Why Takemichi From Tokyo Revengers aka Our Cry Baby Hero Is A Real TOMAN Hero?

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Hanagaki Takemichi from Tokyo Revengers showed the audience that being a coward and staying a coward is simply a choice that you can definitely change in your upcoming days. Well, Takemichi was not happy staying the way he carried his life till the unfortunate news struck him with grief and disappointment.

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Takemichi From Tokyo Revengers
Takemichi From Tokyo Revengers aka Our Cry Baby Hero/ Picture Source- Liden Films

Definitely, his poor decisions in life, made him escape a small section of a lifetime, but his escape seriously damaged every other life that was connected to him in the past. Gaining the power to travel back in the past to alter his current present was something great, that happened to him.

Picture Source- Liden Films

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He befriended some renowned individuals such as Draken, Mikey, Mitsuya, Chifuyu, and Baji who had the power to change and bring a significant difference. However, his approach to bringing the change was soft and gentle, well, most of the time wailing his way through his requests to Mikey and Draken.

Takemichi From Tokyo Revengers
Takemichi From Tokyo Revengers aka Our Cry Baby Hero/Picture Source- Liden Films

TOTT is here standing in support of this Cry Baby hero. Let us now check out the reasons, one by one why Hanagaki Takemichi from Tokyo Revengers is a victor and a TOMAN hero.

5 Reasons That Makes Hanagaki Takemichi From Tokyo Revengers The Real Hero Of TOMAN

Reason#1 Being Intense

He is an intense boy. Although he had this quality in him forever, however, realizing the same was not something easy for him to understand. The unfortunate news of Hinata, his middle school girlfriend was something that triggered this hidden quality.

Takemichi From Tokyo Revengers
Hanagaki Takemichi and Naoto Tachibana/Picture Source- Liden Films

Reason#2 Impregnable

He is a very strong-willed guy. He knew that he is not physically strong, still, he took up chances with big buffs in TOMAN knowing what would be the result. He lacked confidence however he never gave up on himself. He tried to grow and be the best version of himself. This determination gifts him a prominent position he needed in TOMAN for saving the entity from the evil influence of Kisaki.

Takemichi From Tokyo Revengers
Takemichi From Tokyo Revengers /Picture Source- Liden Films

Reason#3 A Man With A Golden Heart

He loves genuinely. Yes, his love for Hinata might have waned with time. But the unfortunate fate of the girl, whom he loved back then, disturbed his mind so much that he took up the job of changing everything from the past. In fact, several times in the anime he struggles to maintain peace inside TOMAN because of his golden heart.

Takemichi From Tokyo Revengers
Takemichi From Tokyo Revengers, Hinata, and Draken /Picture Source- Liden Films

Superficially it might seem selfish, and just for Hina’s sake, but with time he definitely started loving and caring for Draken, Mikey, Mitsuya, and the others from TOMAN who reciprocated his emotions too.

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Reason#4 Being Reasonable

He is reasonable. He tries to understand what others are looking out for, then figures out what would be the best decision. He was so determined to change the past so that the present changes, that he goes into full detective mode in learning about what really is the deal about all the issues happening inside TOMAN. His ambition to save TOMAN was coined deep within his brain.

Takemichi From Tokyo Revengers
Takemichi From Tokyo Revengers and Pah/Picture Source- Liden Films

Reason#5 CRY BABY Hero

He cries while fighting. This is one of his notable attributes that definitely serves his personality the best. He builds an association with two of the renowned thugs in Shibuya, Mikey, and Draken. They befriend Takemichi because they were impressed with the courage he showed while fighting one on one with Kiyomasa. His refusal to give up is something worth talking about.

Takemichi From Tokyo Revengers
Hanagaki Takemichi aka Our Cry Baby Hero/Picture Source- Liden Films

He fights the big buffs numerous times even though he falls down and bleeds vigorously, but that does not stop him from going for his missions. He stands up and does what he plans, once again, crying and falling back once again.

Also, we cannot just ignore his determination, shown positively during the Bloody Haloween incident. His sentimental cry was enough to bring every one of their trance and reason out the actual reason behind Baji’s action and his final fate.

This characteristic of Takemichi definitely impressed many of TOMAN’s prominent, just like he impressed us.

TOTT’s Take On Our Cry Baby Hero Takemichi From Tokyo Revengers

Well, he obviously belongs to the team of Tanjiro Kamado and Izuku Midoria. He cries but he definitely manages to finish what he starts. He planned many unachievable almost life-threatening tasks while he returned to the past. He successfully changed many things that dominantly influenced the timelines, but still, there are numerous knots that need to be untangled.

Definitely, he is a TOMAN hero, otherwise taking charge of changing the past so that he could save Hina, Akkun, Draken, and TOMAN and gift them a prosperous future is not something easy and trivial. He stopped his escapist way of life and embraced the hard path, of getting hits and injured every single day, not stopping at all.

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He aimed at reaching the top at TOMAN, which he successfully achieved with the partnership held by Chifuyu. He grew strong while crying and receiving numerous rejections on this way to save Hina, Akkun, Draken, and TOMAN but he carried on and moved forward, definitely something that is inspiring and motivating right? He is obviously our CRY BABY hero and a worth TOMAN 1st squad captain.

Takemichi From Tokyo Revengers and Mikey
Takemichi From Tokyo Revengers and Mikey/Picture Source- Liden Films

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So this is all for today. If by any chance we missed out on any point do let us know in the comment section below.

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We hope to meet you all very soon in our next publication. Bye-bye…

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