Which Of The Stunning Ponyo Montages Makes It To The List?


Well, Studio Ghibli is popular for developing so mild, yet strong background visuals that remain with you even after you are done watching the movie. Likewise, Ponyo (you can stream the movie on Netflix) too, has some great, but minimalist visuals which added depth to this wonderful sweet movie.

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So, which one did you enjoy the most? Well, here we are with our choices, see whether our selections of stunning visuals match yours or not.

Top 5 Stunning Visuals From Ponyo That Made Our Movie Time Great

The Underwater World

Fujimoto from Ponyo/ Source: Studio Ghibli
Fujimoto / Source: Studio Ghibli

Undoubtedly one of the breathtaking stances is when we watch Fujimoto, Ponyo’s father managing his responsibility with grace, under water. It amazed us since even though the background appeared crayony, still the picturesque visuals were wonderful, right?

The Route To Home

Lisa and Sosuke from Ponyo/Source: Studio Ghibli
Lisa and Sosuke from Ponyo/Source: Studio Ghibli

Well, this sequence is something not noticeable, however, it sure captured TOTT’s eye, thus it’s here. Though brief, the montage sure gives the audience a wholesome homely vibe that is generously warm and cozy.

Ponyo Leaves

Ponyo running over the waves/ Source: Studio Ghibli
Ponyo running over the waves/ Source: Studio Ghibli

Sure Fujimoto was not joking about his authority, isn’t it? So, with Ponyo leaving the underwater realm, we get to enjoy some scary, fearsome, and definitely turbulent aquatic montages. Just imagine falling face to face with such huge waves. Lisa sure has a courageous heart, right?

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The Heavy Night

The Night/ Source: Studio Ghibli
The Night/ Source: Studio Ghibli

After the gigantic waves stop howling, we get to experience what happens when the tidal waves soared high up to touch the moon. Yes, the picturization was lovely, and of course, the imagination gave us chills while entertaining us as well.

The Fresh Next Morning

The Next Morning/ Source: Studio Ghibli
The Next Morning/ Source: Studio Ghibli

Yes, after the heavy turbulent night, it was a bright fresh day, however with a massive twist. The entire town was underwater and we watched ancient fish civilization swimming in the human realm. It seemed casual however if you are afraid of water, then this montage sure terrified you right? But truly the entire picturization was breathtaking. It was fresh, lush, and of course interesting.

Well, these were choices of stunning visuals from Ponyo. What about you? Do you agree with our selections? Or do you have anything to add in this regard? Let us know in the comment section below.

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But this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon in our next publication Bye- Bye…