Rebecca(2020)Review: Should You Be Watching This Suspense Thriller**SPOILERS**?


Rebecca is a 2020 romantic thriller that is an adaptation of the literary work by Dame Daphne du Maurier which was filmed by the remarkable Alfred Hitchcock, back in 1940. It is another depiction of the same story, maintaining some slight resembles to its 1940 version. It is a 121-minute-long initiative that is packed with some breathtaking landscape shots and of course a romantic thriller to enjoy.


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Rebecca(2020): The Cast

  • Lily James playing Mrs de Winter
  • Armie Hammer playing Maxim de Winter
  • Kristin Scott Thomas playing Mrs. Danvers
  • Keeley Hawes playing Beatrice Lacy
  • Ann Dowd playing Mrs. Van Hopper
  • Sam Riley playing Jack Favell
  • Tom Goodman-Hill playing Frank Crawley
  • Mark Lewis Jones playing Inspector Welch
  • John Hollingworth playing Giles Lacy
  • Bill Paterson playing Dr. Baker
  • Ben Crompton playing Ben
  • Jane Lapotaire playing Granny
  • Jeff Rawle playing Frith

Things You Might Like About Rebecca(2020)

Rebecca(2020)/ Source- Netflix
Rebecca(2020)/ Source- Netflix

The Actors

The actors involved in the project were nice in the roles they portrayed. They were convincing and confident while acting the role they played on screen. They were proficient, convenient, and very much to the point.

The Characters

Each of the characters in the movie had a significant part. Although the majority of the screen was focused on the new Mrs de Winter, still the others shined perfectly at their precise places. They are flawed pretty much realistically. In fact, they are some dark personalities who are willing to keep their cavernous secrets with themselves for eternity. Apart from the new Mrs de Winter, everyone seemed dire. She was the sole embodiment of purity in the plot.

Her struggle after her marriage as the new Mrs de Winter was not something easy. Her constant scuffle to get involved with the whereabouts of the estate and what is dear to her husband genuinely made her suffer. She was constantly made realized as an outsider by Mrs. Danvers which kind of seemed appalling and not cool at all. No one helped her to gain ideas about the house and her way to handle the new phase as Mrs de Winter.

When we reach the end of the narrative, we watch the sincere character development of Mrs de Winter. That was actually warm and very much appreciated. She was not naive anymore, she grew strong in support of her husband.

Rebecca(2020)/ Source- Netflix
Rebecca(2020)/ Source- Netflix

Now let us talk bout Mrs. Danvers, she was a friend to the late Mrs de Winter aka Rebecca, and she also ran the estate. She embodied a sly cunning spirit who constantly belittles this new member of the Menderley. She, however, though, involuntarily made the new Mrs. De Winter grow as a person. Her constant criticism and making sure that the new bride will never be able to replace Rebecca is what made her transform and be the lady she needed to be. Her crude nature even went to the extent of ensuring that the new Mrs de Winter commit suicide.

Rebecca though not present on the screen impacted quite a major portion of the narrative. Her grace, her charm, and her presence in the family were massive. She imposed an invisible attendance over the plot which had its unique elegance and sovereignty over the house Menderley and the estate. She preferred to live her life on her own terms which effectively soiled her relationship with her husband. She was committed to a life of freedom that she manipulated her own cause of death as well.

The male dominance over the narrative was not that prominent. Maxim was a gentle fella who ultimately proved to be a dear and loving husband who loved his new Mrs. de Winter only. He was scared of losing his love and therefore constantly posed a fake impression of being secretive towards his new bride. He had his reasons which we might support since he was not loved nor cared for by his companion i.e, Rebecca for life. It was simply not tolerable for anyone to share the inheritance of the estate with someone not being de Winter, isn’t it? His action though seemed justified, was influenced by none other than his former wife. He was actually played.

The Story

The novel is the base from which the entire film is developed. If you have an idea of the literary work by Dame Daphne du Maurier, then my dear you already know what sorts of twists and turns this narrative holds. However, for the ones who only watched the movie, the story centers around a girl in her early twenties who meets a man, on her vacation with her companion Mrs. Van Hopper.

They i.e, Maxim de Winter and the girl, share a good time exploring the destinations around, falling in love, and soon getting married. The newly married couple de Winter comes to stay at their parental home Menderley which was managed by Mrs. Danvers. From the very beginning itself, this lady showed her disapproval of the new bride, since Mrs. Danvers was a friend to Rebecca the former Mrs. de Winter.

She constantly belittles her and criticizes her normal upbringing from time to time. During the course of her stay in the Menderley, Mrs de Winter tries various ideas to learn about the way the former Mrs de Winter aka Rebbeca’s cause of death. Through several instances, she finally learns that the lady drowned while sailing.

Additionally, her stay was mysteriously touched with numerous silent accounts which made her time in the Menderley not so good. She felt not welcomed by any of the members of the house even sometimes by her husband. So, to win over the love of her life, Mrs de Winter throws a ball where she wears the same gown inspired by one of their ancestors which kind of infuriates Mr de Winter.

That was the very dress that former Mrs de Winter aka Rebecca wore not long before she died. That very night everything seems to fall out of place, in fact, Mrs de Winter was even compelled to commit suicide by Mrs. Danvers only to be hindered by a commotion on the shore.

The people finally manage to recover the boat in which Rebecca set sail the day she died and her body was also recovered. This testifies to the false statement which Maxim made earlier while identifying Rebecca whom in fact he buried too. Things turn complex and we learn that former Mrs de Winter was engaged in several affairs outside her marriage, even with one of her cousins Jack Favell and it was Mr de Winter who shot a bullet through her heart. He never loved her and he was the one who planned her death.

Rebecca(2020)/ Source- Netflix
Rebecca(2020)/ Source- Netflix

Maxim stands on a trail that takes its course to make him the culprit who killed his wife out of jealously. However, Rebecca met with a doctor in London the day she died. That detail made new Mrs de Winter visit the doctor and learn that Rebecca was suffering from cancer and had very few days in her life. It also gives way to the concept that former Mrs de Winter in a way influenced Maxim into killing her to get rid of the pain she was going through.

As the couple return with a victory, they find their mansion ablaze which is however the foul doings of Mrs. Danvers. Mrs de Winter tries to talk to her however in front of her very eyes, Mrs. Davers takes a deep to commit suicide.

Later we watch it’s been many days since that unfateful event, the lovey-dovey couple is spending their days in Cairo looking for a permanent settlement which can they call home.

It was a dark story which has a mystical aura surrounding the ambiance. Without a question, the drama is engaging that you will genuinely enjoy. It is an intense plot point with cavernous insights that transform into a sincere notion with the progression of the movie.

The Direction

It was really nice. The slow build-up of the narrative actually makes you wait to find out what happens next. When they meet it is all sunny and happy. However, when they start residing at Menderley their life changes into something dire, it was kind of showcased neatly through the skillful direction of Ben Wheatly. It was deep and generously acute.

The Cinematography

It was very convenient, to the point, while being liberal with some of the picturesque shots that will amuse you. Additionally, you will also be entertained by the creative touch of confusing camera angles to display how perplexed the new Mrs de Winter was. Not only it was innovative but was also, very intriguing.

The Music

Very apt to the montages simplifying what appeared on the screen. You will understand the gravity of the situation by the scores played in the background. They detailed down the mood and what was about to happen pretty neatly.

The Script

Nothing too intense, but simply nice.

Things You Might Not Like About Rebecca(2020)

Rebecca(2020)/ Source- Netflix
Rebecca(2020)/ Source- Netflix

Well, nothing in particular, however still you may not be satisfied with what the movie holds. You might feel that there was a lot of potential from the cast and the crew of the show. Hence you might forget the movie after some time.

TOTT’s Take On Rebecca(2020)

It is a good movie that you can consider a must-watch that has suspense, a dark secret, and of course some engaging moments for the audience to enjoy. Even though you might easily forget the plot after some time.


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TOTT gives the movie 3.5/5 stars.

So, do you agree with our argument of Rebecca(2020)? What’s your take on the film. Make sure to tell us everything in the comment section below.

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