Which Argument Does Make Ponyo A Complete Different Story From The Little Mermaid?


Ponyo(2008) is a sweet warm interesting Studio Ghibli(you can stream the movie on Netflix) movie which shows us a delightful narrative involving friendship, love, good parenting, and some stunning sequences to make your movie time a great one. However, the story written by Hans Christain Andersen is a sad plot point whose ending noway gives you butterflies. But the base of both the stories somehow mirrors each other, right?

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Similar yet dissimilar, now in what way do Ponyo and The Little Mermaid varies?

Ponyo and Sosuke/ Source- Studio Ghibli
Ponyo and Sosuke/ Source- Studio Ghibli

7 Things That Makes Ponyo(2008) And The Little Mermaid Vary A Great Deal

The Emotional Reward

In Ponyo, Sosuke in his own way returns back the love which Ponyo coveted to stay in the human world giving a happy ending to this sweet story. However, we don’t see anything similar in The Little Mermaid. The Prince totally remains oblivious as to what the girl, i.e, the little mermaid felt for him. Therefore he did not budge a bit before marrying the girl whom he loved.

Love Has No Meaning

Yes, it was beautifully simplified in this Studio Ghibli movie, Ponyo. The purest form of love that Sosuke and Ponyo shared did not have any proper definition to it. But what the little mermaid developed in her storyline was definitely romantic. She fell in love with the prince at her first glance and stayed true to her affection till the end.

Ponyo and Sosuke/ Source- Studio Ghibli
The Underwater Visuals

The Amusement

Ponyo was a divine and a magical being thus, she solved and sometimes amused too, with her magical powers. While on the other hand, the little mermaid had a crystal clear voice which she bargained in return for human feet to stay close to her love. She learned dancing and tried her best to amuse the prince, and she did.

The Change

Ponyo’s decision to settle down in the human realm brought chaos, isn’t it? However, nothing much happened when the little mermaid decides to change into a human. Also, Ponyo could change due to the blood that she licks from Sosuke’s hand. This gives her the desire to change into a human and enjoy a normal human life. Additionally, the elixir was an added catalyst to her strong desire.

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Now in The Little Mermaid, the princess visits the sea witch to help her transform into a human. Also, the deal definitely did not come easy, it had its perks and bonuses but it was painful and saddening as well. Here we see Ponyo learning the human language too fast and gaining legs. While in The Little Mermaid, the princes too gain legs but definitely, it was not a walk in the park for her, it was utterly painful and was bounded by conditions.

Ponyo and Sosuke/ Source- Studio Ghibli

No Hiding

Sosuke from the beginning knew that Ponyo was his fish and accepted her reality with a happy and cheerful mind. However, in The Litte Mermaid, the princess tried her best to hide her secret.

The Mother Figure

Ponyo loved her mother and adored her a lot. However, the little mermaid did not have a mother but she had a grandmother.

The Ending

The most significant difference that puts a distinguishing effect in both the narratives is the endings, right? We get a very soulful, happy, and warm ending in Ponyo. But in The Little Mermaid, it is certainly one of the saddest endings where the little mermaid vanishes into thin air without receiving the love that she desired.

So, these are our picks that make Ponyo and The Little Mermaid distinguishably different. But what do you think? Do, you agree with our argument? Make sure to tell us everything in the comment section.

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