Ponyo And Bubble: Is Bubble A Modern Version Of This Studio Ghibli Movie?


What do you think about Ponyo and Bubble? Well, Bubble a 2022 Netflix movie that was released back in the month of April, is loosely based on the literary work of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid. Now Ponyo is a Studio Ghibli initiative that also, yet somehow resembles the storyline of The Little Mermaid, but with a different ending.

Now, after paying a close look at the plot points made in Bubble, the audience might sense a vivid similarity(and of course dissimilarities too) between Ponyo and the same. So what are the bets that make both the movies to some extent mirror each other?

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The Meet

Well, Ponyo escapes, to explore the human realm without letting her father get the slightest note of her escaping idea, and what catches her eyes, is Sosuke. Yes, he was the first human being, whom she watches.

In Bubble, we can deduce, that Uta(as a bubble) on her expedition to earth, or the human realm, Hibiki was the only being who interacted with her and was the only one who could listen to her humm.

Ponyo And Bubble, Hibiki and Uta_Ponyo and Sosuke/ Source- Wit Studio & Studio Ghibli
Ponyo And Bubble, Hibiki and Uta_Ponyo and Sosuke/ Source- Wit Studio & Studio Ghibli

The Fascination About Human World

In Ponyo, we can see the shine in Ponyo’s eyes while she learns about various human affairs, the electricals, the food, and other human practices, isn’t it?

Similarly, we watch Uta, her fascination with the Human world makes her take things seriously. Therefore we watch her gathering info and knowledge about human life, its history, and its prospective future.

The Prince

In Ponyo, Sosuke stands to be the Prince while in Bubble Hibiki is the Prince(Uta prominently declares the same as well) with whom both the non-human beings strike an instant attachment, that basically becomes the base of the storylines.

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The Other Women

Yes, both the prince has another lady. However, Sosouke ‘s life totally depended on the other lady since she is his mother. While on the other hand, Makoto was a researcher who adored Hibiki more like a sibling. The good thing is both Lisa and Makoto admired the new member of their life as well.

We watch how happily, Lisa welcomes Ponyo into their small family. Similarly, Makoto welcomes the weird guest and takes her into her life much like a younger sister, where she teaches her and also, shares the bed while reading her bedtime stories.

The Attachment

Ponyo wanted to become human so that she could live with Sosuke forever. The love and the sense of security that Sosouke showed towards Ponyo is what made her grow fond of the boy. Also, Sosuke was the first thing that Ponyo watched as she descended from the water bed, so we should also consider this point as well. Further, we were surprised, that Sosouke realized Ponyo when she appeared before him in her little girl form, right?

The same goes with Uta, Hibiki was the only human who could hear the hum emanating from the Tokyo Tower. That somehow made her stick with the boy for the entire 5 years until it finally gained a human form, again to save him. Additionally, towards the end of the movie we watch, though, in non-human form, Uta stays with Hibiki, which he realizes.

Ponyo And Bubble, Hibiki and Uta_Ponyo and Sosuke and their family/Source- Wit Studio & Studio Ghibli
Ponyo And Bubble, Hibiki and Uta_Ponyo and Sosuke and their family/Source- Wit Studio & Studio Ghibli

The Sibling

Yes, both Ponyo and Uta had siblings. However, Ponyo has sisters while Uta’s sister is something mystical and represented as a shadowy figure.

The Outcome

Well, becoming human and changing the future was not an easy task. They change, leaving their past life at bay, which successfully proves calamitous for the human realm.

The Ship

Ponyo watched Sosuke coming down towards the ocean holding his toy boat(we can assume the significance since Sosuke’s father was in the naval, hence Sosuke cared about the ships and boats). While on the other hand, Hibiki resided inside the ship The Reiyo. It was his home, along with the others of Blue Blazes.

Ponyo And Bubble/ Source: Studio Ghibli
Ponyo And Bubble/ Source: Studio Ghibli

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The Reality

Both the leading ladies belong to the water world. Ponyo was a different and unique breed of goldfish while Uta was a bubble. They were non-humans who strived hard to become human and live a normal human life. Additionally, both Uta and Ponyo exhibited magical traits and a love for human foods.

Further, we find them behaving in an uncontrollable insane manner when they first interact with human civilization. But they grasp human practices pretty quickly too.

The Rescue Mission

Yes, both movies come up with a rescue mission. In Ponyo, we see worried Sosuke and Ponyo go looking for Lisa. While in Bubble we watch Uta and Hibiki teaming up to take the flag and also rescue kidnapped Makoto.

The Stunning Visuals

Yes, both the contents are filled with some fresh, breathtaking warm visuals. And there are water and bubbles everywhere in both the movies, as well.

Loves Are Rewarded With Love

Yes, Sosuke returns Ponyo’s love(well, obviously in a non-romantic way). And Hibiki too, reciprocates Uta’s affection generously.

Ponyo And Bubble/ Source: Wit Studio
Ponyo And Bubble/ Source: Wit Studio

So what do you think? Do you agree with our bets on Ponyo And Bubble?

Well, these are the points that back up the argument of whether Bubble and Ponyo are similar or not. However, we do feel that these movies share some dissimilarities too.

But if by any chance we missed out on any points in support of the argument on Ponyo And Bubble and the similarity connotation, do tell us in the comment box below.

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