Little Women1994 Review: Is This Period Drama Worth Your Time*SPOILERS*?


Little Women1994 is the directorial venture of Gillian Armstrong who proficiently brought out the exactness of the literary work by Louisa May Alcott. The movie is profoundly gentle and you will find it to be very intimate to your heart and soul, no wonder the film was rewarded with three academy awards. Little Women1994 is also in fact a resolution paid to the murder victim Polly Klass along with literary agent Judy Scott-Fox.

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Now, should you give a try to this adaptation?

Little Women1994: The Cast

Little Women1994 Source- Columbia Pictures
  • Winona Ryder playing Josephine “Jo” March
  • Gabriel Byrne playing Friedrich Bhaer,
  • Trini Alvarado playing Margaret “Meg” March,
  • Kirsten Dunst and Samantha Mathis playing Amy March,
  • Claire Danes playing Elizabeth “Beth” March,
  • Christian Bale playing Theodore “Laurie” Laurence,
  • Eric Stoltz playing John Brooke,
  • John Neville playing Mr. James Laurence,
  • Mary Wickes playing Aunt Josephine March,
  • Susan Sarandon playing Abigail “Marmee” March,
  • Matthew Walker playing Robert March,
  • Florence Paterson playing Hannah Mullet,
  • Janne Mortil playing Sally Moffat,
  • Donal Logue playing Jacob Mayer

Things You Might Like About Little Women1994

The Actors

The cast members of the movie were breathtakingly honed, hence they just sank into the skins of the characters from the novel, precisely. Not only the lead actress Winona Ryder, the others as well, gave a mesmerizing convincing performance winning our time and heart of course.

The Characters

Each of the characters had its own set of perfection and flaws. Still, you will appreciate each one of them. The perfect family with the perfect neighbor which we want and cherish at some point in life. It was a yummy life that Jo and her sisters had, even though it was around the war and they suffered poverty and also a death, still, the intense love that March household shared was kind, warm, and very positive.

The characters grew up, showing prominent glow-ups in their individuality. The humans projected in the movie were, deep, erroneous and very genuine humane beings whom you will love. Yes, they are just very dependable characters whom you would want in your life.

The Story

Being period is the essence of the plotline. It has distinctive magic that makes you get sucked to the content wholeheartedly. Well, the director Gillian Armstrong might have tweaked here and there from the literature, but still, the skillful direction of the narrative was enough to hold the enticing effect of the story.

The story of Little Women is very sweet that surrounds March’s household, where the father is gone to fight for the country where the daughters and the mother are surviving their daily chores with the help of their loyal house help Hanna. They grow up, get married and grow as individuals with their own motto of life. The movie is lovely and you would assuredly enjoy the film.

Although it seems very apparent, the story is strong, inspiring, and very immediate while being very cavernous. The Director tried to put emphasis on each of the angles that unfold with the progression of the story very minutely hence you will grow an attachment with the life of the March and their near and dear ones.

The Music

Without a question, the sweet and heart-touching music is composed by none other than Thomas Newman who remarkably styled the music for movies such as Skyfall, Spectre, The Player, Finding Dory, and more. The music is so connectable that you will make an association at its very first note while the movie actually begins. They are just soulful to be precise.

The Cinematography

The generous shots were breathtakingly captured by Geoffrey Simpson. He just expedited the entire montage stunningly adding both alike and contrast effects along with gravity in a very minute and detailed way. Additionally, the skillful hand practically uplifted the storyline more, don’t you think so? Since still this project is adored, even in 2022.

The Direction

Once again, let us talk about Gillian Armstrong, who sophistically did an amazing job is styling the entire thing in a very jovial manner which you will find very close to your heart. It is simple while being very artistic. A special talk should be made in regards to the death scene of Beth March.

It was prolific. Also, in the proposal scene at the end of the movie, where Fredrich asks for Jo’s hand, it was minimal, realistic yet very cuddly. Well, the movie is practically filled with many such wonderful, uncomplicated, and effortless stuff that is minutely placed in the context to make it a delightful adventure just for you.

Things You Might Not Like About Little Women1994

Little Women1994 Source- Columbia Pictures
Little Women1994 Source- Columbia Pictures

Honestly, there is nothing to hate in regards to the movie. Everything about the movie is positive, very realistic, and wonderfully relatable. Hence you will instantly bond with the content. Thus there is nothing, which you might not dislike.

TOTT’s Take On Little Women1994

This movie can be watched in any era, without a doubt. It is very generously formulated which ooze out love, friendship, siblinghood, family life, career struggles, societal trouble, health crisis, and more in a very delicate way. The movie entertains you wholeheartedly which you will find associative with as well.

Hence TOTT gives the movie, 5/5 stars.

Now, what do you think about Little Women1994? Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions on the movie in the comment section, below.

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