The Lincoln Lawyer(2022)Review: Is This Legal TV Show A Good Watch***SPOILERS***?

The Lincoln Lawyer(2022) is legal series (that you can currently watch on Netflix) that is formulated by David E. Kelley. The show is based on the literary work by Michael Connelly, titled The Brass Verdict. The drama has 10 episodes each running for around 43- 56 minutes.


The Lincoln Lawyer(2011)Review: Is This Legal Thriller A Good Watch***SPOILERS***?

Now, should you be watching this courtroom drama or not?

The Lincoln Lawyer(2022)/ Source-A+E Studios, Netflix
The Lincoln Lawyer(2022)/ Source-A+E Studios, Netflix

The Lincoln Lawyer(2022): The Cast

  • Manuel Garcia-Rulfo playing Mickey Haller, a criminal defense lawyer, and recovering addict
  • Neve Campbell playing Maggie McPherson, Mickey’s first wife, and a criminal prosecutor
  • Becki Newton playing Lorna Crain, Mickey’s second wife, and his legal aide
  • Jazz Raycole playing Izzy Letts, a former addict, and client of Mickey, now working as his personal driver
  • Angus Sampson playing Cisco, Mickey’s friend, and go-to investigator
  • Christopher Gorham playing Trevor Elliott, a developer suspected of a double murder

Things You Might Like About The Lincoln Lawyer(2022)

The Lincoln Lawyer(2022)/ Source-A+E Studios, Netflix
The Lincoln Lawyer(2022)/ Source-A+E Studios, Netflix

The Story

Those who have read the novel just watched the live-action version of the characters they read in this literature piece. However, there are some massive alternatives made in this drama, in correspondence to the 2011 movie, to add resembles and relations with the characters of the plotline.

The story is very interesting. Mickey Haller aka The Lincon Lawyer basically gets his name since he drives automobiles from the Luxurious car company Lincoln. He is a very smart attorney, however, is not working for he is recovering from a mishap that occurred right after he won a case with not so satisfying verdict.

Now, he again gains his momentum as a lawyer when one of his friends Jerry Vincent gets killed in course of an investigation of a case. Mikey Haller, i.e, the Lincoln Lawyer fortunately lands up as an heir to everything that the murdered owns, starting from his cases to his office.

This makes Mickey get the renowned Trevor Elliot case where a husband is accused of killing his wife and her lover. As you move with the drama, many things tangle up while untangling several knots building up the sobriety of the story.

It is an intense narrative that will give you a thoroughly entertaining time with several educative sequences. Now, have you enjoyed the Jury selection process in the series? Do tell us in the comment section below.

The Lincoln Lawyer is a nice enthralling storyline that sufficiently offers the audience a good time together. The series at some angles will give you slight glimpses of the movie, of course, that will amuse you from time to time too.

The Actors

The cast of the show was too good. They left no space to criticize their talent as artists. Special credit goes to Manuel Garcia-Rulfo since; he just perfected the role with his natural dexterity. He was superb. But we should also give a huge round of applause to all the other talented souls who made the show worth talking about.

The Lincoln Lawyer(2022)/ Source-A+E Studios, Netflix
The Lincoln Lawyer(2022)/ Source-A+E Studios, Netflix

The Characters

Apart from the main lead, who else stole your heart? Well, for us, we loved Cisco, Lorna, Maggie, and Trevor as well. They are some intense humane characters that showed reliability, warmth, intensity, flaws, and dependability throughout the narrative.

And the lead, Mickey Haller is someone who is a charming talented lawyer, skillful at his profession, knows what he is doing, and a good person by heart who will definitely warm you up. He misses his 1st ex-wife and would love to get back together. He is very genuine to his clients, not a corrupt being, and is a great family guy. He cares for his ex-assistant/2nd ex-wife too and respects Cisco as well.

The additional member in his circle is Izzy his driver and an ex-client who also comes close to his man with a gold heart. They share their life experiences and we watch Mickey teaching Izzy about Jury selection.

Trevor Elliot on the other hand is the complete opposite of this man. A jealous cunning unfaithful man who killed his wife and her lover and is looking forward to making improvements in both his life and career. He is a rich guy who will not stop at anything. However, this greed and ambition finally ends his life in the series.

Each of the characters introduced in the show has their special importance thus no one is pointless, just like in the 2011 movie. They bear their significance which ultimately helps in the advancement of the narrative in a very minute and detailed pattern.

No one on the show is annoying or hateful, yes even the villains. These promising characters will entertain you by building their own sincere persona and their story which will also engage you and interest you.

The Lincoln Lawyer(2022)/ Source-A+E Studios, Netflix
The Lincoln Lawyer(2022)/ Source-A+E Studios, Netflix

The Visuals

Again, since the story is based on the terrains of LA, hence the yellowish-tinted visuals are once again visible similar to the movie. But what’s new is the picturesque backdrops. These amazingly create stunning scenes and montages which generously capture your eyes.

The Music

Nothing to talk about in this area, since it was simple and minimalistic, and not at all extra. The perfect scores were placed appropriately enhancing the show’s complexity and adding gravity to the required sequences. It was nice.

The Cinematography

The shots were flawlessly taken, which just amplified the quality and quantity of this legal drama. Additionally, what are your thoughts on the tunnel focus snaps? Do tell us in the comment box below. Moreover, the cinematography was very proficient while being convenient too.

The Direction

The series is practical, detailed, very minutely created, and thorough as well. Therefore you need to focus on the lines and the scenes to stay at pace with the episode and the situations from the narratives. You will enjoy the Jury selection montage for sure because it is not only rivetting but also elongated, as per the requirement, which is also very skillfully choreographed.

Ths Script

Without a question, the dialogues written and delivered were very natural. Very apt to the need of the show, nothing extravagant and very reasonable too. The lines are witty, smart, captivating, and definitely entertaining.

Things You Might Not Like About The Lincoln Lawyer(2022)

The Lincoln Lawyer(2022)/ Source-A+E Studios, Netflix
The Lincoln Lawyer(2022)/ Source-A+E Studios, Netflix

Precisely speaking there is nothing negative in regards to this legal drama. You will enjoy the show since it is neat, finely orchestrated, and amusingly formulated with respect to the literary source. It is a great watch for sure.

TOTT’s Take On The Lincoln Lawyer(2022)

Well, the show is a nice, engaging, legal thriller with interesting courtroom arguments which are full of fun, amusing, twisty montages deliberately created to make your TV time wholesome. You will enjoy the characters, the issues, the expected problems, and the actors definitely.

TOTT rates The Lincoln Lawyer(2022) 4/5 stars.

Now, what do you think about our verdict? Do, you agree with our ideas? Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions on the show in the comment box below.

The Lincoln Lawyer(2022)/ Source-A+E Studios, Netflix
The Lincoln Lawyer(2022)/ Source-A+E Studios, Netflix

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