Vampire In The Garden(2022)Review: Is This A Good Vampire Anime***SPOILERS***?


Vampire In The Garden is a Wit Studio initiative that Netflix distributed, recently. Also, it is a mini-show that has only 5 episodes, each running for 23- 24 minutes. It is a dark vampire anime with blood, flesh, and creepy characters. Now, should you be watching this mini-series?

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Vampire In The Garden: The Cast

  • Momo played by Megumi Han &  Xanthe Huynh
  • Fine played by Yū Kobayashi & Larissa Gallagher
  • Allegro played by Chiaki Kobayashi & Paul Castro Jr.
  • Nobara played by Rika Fukami & Lipica Shah
  • Kubo played by Hiroki Tōchi  & Connor Fogarty

Things You Might Like About Vampire In The Garden

Vampire In The Garden(2022)Review/ Source- Wit Studio
Vampire In The Garden(2022)Review/ Source- Wit Studio

The Music

Vampire In The Garden has some melodious background scores along with some intense enthralling tunes which suit aptly the advancement of this story, which you will actually enjoy amidst the grimy atmosphere of the series. These add hope and a sense of emotion to the plot. There is not much, however, the inclusion of the pianoforte along with the music box, in the narrative was charming.

The Direction

Ryōtarō Makihara along with the assistant director Hiroyuki Tanaka did a pretty good job in directing the storyline. You will enjoy the pattern of the introduction of the next joints of the plot slowly in the anime. It was engaging, you will enjoy the slow release of the knots and impeding story progression. It was nice actually.

The Ending

Well, the ending of the show gives us hope that there might be a second season in the conception since there is a number of questions that need answer.

Things You Might Not Like About Vampire In The Garden

Vampire In The Garden(2022)Review/ Source- Wit Studio
Vampire In The Garden(2022)Review/ Source- Wit Studio

The Story

Well, every dark fantasy anime is notorious to bring some tragic vampire stories for years. Likewise, the theme of this show too has a very calamitous background. Once again we watch the never-ending battle between the dead and the living.

The two categories of beings live separately, however, the constant fear and ambition to win the battle make the humans target the silent vampire settlements every now and then. Now, this infuriates the notable vampire communities where higher authorities reside. Well, you can now guess what this adversary leads us to.

However, apart from these constant fights, we also watch a pure form of affection between a vampire and a human(nothing unusual, right?). But still, the progression of the story will make you enjoy the theme.

Also, the very few details on the past of the characters made us not identify with any of the individuals in the show.

The Characters

The anime do not have a load some character only a few. Out of which you will appreciate Fine, and to some extent Allegro. You might not like any of the human beings in the plot, especially Momo. Her constant nagging seemed annoying. She is very confused and is the only reason behind all the chaos that grew in the plot.

Also, there was no character development in the show. Precisely speaking you just cannot demand more from the series since it’s a mini one right? So, empathizing with any character of the plot is not going to happen.

Fine is a good character, her way of talking, walking, seating and everything will charm you. In fact, you might look forward to seeing more of Allegro as well.

However, not Momo. We watch Momo being weak at the beginning of the anime, both physically and emotionally, but we suddenly watch her undertaking life risks, Definitely you can term this as character development. Well, the anime might have given us some quick sequences of their whole flee montage, however, that was not enough to make us bond with the characters. It seemed forced and definitely pushed.

Again, the shallow representation of the flashback sequences made us not empathize with any of the individuals in the show. We can assume that Allegro and Fine were married, but what separated them? Was it Aria? Then why Momo does not recognize her uncle? Why her mother was so harsh to her? Was it simply because of her professional position? Well, these needs back up.

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The Visuals

Although a Wit Studio project, expecting shiny, crystal clear, and fresh visuals are not happening with this one. Well, for obvious reasons, it is dark anime, hence the ambiance needs to be gloomy, grim, and definitely foggy. But still, the graphics quality was not up to the mark. The not-so-detailed graphics of the show might be a turn-off, too.

TOTT’s Take On Vampire In The Garden

Vampire In The Garden(2022)Review/ Source- Wit Studio
Vampire In The Garden(2022)Review/ Source- Wit Studio

If you have watched Castlevania and Shiki, then this anime might not be amusing to you. It is sad, grim, and does not end on a satisfying note. So, TOTT gives the anime 2.5 Stars.

So, have you watched the show yet, what’s your take on Vampire In The Garden? Don’t forget to share your ideas and thoughts in the comment box below.

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