16 Entertaining Movies That One Must Watch In Their Lifetime


Watching some entertaining movies is sure the best way to chill and relax after a hectic day, isn’t it right? So, TOTT is here with a list of some entertaining movies that you should watch in your lifetime. This list is not restricted to any specific genre, you are free to explore the numbers with any mood you are in right now. These suggestions are made, to make you fully entertained after a long day of work.


16 Entertaining Movies That You Need TO Watch (An Agreeable List )

Kung Fu Panda The Trilogy

Kung Fu Panda 1 debuted back in 2008. With its extraordinary success, DreamWorks Animation brought Kung Fu Panda 2 and Kung Fu Panda 3. Well, there are 5 more shorts that run for 23 mins each that give the audiences a slight peek-in, amidst the lives of the characters of the flick.

The movies starred

  • Jack Black-Po
  • Angelina Jolie-Tigress
  • Dustin Hoffman-Master Shifu
  • Seth Rogen-Mantis
  • Jackie Chan-Monkey
  • Lucy Liu-Viper
  • David Cross-Crane
  • James Hong-Mr. Ping
Kung Fu Panda The Trilogy in Entertaining Movies/Source-DreamWorks Animation, Paramount Pictures
Kung Fu Panda 1 in Entertaining Movies/Source-DreamWorks Animation, Paramount Pictures

Honestly speaking this trilogy is not only for kids but also for adults. After rewatching the movies several times, you will really understand the deeper meaning that these movies try to impart. These movies are far beyond the simple concept of learning and teaching Kung Fu. It talks about family, love, values, friendship, loyalty, and strong willpower.

Each of the characters plays their role mesmerizingly, and you will find them relatable. A special thanks should be made in regards to the stunning animation that these movies showcased.

This trilogy is amazing and a great way to end your day or a weekend.

Edge Of Tomorrow(2014)

A great film that has Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in a quirky sci-fi story. It was released in the theaters back in 2014, that runs for 113 minutes. Undoubtedly a great movie that has the power to make you stay put, completely focused on the plot.

Edge Of Tomorrow(2014) in Entertaining Movies/ Source- Warner Bros. Pictures
Edge Of Tomorrow(2014) in Entertaining Movies/ Source- Warner Bros. Pictures

The movie is based on the manga, ‘All You Need Is Kill‘ by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. Erwin Stoff produced the movie which is cinematographed by Dion Beebe and is edited by James Herbert.

The main attraction of the movie is Emily Blunt; this charismatic actress will definitely win your heart. Other than the main leads, you will also, watch Bill Paxton and Brendan Gleeson in this sci-fi entertaining movie.

Jach Reacher(2012)

It is a 2012 American action thriller that casts, Tom Cruise and Rosamund Pike in the lead. The storyline talks about an uneventful shooting that takes the lives of many civilians in broad daylight. Jack Reacher who is a drifter, arrives to take part in the investigation. The story then takes us with his and his mission to solve the actual reasons behind the whole unprecedented incident.

Jach Reacher in Entertaining Movies/ Source-Paramount Pictures
Jach Reacher 1 in Entertaining Movies/ Source-Paramount Pictures

There is a second installment as well titled Jack Reacher: Never Go Back(2016). However, the female lead is replaced in this casting and here we get Cobie Smulders as a badass military officer.

There is no connection between the stories, however, both the films have their own intensity and heart-thumping plot point and development to make you stay till the last.

Both the projects are under Christopher McQuarrie and are co-produced by our hero Tom Cruise, himself. Also, both the Jack Reacher movies are based on the projects written by Lee Child, with titles One Shot and Never Go Back.

The Girl On The Train(2016)

The Girl On The Train is based on the book by Paula Hawkins and is a directorial venture of Tate Taylor. Although the movie takes an unrushed beginning, the slow pace gets hyped, during the last 45 minutes and it is the original magic of the movie.

The Girl On The Train(2016) in Entertaining Movies/Source-Universal Pictures
The Girl On The Train(2016) in Entertaining Movies/Source-Universal Pictures

The movie narrates the story of a depressed alcoholic woman who recently experienced divorce and is going through a very rough patch. She regularly takes the train from which she gets a faint look inside the home of his ex-husband and his new life with his current wife and daughter. However, the neighbor’s household fascinates her more. She wishes for the love the neighbor couple shares.

The movie casts-

  • Emily Blunt playing Rachel Watson, a lonely alcoholic, and Tom’s ex-wife
  • Rebecca Ferguson playing Anna Watson, a real estate agent, and Tom’s current wife
  • Haley Bennett playing Megan Hipwell, Anna and Tom’s nanny, and Scott’s wife
  • Justin Theroux playing Tom Watson, Rachel’s ex-husband, and Anna’s current husband
  • Luke Evans playing Scott Hipwell, Megan’s husband
  • Allison Janney playing DS. Riley, a detective
  • Édgar Ramírez playing Dr. Kamal Abdic, Megan’s psychiatrist
  • Lisa Kudrow playing Martha, the wife of Tom’s former boss
  • Laura Prepon playing Cathy, Rachel’s college friend, roommate, and landlord
  • Darren Goldstein playing “Man in the Suit”, a stranger who witnesses Rachel’s behavior

The movie is beautifully cinematographed by Charlotte Brause and is edited by Michale McCusker. As the movie comes to an end, you will eventually be shocked and will be left speechless.

Army Of The Dead(2021)

As the name suggests, yes it is a Zombie movie. Even though you are not into that genre, make sure that you give this one a ‘must-try’. The movie is directed by the renowned Zack Snyder, who also directed the Dawn of The Dead which is also a must-try.

Army Of The Dead(2021) in Entertaining Movies/ Source-The Stone Quarry
Army Of The Dead(2021) in Entertaining Movies/ Source-The Stone Quarry

A sudden Zombie breakout takes place in the shiny bright lights of Las Vegas. The breakout spreads fast but does not go beyond the barricade of Las Vegas, since government authorities quarantine the city. But humans and their stories of greed go far beyond any zombie thingie.

Therefore, a team of professionals who showed previous experience in fighting the zombies and coming out alive takes up the task of getting inside the infected area and getting away with $200 million from a casino. Of course, each of the teammates will be handsomely rewarded.

Who are there in the movie-

  • Dave Bautista playing Scott Ward
  • Ella Purnell playing Kate Ward
  • Omari Hardwick playing Vanderohe
  • Ana de la Reguera playing Maria Cruz
  • Theo Rossi playing Burt Cummings
  • Matthias Schweighöfer playing Ludwig Dieter
  • Nora Arnezeder playing Lilly
  • Hiroyuki Sanada playing Bly Tanaka
  • Tig Notaro playing Marianne Peters
  • Raúl Castillo playing Mikey Guzman
  • Huma Qureshi playing Geeta
  • Garret Dillahunt playing Martin
  • Samantha Win playing Chambers
  • Richard Cetrone playing Zeus
  • Athena Perample playing Alpha Queen

Overall it is a wonderful project which was directed, screenplayed, and written by Zack Snyder himself. His wife Deborah Snyder produced the same. The movie is fully entertaining that gives you a nerve wreaking and nail-biting time for the entire 148 minutes.

Little Women(1994)

The 1994 coming of age period movie, Little Women got a recent reboot with a fresh set of young cast in Little Women 2021 itself. You should definitely make time to seat for both the movies. Litte Women is deeply inspired by the novel by Louisa May Alcott which is directed by Gillian Armstrong.

Little Women(1994) in Entertaining Movies/ Source-Columbia Pictures
Little Women(1994) in Entertaining Movies/ Source-Columbia Pictures

The movie speaks about the struggles of a family and their experiences through their times, which was during the American Civil War. Their father is fighting the war while the girls as in the Little Women are under the care of their mother Marmee.

They share their happy, sad, and tornado of an emotional journey, through the 119 minutes which will make you pay close attention to the bonds that you have in your life.

The movie has-

  • Winona Ryder playing Josephine “Jo” March
  • Gabriel Byrne playing Friedrich Bhaer
  • Trini Alvarado playing Margaret “Meg” March
  • Kirsten Dunst and Samantha Mathis playing Amy March
  • Claire Danes playing Elizabeth “Beth” March,
  • Christian Bale playing Theodore “Laurie” Laurence
  • Eric Stoltz playing John Brooke
  • John Neville playing Mr. James Laurence
  • Mary Wickes playing Aunt Josephine March
  • Susan Sarandon playing Abigail “Marmee” March
  • Matthew Walker playing Robert March
  • Florence Paterson playing Hannah Mullet
  • Janne Mortil playing Sally Moffat
  • Donal Logue playing Jacob Mayer

The Call(2021)

The jaw-dropping movie(2021) takes us through a supernatural journey where two timelines connect with a surprising call. Kim Seo-Yeon and Oh Young-sook get their life connected and dependent, sharing a cordial friendship with each other. However, things start to change and, to know more you better get your schedule free.

The Call(2021) in Entertaining Movies Source-Next Entertainment World

The movie casts-

  • Park Shin-Hye playing Kim Seo-Yeon
  • Jeon Jong-seo playing Oh Young-sook
  • Kim Sung-Ryung playing Eun-ae, Seo-Yeon’s mother.
  • Lee El playing Ja-ok, Young-sook’s mother
  • Oh Jung-se playing Seong-ho
  • Lee Dong-hwi playing Baek Mi-hyun
  • Park Ho-san playing Mr. Kim (Seo-Yeon’s father)

The cinematography is superb which is brilliantly executed by Jo Young-Jik. The movie is directed and written by Lee Chung Hyun and runs for 112 minutes giving the viewers a nerve-wracking time.


Another zombie installment that came out in 2020 is a must-watch in this list of movies. If you are not into zombie movies, still give it try. The amazing cast did a great job in enhancing the critical apocalyptic ambiance with brilliance. Although the movie never clarifies whether it is a zombie breakdown or not, however, there is a mysterious disease spread that eats up the infected turning them into something non-human.

#Alive(2020) in Entertaining Movies Source-Lotte Entertainment

The movie has-

  • Yoo Ah-in playing Oh Joon-woo
  • Park Shin-Hye playing Kim Yoo-bin

In the lead.


It is a 2007 thriller that has some remarkable star cast, that made their place in MCU too.

Zodiac has-

  • Jake Gyllenhaal playing Robert Graysmith
  • Mark Ruffalo playing Inspector Dave Toschi
  • Robert Downey Jr. playing Paul Avery
  • Anthony Edwards playing Inspector Bill Armstrong
  • Brian Cox playing Melvin Belli
  • Elias Koteas playing Sergeant Jack Mulanax
  • Donal Logue playing Captain Ken Narlow
  • John Carroll Lynch playing Arthur Leigh Allen
  • Dermot Mulroney playing Captain Marty Lee
  • Chloë Sevigny playing Melanie Graysmith
  • John Terry playing Charles Thieriot
  • Philip Baker Hall playing Sherwood Morrill
Zodiac(2007) in Entertaining Movies Source-Paramount Pictures
Zodiac(2007) in Entertaining Movies Source-Paramount Pictures

Well, precisely it is a movie based on true events. The Zodiac killer is a serial killer that teased the Americans during the 1960s and 1970s and is one of the notable crime mysteries that till now remains mysterious.

The film is a directorial venture of David Fincher is produced by Mike Medavoy. It is one of those gripping entertaining movies which will beautifully make your Sundays great.


A 2019 American Psychological flick, shares the outcome of a serious mental problem if left untreated for a prolonged period of time. The total run time of the movie is 100 minutes and has-

Fractured(2019) in Entertaining Movies Source-Netflix
Fractured(2019) in Entertaining Movies Source-Netflix
  • Sam Worthington playing Ray Monroe
  • Lily Rabe playing Joanne Monroe
  • Lucy Capri playing Peri Monroe
  • Adjoa Andoh playing Dr. Isaacs
  • Stephen Tobolowsky playing Dr. Berthram
  • Lauren Cochrane playing Officer Chilches
  • Shane Dean playing Officer Griggs
  • Chris Sigurdson playing Dr. Lugado
  • Chad Bruce playing Security Guard Jeff
  • Stephanie Sy playing Nurse Anne
  • Dorothy Carroll playing Admissions Clerk
  • Erik Athavale playing Dr. Bruce Volk

You should definitely sit with the movie this weekend.


Another Jake Gyllenhal movie that will not bore you for a bit. From the beginning till the end you will be awestruck as to where the plot is taking you eventually as the movie proceeds with the plot points. The movie narrates down the struggles of reporting, by reporters. The audience gets to witness a different perspective that remains not so explored by the non-professionals.

Nightcrawler(2014) in Entertaining Movies Source-Hollywood Classic Entertainment
Nightcrawler(2014) in Entertaining Movies Source-Hollywood Classic Entertainment

Who are there in the movie?

  • Jake Gyllenhaal as Louis “Lou” Bloom
  • Rene Russo as Nina Romina
  • Riz Ahmed as Rick
  • Bill Paxton as Joe Loder
  • Kevin Rahm as Frank Kruse
  • Michael Hyatt as Detective Frontieri
  • Ann Cusack as Linda

Nightcrawler is a directorial project by Jan Gilroy that is also written by him. Jake Gyllenhaal is a co-producer of the movie which runs for around 117 minutes and you should definitely watch it.


A 2019 sci-fi initiative that gives you refreshing content to have a thoroughly entertaining time. The flick is directed by Justin Benson which is also written by him. The running time of the movie is around 96 minutes which would give you a detailed engagement for sure.

Synchronic(2019) in Entertaining Movies Source-XYZ Films
Synchronic(2019) in Entertaining Movies Source-XYZ Films

The story takes us through a shocking encounter, with an experience, that only the ones go through, while they take in a drug titled Synchronic. Definitely, there is a whole lot more to the plot, so make sure that you make time this week to watch the movie.

Who are there in the flick?

  • Anthony Mackie as Steve Denube
  • Jamie Dornan as Dennis Dannelly
  • Ally Ioannides as Brianna Dannelly
  • Katie Aselton as Tara Dannelly

The Guilty(2018)

Jake Gyllenhaal again arrives with his movie The Guilty in this list of entertaining movies. This film is a detailed adoption of the Danish movie that came out 2018 with the same title. The movie is the directorial venture of Antoine Fuqua which is produced by Jake Gyllenhaal.

The Guilty(2018) in Entertaining Movies Source-Nordisk Film
The Guilty(2018) in Entertaining Movies Source-Nordisk Film

It has-

  • Jake Gyllenhaal as Joe Baylor
  • Christina Vidal as Sergeant Denise Wade
  • Adrian Martinez as Manny

The movie projects the tension, arising out of a mysterious call that makes the receiver of the 911 call center go through numerous emotional trips. The receiver of the 911 call center tries his level best to understand the situation, but what happens next? Better check your schedule to make time for this movie.


This 2015 autobiographical movie is a crime thriller, that narrates down the journey of a twin sibling, Ron and Reggie Kray who ruled the criminal base of the London in 1960s. The movie is directed by Brian Helgeland and the plot is based on the piece ‘The Profession Of Violence‘ by John Pearson.

Legend(2015) in Entertaining Movies Source-Cross Creek Pictures
Legend(2015) in Entertaining Movies Source-Cross Creek Pictures

The film has-

  • Tom Hardy playing Ronald “Ronnie” Kray and Reginald “Reggie” Kray
  • Emily Browning playing Frances Shea
  • Colin Morgan playing Frankie Shea
  • Christopher Eccleston playing Leonard “Nipper” Read
  • David Thewlis playing Leslie Payne
  • Taron Egerton playing Edward “Mad Teddy” Smith
  • Paul Anderson playing Albert Donoghue

The movie is narrated down by the voice of Frances Shea who happens to be the love interest, later wife of Reggie Kray. She tells the viewers the incidents that shape the lives of the Krays and their associates throughout the movie.


A 2017 South Korean movie that hits the spotlight in today’s list with its awestruck plot point. The movie, as the title suggests is all about a forgotten incident that interwinds several lives, which mercilessly destroys each other.

Forgotten(2017) in Entertaining Movies Source-Kiwi Company
Forgotten(2017) in Entertaining Movies Source-Kiwi Company

The movie casts-

  • Kang Ha-Neul playing Jin-Seok
  • Kim Mu-Yeol playing Yoo-Seok
  • Moon Sung-Keun playing The Father
  • Na Young-Hee playing The Mother
  • Choi Go playing Choi Seung-Uk
  • Kim Hyun-Mok playing a student at a police station
  • Lee Dong-Jin
  • Lee Sung-Woo
  • Yeon Je-Hyung

The crime thriller is a directorial project of Jang Hang-jun who happens to write the plot of this movie too. The production team did a wonderful job of styling the concept in a gripping manner. The movie has instances that will definitely make you bite your nail without even realizing it.

The story begins with a shift, where the family moves to a new home. There the young brother witnesses the abduction of his bigger brother. Things begin to change from then and, there comes numerous twists and turns that will make your movie night brilliant.


This superhero DC movie that is directed by Zack Snyder sure needs a shout-out. The timeline presented in this flick is an alternative US where the Cold War ensures the formation of Watchmen which is a group of superheroes whose sudden presence impacts the entire world events.

Watchmen(2009) in Entertaining Movies Source-Warner Bros
Watchmen(2009) in Entertaining Movies Source-Warner Bros

The intriguing story sure needs appreciation from all the geeks out there or the ones who are coming to this genre.

Watchmen has-

  • Malin Åkerman as Laurie Jupiter / Silk Spectre II
  • Billy Crudup as Jon Osterman / Doctor Manhattan
  • Matthew Goode as Adrian Veidt / Ozymandias
  • Jackie Earle Haley as Walter Kovacs / Rorschach
  • Patrick Wilson as Daniel Dreiberg / Nite Owl II

The movie is certainly far beyond superhero adventure. So, to learn more, make sure that you make time from your long day this week itself.

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Well, these are the entertainment selections from TOTT. Do you agree with our choices? Also, how many of these movies have you watched? Don’t forget to write your opinions and thoughts about the movies talked about, in the publication, in the comment section below.

But this is all for today, hope to meet you all very soon in our next publication. BYE-BYE…