SPY X FAMILY Ep 9; Review- What Do You Think Of ‘Show Off How In Love You Are’**SPOILERS**?


SPY X FAMILY Ep 9 was quite an interesting episode that made, you wonder, ponder, and stay glued while being tensed all at the same time. The lovely sibling bond, the cutie pie daughter, and the awesome spy generously made the episode ‘Show Off How In Love You Are‘ impressive and without a doubt wonderful, isn’t it?

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But this is what TOTT considers in regards to SPY X FAMILY Ep 9:Show Off How In Love You Are. See, do we match your thoughts or not?

Things That You Might Like About SPY X FAMILY Ep 9

SPY X FAMILY Ep 9 Source- Wit Studio & CloverWorks
SPY X FAMILY Ep 9 Source- Wit Studio & CloverWorks

The Story

The episode once again narrates how wonderful Yor Briar/ Forger is. She is without a question welcoming naive and very sweet. But her brother’s visit unwittingly showed how savage she can be as a big sister too. She is strict and does not budge to hit if the situation demands, even with her brother. It also appeared that Yuri was well adjusted to the whole slap situation not only shocked Loid but us as well.

Loid is someone who is very professional. The sequences where he tries to take whole advantage of the bugging trail, seem pretty fair. However, we missed Anya on SPY X FAMILY Ep 9. But whatever screen time she popped up, her overloaded cuteness made us go aww and happy, right?

Now the story in brief sums up the visit of Yuri Briar who seems off with the idea of his sister being married to Loid whom this guy finds awfully shady. So as a proof of genuinity, the disturbed brother asks the sister to share a marital kiss with the husband. That seems fine from Loid’s side since he is practiced to handle such unforeseen situations. In fact, his profession made him engage in several such situations.

Now as for Yor, it was very complicated, for Loid is the first-ever man in her life. Therefore she chooses to drink up to tackle the whole drama in a more proficient way. But Yuri just could not bear to watch his sister kiss someone else. The entire thing additionally stirs up the long-drawn memory of a kiss that Yor shares as a gesture to encourage her brother to do well, in school and eventually in life.

So, that triggers him up and thus he runs to stop only to get slapped by Yor(who was not thinking straight since she was drunk, also, the slap was intended for Loid). With the slap, Yuri starts overthinking and that leads to another slap. However Yor, as a delightful generous young lady, gets worried about drunk and injured Yuri. This complete sibling show somehow, makes Loid jealous which was kind of cool as well.

The next day the Forgers get ready to do their best with their life. However, the night before, distances Loid from Yor. Also, he is now straightaway uptight with the whole Yuri being a member of the Secret Police. So he decides to stay cautious with Yor as well. This somehow makes our cut pie Anya sad, so she just asks her parents to get along which honestly we wanted to happen as well.

The entire day, Loid tries to stay up with Yor and her day, only learning about her mean her colleagues are and how much she cares about her brother and the Forgers(he goes on full spy mode to investigate her intention in a more detailed way). Also, spying on the wife makes him a bit guilty since Yor appeared completely honest, knowing nothing about the work of her brother. Lastly watching Anya smile after learning that her parents are getting along was great, right?

The Characters

Yor appeared, as usual, the polite generous, young woman who loves the life she is gifted with. However, she can be a badass assassin and a big sister too. Additionally not to forget though perfect at her work, she seems kind of disappointed and certainly insecure about being not a good wife and a good cook. She is a perfect warm soul who will do anything to protect her loved ones and this is what makes you admire this beautiful young lady, for sure.

Yuri on the other hand shows how perfect Yor’s parenting was. Although hit at times (both intentionally and unintentionally), he turned out fine. Even this act of parenting made Yuri love Yor more and become overprotective and possessive. He just couldn’t stand the presence of Loid thus inviting some unforeseen and unpredictable circumstances, absolutely making us laugh out loud.

Loid was a perfect gentleman who was cautious, a detailed Spy, and of course a very good human being at the end of the show. He also turned a bit jealous after watching the interesting sibling bond between the Briars. He was cool as always.

Anya was the absolute sweet heart in this episode also, like always. She was too adorable with her instance from SPY X FAMILY Ep 9. Her swift change of mood from being sleepy to being hungry for an exciting life was funny. Without a doubt, she is a strong kid, who is fighting her own battle in her school trying to become proficient, but she also keeps an observant eye on her parents. She wants everything to settle at an amiable term in between Loid and Yor which seemed kind of mature for her age.

Things You Might Not Like About SPY X FAMILY Ep 9

SPY X FAMILY Ep 9 Source- Wit Studio & CloverWorks
SPY X FAMILY Ep 9 Source- Wit Studio & CloverWorks

You might not like Yor being under the radar of Loid for being manipulative and fake. It simply made us sad just like Anya was. Also, was the slap intended assuredly for Loid? Further, what was Anya trying to tell her father? These are some moments from this particular episode that might have made you a bit doubtful, isn’t it?

TOTT’s take On SPY X FAMILY Ep 9

Overall SPY X FAMILY Ep 9 was a great episode that was very intense, extremely hilarious, and funny at times. The episode was deliberately interesting while being serious as well.

Things To Expect From SPY X FAMILY Ep 10

  • Anya’s school time
  • Anya and Yor spending their time, practicing a probable workout session
  • More Loid’s spy venture
  • And definitely the cutie Damien Desmond

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