Is Mikey From Tokyo Revengers That Good Friend We All Need?


Mikey from Tokyo Revengers and his smooth entrance in the show(currently streaming on Netflix) was something worth notable in the franchisee. The dragon tattoo in Draken’s temple is what shook the delinquents present in the scene. However, the kiddish president of Tokyo Manji swoops in and takes away the spotlight in just a jiffy.

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Mikey From Tokyo Revengers/ Picture Credit- Liden Films

The superficial view of Manjiro Sano aka Mikey might ruse you to believe that Draken is the actual leader covering for Mikey. However, the anime projected numerous shots that gladly prove that Mikey is the one who owns TOMAN and is responsible for his ownership of the squad.

Mikey From Tokyo Revengers/ Picture Credit- Liden Films

So, TOTT is here with Mikey today. Besides being the reputed leader of TOMAN, he is the boy we all want in our life. But why right?

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Here is the deal…

6 Instances That Make Us Want Mikey From Tokyo Revengers To Be Our Friend

He Is An Optimistic Soul

Throughout the debut season of Tokyo Revengers, we have come across multiple times, how optimistic this guy is. The constant smile on his face makes him a ray of sunshine amongst his gang members. He tries to stay smiling even in dire chaotic sequences. In fact, the most prominent situation backing up his optimistic approach is when Draken was stabbed and hospitalized.

Picture Credit- Liden Films

He believed that Draken would strive to survive since both of them promised each other to ‘rule’. The silent yet smiling face was enough for us to believe how much he was rooting for a positive outcome.

He Belives And Respects His Comrades

Each of the members of TOMAN bowed low when Mikey stood in front of him. Thus he also reciprocated their comradeship by trusting and believing each of them. For instance, when Pah-chin struggled while punching fists at Osano, Mikey was serious about preventing any interventions in Pah-chin’s decision.

Mikey From Tokyo Revengers/ Picture Credit- Liden Films

In this very context itself, we find Mikey asking Pah-chin for his decisions against Moebius. With just a simple Yes, from Pah-chin, Mikey without a second thought decides to go against the notorious gang.

Although he is a little biased towards Draken, he always showed equal love and care for the other prominent members of TOMAN such as Baji, Pah-chin, and Mitsuya.

Mikey From Tokyo Revengers/ Picture Credit- Liden Films

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He is a Stylish Dude

Well, definitely the outfits that Mikey wore throughout the anime were something we need to talk about here. He aced whatever he chose to wear. Be it his school uniform or the TOMAN uniform, the dreamy eyes and his blank expression couldn’t drop down the style statement of the apparel he carried. He is definitely a guide who can teach us what to pair up with what.

His Kiddish Way To Deal with Life

It was genuinely surprising, that how a kid, acting so delightful all the time, can be the president of a rising gang. His vice president Ken-chin aka Draken actually gave us the vibe of a leader with a tattooed temple that was paired with a cold gaze.

Mikey From Tokyo Revengers/ Picture Credit- Liden Films

From the beginning itself, we watched numerous times how he is pampered by his gang mates right from the initiation of TOMAN. In fact, his then friend Kazutora Hanemiya was so focused on making Mikey happy that he unintentionally commits the gravest mistake of his life.

Mikey From Tokyo Revengers/ Picture Credit- Liden Films

Well, we can assume Mikey’s casual way of dealing with life is how he gained everyone’s love and support in establishing his presidential status in TOMAN. He is a transparent human with nothing to hide when he hangs out with his friends and dear ones.

He is A Fighter

Well of course he is, otherwise leading a rising gang is not an easy task. He fights and will fight multiple times in times of need. He will not hesitate to eliminate the ones who hurt his friends and comrades. In addition, this fighting stature is what made him ‘The Invincible Mikey’.

Mikey From Tokyo Revengers/ Picture Credit- Liden Films

His untiring way to manage the gang which he, along with his trusty comrades built once, is something motivating and inspiring.

He Values His Friends

Draken, Baji, Mitsuya, and Pah-chin were some of his dear ones for years. However, after Takemichi joins their squad, he treated the Cry Baby as one of his close associates. Later we find the friendship grows and they hang out more often.

Mikey From Tokyo Revengers/ Picture Credit- Liden Films

He even goes to the extent of gifting Takemichi his old and first TOMAN uniform. Other than this, throughout the debut season, we find several more instances where Mikey proves his love and value for his friends.

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He Is A Man Of His Words

He genuinely means what he speaks and actually intends on executing the same as what he promises. The Bloody Haloween incident brutally exhibits his tough side. He turned cold and did not flinch a bit while even hitting Takemichi for the first time in their friendship. It was unexpected for all of us to see the merciless side of this cute leader.

Mikey From Tokyo Revengers And TOMAN/ Picture Credit- Liden Films

Well, we somehow feel that Mikey is architected with a reflection of Erwin Smith from Shingeki No Kyojin. Both of them are leaders with followers to believe and trust blindly. In fact, both Mikey and Erwin are bestowed with a comrade/friend who gets them covered. They are cordial yet courageous and can go to limits to achieve what they aim for.

Mikey From Tokyo Revengers/ Picture Credit- Liden Films

So basically Mikey is what we need in our life. This interesting character can amuse, entertain you, and will keep you company without you even asking. He is a pal, a brother, a leader, a boss, a comrade, and a very intriguing individual who can bring a difference.

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So, what do ou think? Do let us know if we by any chance missed out on any point…

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