Are Ponyo And Bubble The Same?


Ponyo and Bubble are fantasies that are subtly based on the literary work of Hans Christian Andersen titled The Little Mermaid. You can watch both the movies on Netflix. Now, if you give a super light view, on the movies, you might get a slight idea that Ponyo and Bubble mirror each other.

However, on a deep level, there are numerous dissimilarities too that prominently differentiate both the projects. Now, what are the bets that make Ponyo and Bubble completely different?

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The Meet

Although the girls get the first glance of their prince in both the movies, their saving story differs. In Ponyo, Sosuke saves Ponyo who was trapped tight in a bottle. But in Bubble, it was Uta every time, saving Hibiki.

The Transformation

In Ponyo, Ponyo transforms because she accidentally licks Sosukes blood and eats hams. This helps her grow fascination and a strong desire to change into a human so that she could stay with Sosouke forever. Further, intaking the elixir hidden in her father’s room was an additional catalyst.

In Bubble, Uta gets her human form to save Hibiki. But it comes with a cost, which was, that every time she tried touching Hibiki, it gave her an allergic reaction.

Ponyo and Uta/ Source- Studio Ghibli & Wit Studio
Ponyo and Uta/ Source- Studio Ghibli & Wit Studio

The Parents

Sosuke has two loving parents while on the other hand, we don’t know what happened to Hibiki’s mother in Bubble. In addition, Ponyo too had loving and adorable parents, in fact, she had divine blood. Now, since we are not sure as to what origin did Uta belong to, therefore, the idea of her parenting was not that prominent in the movie.

The Mother

In Ponyo we see Lisa being the definition of the perfect mother. She never rejects the idea of what Sosuke narrates about Ponyo being the fish. She in fact welcomes Ponyo into her life with a warm and open heart. But sadly, Hibiki’s memory of his mother was very limited. We watch a worried mother, but what makes her leave her only son was not clarified in the plot. He significantly remembers that his mother leaves him at a center, and then we learn, that whoever resides inside the gigantic Bubble in Tokyo are orphan.

The Time Limit

Yes, in Ponyo we watch Ponyo finally getting what she desired the most, that is a happy human life with Sosuke. However, in Bubble, Uta descends back into her bubble form shattering Hibiki’s heart and saddening Makoto and the others on The Reiyo.

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The Love

Definitely, the love that we watch in Ponyo was beyond romanticism. It was the purest form of unidentified love where both the boy and the girl fall and enjoy a great amount of warm, homely, friendly, and cordial time together.

But In Bubble, Uta falls deep in a romantic love for Hibiki. And Hibiki too identifies his affection to be romantic. However true love becomes the end of their relationship.

Hibiki and Sosuke/ Source- Studio Ghibli & Wit Studio
Hibiki and Sosuke/ Source- Studio Ghibli & Wit Studio

The Rescue Mission

The plot point in Ponyo demanded a rescue mission where Sosuke goes looking for his mother and finally everything becomes happy and positive when we come to the end of the movie.

But in Bubble, when Hibiki finally manages to save Uta, the allergic reaction and his true love dissolve Uta’s existence and we find a heartbroken teenage boy at the end of the movie.

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So, this was it, those were the points that back up how much different Ponyo and Bubble are.

Now, what do you think of our bets? Do you agree with us, make sure to tell us your thoughts on the publication in the comment box below.

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