What Makes TOMAN & TOMAN Founders A Great Squad?


With the introduction of TOMAN aka Tokyo Manji Gang in the anime, things certainly seem turbulent and nothing friendly. It puts a rough impression that somewhat makes you have terrifying thoughts about the gang. The news of Hinata’s death and the reason associated with TOMAN is very negative.

TOMAN & TOMAN Founders/ Picture Source-Liden Films
TOMAN & TOMAN Founders/ Picture Source-Liden Films

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But as we move forward with the anime and its episodes, the total establishment looks deep and definitely well-grounded. Each of the founders of the gang has a profound connection with Tokyo Manji Gang and holds a fathomless bond with this name. Special credit should be made in regards to the background scores, which intensifies the unity of this biker gang for sure.

Valhalla/ Picture Source-Liden Films

N.B: The total case designed here with respect to TOMAN is not in the present time(2017). We are talking about scenarios from the past.

So what makes TOMAN and TOMAN founders so great?

6 Reasons Spotting The Greatness Of TOMAN Founders That Makes TOMAN Discussable

The Members

TOMAN & TOMAN Founders/ Picture Source-Liden Films
TOMAN / Picture Source-Liden Films

The founders of TOMAN, i.e Mikey, Draken, Mitsuya, Pah, Baji, and Kajutaro(who leaves in the future) were definitely something and should not be taken lightly in any way. The sudden proposal of building a gang by Baji was definitely a good choice that was embraced gladly by each of the delinquents present there.

TOMAN & TOMAN Founders/ Picture Source-Liden Films
TOMAN & TOMAN Founders/ Picture Source-Liden Films

Although it was built on the platform of innocence, an increase in the number of members of the gang, purposefully ruined the former aura it had. But the founding members were pure and showed their loyalty to the name. Especially Baji right?

TOMAN/ Picture Source-Liden Films

Their Undertakings

Moebius/ Picture Source-Liden Films

Although the team had notorious bullies and had their way of handling squabbles, still they chose the brave and straightway. Kiyomasa was hosting underground fights under the TOMAN banner, which was illegal. Once it came under the idea of the leaders, it was taken care of just the way the audience wanted it to happen.

Moebius/ Picture Source-Liden Films

In fact, the brutal kick by Draken was not only satisfying but also very much justified. Likewise, TOMAN never went illegal, they just aimed for ruling the area and expand with time.

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TOMAN Founders Always Opted For Reasons

Definitely the precise way of managing a team of thugs. They did not tolerate any unreasonable offers made by their teammates. In addition, they directly rejected many obstructive proposals, such as releasing Pah from custody with bribes.

Picture Source-Liden Films

Additionally, they never went ahead with themselves with any squabble from their end until the other party instigated the same. We have seen this so many times, such as the Moebius arc and the Valhalla arc.

The Founders Are Brothers

Picture Source-Liden Films

Each of the members goes way back from the days in their elementary school, hence they share a bottomless bond. They grew together and became more than friends and turned into brothers.

TOMAN & TOMAN Founders/ Picture Source-Liden Films

Each of the members shared intricate moments with each other hence they know what others are going through. They are basically a family, who loves and deeply cares for the others around them.

Picture Source-Liden Films

In fact, the loyal members of the team also showed their commitment whenever there was a need. Remember the Moebius arc?

They Love, Care, And Respect Their Leader/Boss/Commander A Lot

Picture Source-Liden Films

We watch a very good relationship between Mikey and Draken, from the very beginning of the show. However, as we grow a connection with the anime, we find, that all the founders, i.e Draken, Mitsuya, Baji, Pah-chin, and Kajutaro love and pamper their leader a lot. The jejune and kiddish boss Mikey aka Manjiro Sano is a great and amazing leader one could ever wish for.

But the way he acts sometimes doubts his role as a leader and boss. However, no one tried to take advantage of his trust and immaturity from time to time. In fact, each of the founders spoilt this boy from even TOMAN existed.

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TOMAN Leaders And Their Subordinates

Each of the segments built by the TOMAN leaders was nurtured with emotions, hence the subordinates following each of the leaders gave their whole life to it. The Moebius incident is the perfect example that simplifies this argument.

Moebius attacking Draken/ Picture Source-Liden Films

It was an infight, that brought us across the traitors as well as the loyal members. We watched when the loyal teammates gathered finally, the air around Moebius changed drastically and gave us a feeling of positivity and hopefulness.

Picture Source-Liden Films

Another very good example is the beautiful bond between Baji and Chifuyu. It was not only heart-wrenching but also very warm.

Picture Source-Liden Films

TOTT’s Take On TOMAN And TOMAN Leader

The whole Bloody Haloween Arc definitely needs a discussion, right?

The incident purposefully proves how TOMAN is just not a gang, it’s far beyond something humane. It is a spiritual entity that connected each of the loyal members of the gang, especially the founders. They left their everything, their individuality, and entity in Mikey’s hand and grew with the venture. It was a religion that each of the founders along with the squad leaders followed with their soul and heart.

The episode also proves that boys do have emotions and are very sentimental.

Well, definitely TOMAN being a male-oriented team, made the leaders choose fighting over casually talking harming many not so chaotic situations, by turning them chaotic. But still, they fought with reasons and justified their arguments. Their rising popularity made them expand and gradually take over a huge part of the country.

Picture Source-Liden Films

But as they grew big, things went unnoticed and changed their course. Hence we find the present TOMAN to be dangerous and is involved with too many criminal activities that one can think of. It spurs out negativity and terrorism within the area, that perpetually killed Hinata in the anime.

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Well, a lot of things are still left unanswered and the audiences are here waiting patiently for the second season to drop by any soon.

But now we can definitely come to a conclusion here, that the former version of TOMAN was emotional and was something deep-rooted to all the members of the gang. This is what makes the Tokyo Manji Gang great and the TOMAN leaders awesome, and worth talking about.

Picture Source-Liden Films

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But this is all for today, if by any chance we missed out on any point do let us know in the comment section. We hope to meet you all very soon in our subsequent publications BYE BYE…