Julie And Julia(2009)Review: Is This Comedy Biography Worth Your Time?***SPOILERS***


Julie And Julia is a very sweet biographical project which is also very warm, and definitely very inspiring. It is a 123 minutes film based on the biography by Julie Powell, titled Julie And Julia and My Life in France by the noteworthy Julia Child, that shows us several French cuisines and some paramount write-ups, that deliberately layer up the idea of never quitting or giving up.


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So, should you be watching this biographical content, Julie & Julia(2009)?

Julie And Julia(2009): The Cast

Julie And Julia(2009)/ Source-Columbia Pictures
Julie And Julia(2009)/ Source-Columbia Pictures
  • Meryl Streep playing Julia Child
  • Amy Adams playing Julie Powell
  • Stanley Tucci playing Paul Child, Julia’s husband
  • Chris Messina playing Eric Powell, Julie’s husband
  • Linda Emond playing Simone Beck (“Simca”), with whom Julia wrote Mastering the Art of French Cooking
  • Helen Carey playing Louisette Bertholle, co-author of Mastering the Art of French Cooking
  • Jane Lynch playing Dorothy Dean Cousins, Julia’s sister
  • Mary Lynn Rajskub playing Sarah, Julie’s friend.
  • Joan Juliet Buck playing Madame Elisabeth Brassart of Le Cordon Bleu, where Julia studied French cooking
  • Amanda Hesser playing herself
  • Deborah Rush playing Avis DeVoto, Julia’s long-time pen pal
  • Vanessa Ferlito playing Cassie, Julie’s acquaintance
  • Casey Wilson playing Regina, Julie’s acquaintance
  • Jillian Bach playing Annabelle, Julie’s acquaintance
  • Frances Sternhagen playing Irma Rombauer
  • Françoise Lebrun playing The Baker’s Mother
  • Mary Kay Place playing the voice of Mrs. Foster, Julie’s mother
  • Erin Dilly playing Judith Jones, Julia’s editor, and friend

Things You Might Like About Julie And Julia(2009)

Julie And Julia(2009)/ Source-Columbia Pictures
Julie And Julia(2009)/ Source-Columbia Pictures

The Actors

Unprecedentedly the actors in the show were superb, especially the leads. Meryl Streep as Julia Child was iconic. She was breathtakingly unique in her poise as this lovely human. Nevertheless, Amy Adams was too inspiring and practical since we all could relate to this modern girl instantly. Both of them displayed generosity towards the individuals they played on-screen hence you will enjoy their distinctiveness yet similarity in the narrative.

The additional prominent actors such Stanley Tucci, Chris Messina, Linda Emond, and Mary Lynn Rajskub were also marvelous. They just shined throughout the plot, building up their own proficiency in the film.

The Characters

Since it is a biographical project, hence the characters are very practical and relatable. They are pretty entertaining characters bearing their own strengths and weaknesses which will amuse you. For instance, Julia was unknown of the topic of passionate cooking unless she enrolled herself in that particular course. Also, we find Julie was not satisfied with the job she undertook.

Both found their love of food to be their muse in taking up the most passionate task that changed their entire life. These prominent females were artfully skilled, motivating, and without a question inspiring. They were nobody but they had the urge to become someone deep within their heart, that delightfully transformed the leads.

Also, we should not forget the biggest support of these protagonists. The love of their life, their husbands. They were very much encouraging, who reassured every steps that their first ladies liberally undertook. They enjoyed watching their wives enjoy what drives them forward in life. It was something worth the discussion right?

The subject of friendship also played an important part in both Julie’s and Julia’s life. Gladly both of these ladies had some really dependable associations who seconded their initiatives. They were delighted with the success the sisters were achieving with hard work, determination, and relentless focus. They were angels actually.

The Story

Julie And Julia(2009)/ Source-Columbia Pictures
Julie And Julia(2009)/ Source-Columbia Pictures

Julie & Julia is a very nice story that takes place in two different timelines and in two different places. The former lady gets inspired by the cooking adventure taken up by the latter that genuinely transcends her, Julie’s own life brilliantly. She admires the old lady Julia Child, like God, and tries to follow her steps ardently with pure intentions.

Besides, being a very persuasive story, the movie is pretty educative too. You will magically sense the homely vibe that circulates through the plot point. It is an evidently confident narrative that is transforming as well.

The Visuals

It was picturesque, clear, and very affable. You will feel an instant connection with the tale of Julie & Julia. It is naturally very detailed while being sweet. at times yummy and definitely cozy.

The Music

The melodies played in the background, without a question were sweet, and very pleasant to the ears. The man behind this magical vintage composition was Alexandre Desplat. He just captures the mood of the audience with those brilliant compositions.

The Direction

Nora Ephron is the lady who just wondrously formulated this entire show. It is very neat, very much uncomplicated, detailed, precise, and very much convincing while being graciously generous. It is a very entertaining film with which you will build an instant connection, and it is organic as well.

What Others

The cinematography along with the script of this lively project was also remarkable. Hence we do actually have a mesmerizing content to sit and enjoy.

Things You Might Not Like About Julie And Julia

Julie And Julia(2009)/ Source-Columbia Pictures
Julie And Julia(2009)/ Source-Columbia Pictures

There is honestly nothing negative in regards to the movie. However if by any chance there was a meet and greet session, in real, happening between Julie & Julia then it would have been fantastic, isn’t it?

TOTT’s Take On Julie And Julia

It is a wonderful movie that shows us that giving up is beyond the question. One must be sticking with aims and goals to actually achieve what it requires to make a name. Both the ladies gained prominence through their passion and diligence. Seriously it was not all happy green venture. But staying true to the intention is what mattered in their journey.

TOTT gives the movie 5/5 stars

Now, do you agree with us? What’s your take on Julie & Julia. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions on the film below.


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