Marriage Story(2019) Review: Is This Family Drama Actually Worth Your Time?


Marriage Story is a notable family drama that is a directorial initiative of Noah Baumbach, which simpy narrates the struggle, people face while going through a divorce for staying in touch with their kids during this tumultuous process. It is hard both mentally and physically, but everybody has their own unique story to tell, right?

This movie is 137 minutes long which includes, full-on family issues, parental issues, career issues, and lots of emotional topics which you might or might not enjoy.

So, should you give this rewarded film, i.e, Marriage Story(2019) a try this weekend?

Marriage Story(2019)/ Source-Heyday Films & Netflix
Marriage Story(2019)/ Source-Heyday Films & Netflix

Marriage Story(2019): The Cast

  • Scarlett Johansson playing Nicole Barber
  • Adam Driver playing Charlie Barber
  • Laura Dern playing Nora Fanshaw, Nicole’s lawyer
  • Alan Alda playing Bert Spitz, Charlie’s first lawyer
  • Ray Liotta playing Jay Marotta, Charlie’s second lawyer
  • Azhy Robertson playing Henry Barber, Nicole and Charlie’s son
  • Julie Hagerty playing Sandra, Nicole’s mother
  • Merritt Wever playing Cassie, Nicole’s sister
  • Wallace Shawn playing Frank
  • Martha Kelly playing Nancy Katz
  • Mark O’Brien playing Carter Mitchum
  • Matthew Shear playing Terry
  • Brooke Bloom playing Mary Ann
  • Kyle Bornheimer playing Ted
  • Mickey Sumner playing Beth
  • Robert Smigel playing Mediator
  • Rich Fulcher playing Judge Neil Tilden
  • Lucas Neff playing Pablo
  • Tunde Adebimpe playing Sam

Things You Might Like About Marriage Story(2019)

Marriage Story(2019)/ Source-Heyday Films & Netflix
Marriage Story(2019)/ Source-Heyday Films & Netflix

The Actors

The names stated above are definitely without any question, some talented souls who just dived deep in to the roles they played on screen. The leads Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver were excellent in their portrayal and projection of Nicole Barber and Charlie Barber. In fact, the kid, Azhy Robertson, as Henry Barber were also nice. Besides this actors such as Laura Dern, Ray Liotta, Julie Hagerty, and Merritt Wever were remarkably convincing in the movie. The entire cast team, was superb in their precise role, thus the movie turned out amazingly.

The Charecters

Each of the characters shown in the content was too extensive. They are very humane to the core each showing pure flaws, critical perspectives, and complexities while being homely, warm, and cordial at the same time. Yes, these characters were extremely relatable. You can find any of the shown, in your family or the other.

Charlie and Nicole Barber were happy, but the sudden realization of losing oneself in the others’ shadow is definitely frustrating. Charlie Barber was a very selfish, and arrogant character who loved assuming what his wife felt, which he never doubted as well. However, his struggle through the divorce will make you sad.

On the other hand, Nicole appears very a generous, and proficient actress who certifiably loved living under the shadow of her husband until the sudden realization struck her hard. Also, the meaningless infidelity encouraged the very prospect of escaping the bond of love that both the parties weaved with passion once.

They loved each other, and respected too, however, the whole divorce drama ruined what was pure between the too. There was understanding but with the whole separation question, their mental peace came to a sudden pause. Well, this sure was invited by none other than Nicole in the story.

The other characters such as Sandra and Cassey were very close with Charlie which they enjoyed and cherished. It was something very warm and cordial to be sure.

But Nora Fanshaw and Jay Marotta were extremely opposite to what Sandra and Cassie rendered in the movie. They were hostile, brutal, and definitely very manipulative which vigorously appeared mean, and ungenerous throughout.

The taste of innocence was formulated in the presence of Henry Barber. He knew the issue arising in the marriage of his parents. But he hardly cared for it. He enjoyed his time whole-heatedly, wherever he was. Henry was someone who showed independence in the plot, which we loved, cared and eyed thoroughly in the narrative.


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The Story

The story of Marriage Story(2019) centers around the family life of Nicole and Charlie who are New Yorkers right now. They are theater persons, however, Nicole leaves the team since she is offered with prospective career up-gradation in LA(which happens to be her place before marriage as well).

It is suggested that both the parties have come to a mutual agreement to take their separate ways so that it won’t harm the peace and their child’s upbringing. However, after resuming her LA life once again, Nicole gets lured to take up a lawyer to proceed with the whole divorce case.

Things turn ugly when the soon-to-be-divorced couple takes steps and walks accordingly as per the suggestions stated by their lawyers. The whole situation transforms into being hideous where they unwittingly talk harshly and yamp at each other bringing the worst out of themselves. Additionally the whole New York to LA and then back to New York and again to LA turns rough and hard for Charlie to handle as well. Both of them even lose some significant amount of money on their way to afford the family lawyers.

The movie ends when we watch a happy life where Charlie and Nicole live their separate yet connected life because of their son Henry. Charlie finally learns how much Nicole loves and respects him through the write-up that she wrote in the mediator’s office back in New York. They spend a Halloween together in LA where Nicole lets Charlie take their son to his LA home for the day.

Well, Marriage Story(2019) showed us communication can be nasty at some times. You will find the narrative is very hospitable which will make you lavishly emotional. It is again engaging content that is interesting, fun, and very cozy. The story is very calm, it is sweet and simple.

The Visuals

Well, you will love the visuals. It’s tinted which gives way the vintage touch to the story adding a sense of purity to the narrative. In fact, the spacious LA scene while the hustles made around the streets of New York was also nicely depicted.

The Direction

Marriage Story(2019)/ Source-Heyday Films & Netflix
Marriage Story(2019)/ Source-Heyday Films & Netflix

Noah Baumbach did an amazing work of choreographing the scenes in the plot. They were acutely crafted just to the point and very convenient. You will be amazed how the instances such as-

  • The meeting with Nora Fanshaw(was very informative and gave us a detailed idea behind the reason for divorce)
  • The furious montage between the leads i.e, Nicole and Charlie( was very aggressive, practical yet solid )
  • The song at the bar(in a musical way Charlie, just lets the audience determine what he was mentally undergoing)
  • The eye contact with the gate closing(Certainly it was something very touchy, along with painful. It felt kind of both of them closing the gate to their heart unwillingly.)
  • Halloween by the end of the movie(it was sad, emotional, and very delicate )

These are some of the wonderful situations which need applause. Noah Baumbach superbly designed the situations which will brush your core for sure.

The Cinematography

The direction by Noah Baumbach simply amplified the cinematography by the skilled Robbie Ryan. These two complimented each other’s work. It was very convincing while being thoroughly convenient. Also, the detailed scapes, capturing the moments core, and then presenting the cavernous issue from the projection is what this guy did. He was excellent.

The Script

Very good, the lines are very associatiable. You will get what is in between the lines. They were wittily constructed by none other than Noah Baumbach. This realistic script is simply nice and good.

The Music

Randy Newman is the man behind those compositions, which in their own minimalistic way styled the essence of the plot, right? These are some sweet harmonious tunes that are directive while being generously soothing to the ears as well.


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Things You Might Not Like About Marriage Story(2019)

Well, honesty there is nothing to hate. It is a wonderfully sweet story that had its own magic to attract its fellow audience. However, precisely speaking the plot is not for everyone. Those who are into drama will fall for the story but not for the ones who are deep into the topic of action, sci-fi, and fantasy. It might appear too realistic and slow.

TOTT’s Take On Marriage Story(2019)

This movie is a gem that everyone should give a try. This is very realistic, a connectable content that has the power to turn your mood positive yet practical.

TOTT gives the Marriage Story(2019) 4.5/5 Stars

So, do you agree with us? What’s your thoughts on the Marriage Story(2019)? Do tell us everything in the comment section below.

But this is all for today, hope to meet you all very soon in our next publication. Bye-Bye…