Child of Kamiari Month(2021)Review: Is This Fantasy Movie Worth The Watch***SPOILERS***?


Child of Kamiari Month is a 2021 animated supernatural fantasy movie that somehow resembles the divine world of Spirited Away, has a good plot line which you can watch right now on Netflix. The movie is only 99 minutes long and is produced under Liden Films.


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Now should you be watching this fantasy story?

Child of Kamiari Month(2021)/ Source-Liden Films
Child of Kamiari Month(2021)/ Source-Liden Films

Child of Kamiari Month: The Voice Cast

Kanna HayamaAju MakitaMia Sinclair Jenness
Kanna Hayama (child)Madeleine Morris
ShiroMaaya SakamotoLuci Christian
Yato/YashaMiyu IrinoMark Allen Jr.
MikiRiko NagaseLilly Williams
Yayoi HayamaKo ShibasakiMorgan Lauré
Norimasa HayamaArata IuraStephen Fu
ŌkuninushiAkira KamiyaKirk Thornton
KotoshironushiChafurinKeith Silverstein
RyūjinWataru TakagiMichael Sorich

Things That You might Like About Child of Kamiari Month

Child of Kamiari Month(2021)/ Source-Liden Films
Child of Kamiari Month(2021)/ Source-Liden Films

The Story

(The Breakdown)

The story revolves around a 6th grader, named Kanna who recently lost her mother, the reason is a mystery though. Now, because of this unfateful incident, the girl is grieving which seemed very harsh and brutal for a girl of her age. Her father is a very nice guy who is trying his level best to stay composed while helping his daughter in the grieving process.

But she ultimately melts down on the day of the Marathon. She believes her poor performance during the last Marathon is the sole reason why her mother died. She acts up and runs away. She finally settles down in a close-by Shrine where she voluntarily wears a wristlet that her mother used to wear.

The moment she wears the wristlet everything around her takes a swift change. She learns about her true identity which is being the daughter of a Idaten, by a white rabbit Shiro. Now it is her duty to collect Chiso from all the caretaking Gods, and then deliver the feast to Izumo Taisha Shrine(because of the Matchmaking Ceremony) by the night of the very same day.

With wearing the wristlet, time starts running slowly for Kanna, which is kind of an advantage to her situation. She along with Shiro begins their journey to collect Chisos from all the other Shrines, falling on their way.

On their way to Izumo, Yasha the descendant of demon Gods accompanies them since he wants to restore his family’s reputation. The trio enjoys their entire trip with upheavals here and there however together they faces all the problems and overcome them too.

Finally, Kanna manages to fulfill her duty as a noob Idaten by the end of the movie offering us the audience a good happy ending.

Well, the story is good, it is a very sweet and cute narrative that you might not enjoy that much. But if you are a parent or a guardian then you can genuinely accompany your offspring or your niece and nephew for watching the show.

Child of Kamiari Month(2021)/ Source-Liden Films
Child of Kamiari Month(2021)/ Source-Liden Films


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The Characters

The kids, the adults along with divine beings in the narrative were good. They displayed their cordial side of existence. Nonetheless the lead, Kanna was depicted as an accurate 6th grader who is a selfish, cheerful,non-considerate yet a good girl. Yasha and Shiro were also nice. Although Yasha appeared somewhat cunning at the beginning of the movie, his advancement with the plot changes the young demon and he turns kind and warm towards the noob Idaten. Both Yasha and Shiro are responsible individuals who take their duties wholeheartedly. They were nice actually.

The Music

The soothing serene tunes, that the production team composed were superb. The melodies were fitting to the episodes. In fact, they added sincerity to the montages from the movie.

The Direction

The slow pace of the film gave away the precise amount of information required in a step-by-step process. It was skillful and proficient.

The Visuals

The visuals of the film were stunning, you will love the picturesque backgrounds which mesmerizingly designed the theme of this anime movie. It was breathtaking.

Things You Might Not Like About Child of Kamiari Month

Child of Kamiari Month(2021)/ Source-Liden Films
Child of Kamiari Month(2021)/ Source-Liden Films


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If you critically watch the content, there are numerous loose ends that might pop up here and there. For instance, Shiro once says that he took Shiro’s body, for the time being, however, after some time the idea was dismissed. Additionally, the story of Child of Kamiari Month is not something new, you have already watched many similar contents where a girl, a boy and an animal being, sets off for a journey(For example Cardcaptor Sakura & Inuyasha)to accomplish a particular goal.

Further, there is nothing to learn from the characters in the movie. Kanna is a very non-considerate brat who undoubtedly loves her mother but was very inconsiderate towards her father, which might bother you as well. But honestly, the responsible act that the kid, Kanna showed at the end of the movie was noteworthy too.

TOTT’s Take On Child of Kamiari Month

Well, you can watch the movie, however, it is not suitable for adults. You can watch the film with any kid from the family. The movie begins with a serious note, but, when the topic changes to being a fantasy, the gravity of the narrative deteriorates.

TOTT gives the movie 2.5/5 Stars.

So, what do you think about our verdict on Child of Kamiari Month? Do you agree with us? Make sure to share your thoughts and opinions on the movie, right in the comment section below.


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