1994 version, Laurie just offers a lift and farewells the ladies and meets Marmee at their doorstep, unlike the 2019 version, where Laurie enters the home and he meets Marmee, Hannah, and the other March sisters.

The Friendship Between Jo And Laurie

In the 1994 movie, Jo and Laurie from the very first moment strike the note of deep friendship, and when Jo talks bout Laurie with Amy, she blatantly states ‘He is no boy, he is Laurie.’ But in the latest version, the development is shown at a rather slow pace.

Meg’s Profession

In the 2019 adaptation, we don’t get a clear picture of what Meg does to contribute to the family, while in the 1994 film, we clearly watch Meg was working.

Amy And Her School

Little Women1994 Source- Columbia Pictures
Little Women1994 Source- Columbia Pictures

Amy after being hit on her palm by her teacher, directly comes to Jo while she was at Aunt March’s house. Also, the reason is significantly different here in 1994. While in the 2019 adaptation, Amy visits Laurie’s home, and later the March ladies arrive to take Amy from their house. Additionally, Amy was hit because of Lime and not a painting she made of her teacher, in the Little Women1994.

Laurie The Brother

Laurie’s entrance into Jo’s life and the March household had a sibling tag to it from the very beginning, whereas nothing as such is noted in the 2019s.

The Tragedy

Amy’s judgment to burn Jo’s precious manuscript was not right. But in the 1994 version, the elder sisters were not rude, instead, they asked her to complete the homework which was pending. However in the 2019 version, precisely, Jo was very rude to Amy and that certainly felt relatable, isn’t it?

Jo Is Amiable

Even though she accepts her flaws, honestly, the amiability which you observe in Jo from Little Women1994 was very accurate. She was sorry for her cruel ignorance towards Amy. And she also steadfastly declares her generous affection towards all of her sisters in the very next scene.

However, it appeared kind of selfish and very immature in the 2019 adaptation.

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Aunt March

In Little Women1994, Aunt March is actually Mr. March’s aunt hence every one from the family calls her so. However, in the 2019 version, she is actually the aunt of the Little Women, and sister to Mr. March.

Sally’s Ball

In the 2019 movie, we watch how generously Meg was appreciated in the Ball of Sally’s debut. However, in Little Women1994, we watch Meg being mocked by the other ladies belonging from riches, isn’t it?

Laurie Goes To College

In Little Women1994, we watch envious Jo helping Laurie in considering the collection of books to carry to his college. However, in the 2019 movie, we hear Jo mentioning Laurie’s graduation.

The Hair Cut

In Little Women1994 it was Beth who consoles Jo when she wails about the haircut. But in Little Women2019 it was Amy who consoles Jo.

Beth’s Sickness

Beth after returning from the Hummels falls sick at her home, and the doctor visits the household pretty late. It was Marmee’s arrival that surprisingly revives the poor girl. In Little Women2019, Beth visits Mr. Laurence to thank him for the Piano, and he discovers that she is burning up. Also, the doctor visits their home, very early here. Additionally, it was Hannah in Little Women1994 who informs the ladies about the demise of the Hummel kids unlike the doctor in Little Women2019.

Jo Sells Her Story

Jo in Little Women1994 sells her story titled, Lost Duke Of Gloucester and earns $5. Nothing specific is there in Little Women2019, but we are made aware that Jo sells her story and can make money out of her talent.

Amy’s Conversation With Laurie

Amy leaves the March household because of Beth’s condition, and Laurie takes her to Aunt March’s house. Here Laurie unwittingly tells their upcoming future. In Little Women2019 we watch nothing as such though.

Laurie Calls Marmee

Well, it was genuinely high time, so Laurie without consulting the girls directly calls upon Marmee to come as quickly as possible because of Beth’s terrible condition in Little Women1994. But in Little Women2019, Laurie was not involved in the process at all.

The Recovery

In Little Women1994, Jo as he comes downstairs finds Marmee, Beth, and Meg together, while Hannah wails outside. Unlike in Little Women2019, here Jo finds, Marmee, Beth, and Hannah seating on their chairs with a happy smile.

The Piano

Little Women1994 Source- Columbia Pictures
Little Women1994 Source- Columbia Pictures

The precious gift of Piano was gifted to Beth after her recovery in Little Women1994 in the Christmas, where she plays the instrument, making the montage very Christmasy and warm of course. While in Little Women2019 Mr. Laurence gifts her the piano, just before she miserably falls sick.

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The Leap & The The Wedding

It was proposed that Meg was asked for her hand in her marriage with John Brook on that very Christmas, which was occasioned after four years. However, there was nothing prominently shown, except for Jo’s disapproval of the union, though.

The Kiss

In Little Women1994, Jo and Laurie actually share a kiss which appeared passionate as well, unlike Little Women2019, where there was no kiss.

The Heartbreaking Scene

In Little Women1994, Jo was sad because she hurt Laurie by rejecting his love for her. She was gravely sad. Additionally, this was the very sequence where Amy discloses her employment under Aunt March as her companion to Europe, unlike the wedding venue in Little Women2019.

Friedrich Bhaer

Little Women1994 Source- Columbia Pictures
Little Women1994 Source- Columbia Pictures

In Little Women1994 the whole Friedrich Bhaer thing was solid. Jo constantly blushed when she came close to this German professor. Additionally, their compatibility level was tremendous, which actually encouraged the relationship to proceed and turn romantic. Further, Friedrich Bhaer from Little Women1994 was a bit old and mature too.

But it was genuinely beautiful, unlike the 2019 version, that somehow seemed pushed. Jo from Little Women1994 was never rude with her love, in fact, she always took Friedrich’s advice and suggestions to heart in a very mature way. While Jo from Little Women2019 prominently showed her rejection of criticism, which inadvertently made the character arrogant and self-absorbed too.

The Letter

Unlike Little Women2019, Jo receives the letter to return home in her room which was kind of discreet, don’t you think?

The Beach

The ladies from Little Women1994 never went to the beach, or there was no mention in the entire plot point of Little Women1994, unlike Little Women2019, where the gang cordially enjoys their time. Therefore Laurie from Little Women1994 introduced Fred to the March family during Christmas.

The Letter To Laurie

Jo from Little Women1994 writes to Laurie about Beth’s demise and asks for his companionship during this crisis. While in Little Women2019, it was Marmee who shares the news of Laurie’s arrival with Jo. Now, in Little Women1994, after receiving the letter, Laurie visits Amy and shares his shoulder to comfort her and in the process keeps his promise too.

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The News

Jo was very happy after she finds Laurie in front of her door. Now when she learns that Amy was married to Laurie the joy in her expression was organic. She was too happy about the union. While on the other hand, in Little Women 2019, Jo gave a very perplexing disheartened expression which kind of confused the audience as well.

The Kids

In Little Women2019, Meg was a mother to twin big kids, while in Little Women1994, Meg gives birth to twins, after Beth’s demise.

The Idea Of School

Well, it was Marmee from Little Women1994 who actually shares her intention of turning Plumfield into a school. However, in Little Women2019, we watch Jo having the very same idea.

The First Copy

It was Friedrich who brings the first copy of Little Women to Jo, where in Little Women2019, we watch a very distinguished ambitious version of the montage, right? Also, Friedrich never meets the family unlike in the Little Women2019 version. Additionally, there is no Mr. Dashwood in the Little Women 1994, it is Mr. Field who happens to be Friedrich’s friend, thus, he gets the very first copy of Jo’s novel beforehand.

The Proposal

Nothing dramatic, it felt very natural, realistic, and certainly cuddly, where Jo and Friedrich unite for life. However, the proposal in Little Women2019 was very pushed and forced.

So, these are the tweaks that we watched in Little Women1994? What do you think? Do you have anything more prominent in mind? If by any chance we missed out on any point don’t forget to share it with us.

But this is all for today, hope to meet you all very soon in our next publication, BYE-BYE…