Draken And Mikey From Tokyo Revengers Are Brothers By Different Mothers, What Do You Think??


Draken and Mikey from Tokyo Revengers are some of the most notable anime characters in the history of the same. Tokyo Revengers launched its debut season in 2021 highlighting the particular school life, belonging to the renowned delinquent culture which was infamous in Japan back in the days. You can watch these 24-episode anime on Netflix right now.

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The lead Hinagaki Takemichi astoundingly receives the supernatural ability to travel down 12 years back after meeting with an accident and return to the year when he was just 14 years old. This specific turn of events compels this Cry Baby to change his present by alternating his past as a delinquent.

In his conquest to bring the planned drastic change, he happens to come across the TOMAN leader, Mikey the president, and Draken the vice president. Takemichi’s determination quickly earns their favor. In fact, Mikey was so amused with Takemichi’s bravery that he instantly befriends the yellow-haired boy.

Well, the duo Mikey and Draken showcased numerous instances in the anime that needs a discussion. In addition, they individually hold a very strong ground that makes this pair worth talking over.

Takemichi might be the lead, however, Mikey’s Ken Chin and the president of TOMAN, Mikey himself definitely win your heart every time they appear on the screen. They projected the friendship goals we definitely need in life. So what highlights their bond.

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Let us begin our countdown with…

5 Draken And Mikey From Tokyo Revengers Moments That Won Our Heart

Their First Meet

 Draken And Mikey From Tokyo Revengers/ Picture Credit- Liden Films
Draken And Mikey From Tokyo Revengers/ Picture Credit- Liden Films

Draken the rising bully was once bullied by the Samayama gang. They ordered the kid to bring Mikey since he was wreaking havoc and was gaining attention. Draken was worried but was also excited to meet the guy. However, when confronted with the puny-sized boy coupled with an ordinary look, Mikey’s face did not stir him up a bit.

Rather he grew tensed imagining what rest upon Mikey’s future in regards to the predicted Samayama encounter. The witty boy brilliantly tackles the gang while procuring a fan on site.

Draken And Mikey Chilling

Worried Takemichi decides to keep a look upon the duo, specifically Draken because of the impending fate of Draken, with which he was knowledged with. So he waits for the particular moment when Draken and Mikey, initiate a squabble. However each time they exhibit a hidden warm side of their brotherhood. This was really sweet of Draken to take care of Mikey just like a twin.

 Draken And Mikey From Tokyo Revengers/ Picture Credit- Liden Films
Draken And Mikey From Tokyo Revengers/ Picture Credit- Liden Films

While running their errands, Draken carries sleeping Mikey to the hospital in order to instill a spirit of comradeship that they need to engage in the fight with Moebius. Draken shows maturity, in fact, compels Mikey to show as well while they are berated by the patient’s father. Not only Takemichi but the viewers too understand, that Mikey without Draken is a body without a soul.

Mikey Request Takemichi To Save Draken

The infight was preplanned and was going accordingly. However, the interventions made by Takemichi somewhat triggered numerous. Edged Mikey watches stabbed Draken lying on the ground with a bleeding situation to deal with. With a desperate voice, he asks Takemichi to take care of Draken and save him.

In the upcoming episodes, we found our Cry Baby hero fighting his time, out with TOMAN betrayers. He was, however, constantly cheered and encouraged by Hinata, Emma, and injured Draken. A ray of light popped in with the arrival of Takemichi’s friends on the spot but fighting the professional thugs was something beyond their strength.

The real deal closes by when we find Draken being carried to Hospital, worrying all of his friends and near and dear ones. The fighter Mikey finally arrives and pats, Emma, comforting her. The moment the doctor announces Draken to be of good health, Mikey leaves the scene. Takemichi follows the TOMAN leader only to find out a grieving boy releasing a sigh of relief.

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In fact, Mikey was so grateful to Takemichi who seriously struggled to save Draken, that Mikey gifts his first TOMAN uniform to him.

Draken And Mikey’s Fight

When you love someone, nodding to their opinion is somewhat normal and is expected every time. However, if there is a difference in opinion it is sure to bring an unending cold fight. This time Takemichi’s goal was to avoid the rising differences between the TOMAN leads.

 Draken And Mikey From Tokyo Revengers/ Picture Credit- Liden Films
Draken And Mikey From Tokyo Revengers/ Picture Credit- Liden Films

As is projected by both Mikey and Draken many times now, they love, care, and appreciate their Cry Baby hero. So they both come to check up on Takemichi. But because of the ongoing squabble between them, they come separately and at separate times. However, they confront each other at Takemichi’s residence’s gate.

They engage in a vocal fight that eventually changes to a physical dispute. They damage everything precious, which Takemichi holds important, in front of him, infuriating the boy. Too many details have in integrated to make the sequence hilarious. Therefore rewatch the instance as many times as you want.

They finally reunite and all hail the Cry Baby hero.

The Trio In The Bathhouse

 Draken And Mikey From Tokyo Revengers/ Picture Credit- Liden Films
Draken And Mikey From Tokyo Revengers/ Picture Credit- Liden Films

Repeatedly showing the cordial nature he possesses, Takemichi wins Mikey and Draken’s hearts so deep that they begin sharing their time with him. We find the trio hanging out in the bath relaxing and chilling. While they are enjoying their time, Takemichi and Draken converse, his way through, back to the stabbing episode in Draken’s life. Draken stands up, to show Takemichi how much his wound has recovered.

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Mikey comes in slowly and punches the scar just like a young, kid brother would do. It was so warm and cordial that you can definitely relate to the sequence. They are definitely not friends they are much more, they are brothers from different mothers.

There is something deep that developed between this two as they proceeded with their adventures of TOMAN and their missions. Hence when Draken dies in the unaltered past, we find Mikey losing himself and going without a trace. In addition, we also find a dragon tattoo similar to the tattoo Draken wears on his temple, tattooed on Mikey’s neck.

They definitely share an iconic bond much similar to Levi and Erwin from Shingeki no Kyojin, where each of them trusts each other, respects each other, and loves Takemichi for sure.

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Draken And Mikey From Tokyo Revengers Are Brothers By Different Mothers, What Do You Think??

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