Little Women(2019)Review: Is This Coming Of Age Drama A Worth Watch*SPOILERS*?


Little Women(2019) the movie by Greta Gerwig is a typical adaptation of the remarkable literary work of Louisa May Alcott titled Little Women, which was published long back in 1868 but still has the charm to entice the women of this age. This 2019 movie has some tweaks prepared to make it slightly different from the Novel and also from its notable 1994 version.

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So should you be giving Little Women(2019) a try this weekend, if you haven’t already?

Little Women(2019): The Cast

  • Saoirse Ronan playing Josephine “Jo” March
  • Emma Watson playing Margaret “Meg” March
  • Florence Pugh playing Amy March
  • Eliza Scanlen playing Elizabeth “Beth” March
  • Laura Dern playing Marmee March
  • Timothée Chalamet playing Theodore “Laurie” Laurence
  • Meryl Streep playing Aunt Marc
  • Tracy Letts playing Mr. Dashwood
  • Bob Odenkirk playing Father March
  • James Norton playing John Brooke
  • Louis Garrel playing Friedrich Bhaer
  • Chris Cooper playing Mr. Laurence
  • Jayne Houdyshell playing Hannah
  • Rafael Silva playing Friedrich’s friend
  • Dash Barber playing Fred Vaughn
  • Hadley Robinson playing Sallie Gardiner Moffat
  • Abby Quinn playing Annie Moffat
  • Maryann Plunkett playing Mrs. Kirke
  • Edward Fletcher playing Mr. Laurence’s servant
  • Sasha Frolova playing Mrs. Hummel

Things You Might Like About Little Women(2019)

Little Women(2019) Source-Columbia Pictures
Little Women(2019) Source-Columbia Pictures

The Story

It was an obvious choice, right? The warm heart touching light storyline is very homely with which you can connect quickly. Jo the leading lady of the story ardently loves her family who refuses the idea of letting go of her present life.

Her struggle of being an ambitious girl in her era was something strong, yet she manages to acquire her goal with a joyous achievement at the end of the movie. She is a happy girl to whom many of us can relate, who loves her freedom and wishes to drive her way into this world.

It is a wonderful story that is a package deal, you have friendship, love, romance, struggles, family issues, and more, all in one place which is kind of very welcoming.

The Characters

The movie, as is based on the actual literary work and also, on real life, hence we get to experience some real-life strong women throughout. Be it the March’s, the Hummel’s, or the single little women of the show. They depicted the good and the flawed side of a human being.

Marmee was all alone with her daughters, waiting patiently for the return of her husband while on the other hand, Aunt March was a spinster who enjoyed her single life cooped inside her riches, which she boasted of course. And talking about the Hummels, they were too alone, who fought strongly in their fight with the sickness they got infected with.

Now talking about the little women from the movie, each had a motto of their own. Meg the eldest wanted to run home along with her husband which she did. Jo finally published her work which she dreamed about. Amy married the man upon whom she crushed from the very first day, lastly, Beth fought and fought until she lost all hopes.

Now for the males, they were some generous kind men whom you would love to have in your life. Also, besides being kind, they are handsome, loveable, adorable humans portraying a father, a friend, a husband, and colleagues.

Each of the characters drawn in the movie had their own uniqueness that made them shine in their own light, therefore you would remember them in the long run.

The Actors

Each of the cast members generously delved into their roles, which was amazingly noticeable throughout the content. Their remarkable performance will help you watch through their perspective, thus you connect to the characters and the storyline in a more detailed way. So, not only Saoirse Ronan as Jo, but the other prominent actors too in the movie were also extraordinarily convincing.

The Direction

The back and forth direction is finely executed by Greta Gerwig, giving us the idea of what happened in the past and what is happening in the present. The best example of the same is when Beth dies. In the past we watch her recover and she sat at the table with Hanna and Marmee. However, in the present, sadly, Marmee is the only one who was sitting in the chair. Not only did it breaks the heart(even though we all knew the reality) but it was certainly relatable, isn’t it?

Then when we watch the montages from the past, the bright, tinted visuals tried to represent those happy merry days when the sisters were all together and there was nothing sad or bad, that could break them apart. But the present montages were gloomy and were under a slight bluish hue, that pragmatically showed us how things changed and Jo is not taking things satisfactorily. It was very artistic, just perfect for sketching the exactness of the literature.

The Music

Alexandre Desplat is the genius behind those warm, melodious homely tunes which gracefully style the congenial ambiance of the plot. You will enjoy these soothing compositions which in fact uplifted every regular montage of March household. Additionally, the delightful soulful music can be considered another reason why you felt connected with the narrative, right?

The Cinematography

Yorick Le Saux is the man behind the lens who again elegantly designed the entire project making it touch your heart at some intimate angles. It was perfect, apt, convenient, friendly, and very comfortable.

Things You Might Not Like About Little Women(2019)

Little Women(2019) Source-Columbia Pictures

The whole Fredrich stuff was not focused, hence when Amy and Meg tries to convince that Jo is in love with Fredrich seemed kind of enforcement over the lead.

Therefore it appeared a bit pushed especially when we watch the sisters encouraging Jo to ask Fredrich to stay back. Yes, it was styled in a more dramatic way, however, it kind of felt, that the intention was to marry off all the sisters by the end of the story to be awfully prominent.

Jo did not seem to have any sort of feeling, just like she admits to Mr. Dashwood, where she blatantly states that the heroine never marries. Therefore when we watch Jo running and confessing her intention, whereas Fredrich never leaves, kind of appeared forced. What do you think?

TOTT’s Take On Little Women(2019)

It is a very sweet, warm, family drama where the girls grow into women, just as their father comments upon returning. It is very hospitable content that connects with you very quickly and assuredly gives you a good time for sure.

TOTT gives the movie 4.5/5 Stars.

Now, do you agree with us, make sure to add your thoughts and opinion on Little Women(2019) right in the comment section below.

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